Leaden Sky – Everything You Need to Know

Sometime between 2018 and 2021, an indie developer named Łukasz Zagawa known online as Helghast_95, worked on a prototype for a story-based shooter. Unsatisfied with the results and various issues, the Poland-based developer scrapped the project. But, like most indie developers, Lukasz’s passion drove him to start over. He started fixing all the issues surrounding […]

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Military Games for PC

10 of the Most Played Military Games for PC

Simulated combat is the main focus of military games for PC. As game creators strike a compromise between an exact simulation and playability, the level of realism differs between games. For better gameplay, units are typically scaled to be disproportionally huge compared to the landscape. Military games frequently do not mimic nighttime or sleep times […]

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Stray Memories Location Guide: The Slums

In Stray, you view the world from a cat’s perspective, discover Stray memories and engage in playful interactions with your surroundings. The game requires you to be as sneaky, silly, and irritating, as you to go around the unusual creatures of the game. As your cat character traverses the world, you will eventually make friends […]

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best SSD for ps5

Getting the Best SSD for PS5 After Prime Day

After Sony turned on the PS5’s storage expansion slot, several vendors hurried to certify their SSDs would work with the machine. The said announcement was disclosed through a software update last summer. But today, options with official licenses are available on the market. Western Digital and Sony have teamed up to create the first recognized […]

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Discord Nitro Makes Discord Better

Discord is designed to build and manage both open and closed communities. In addition to the general ability to send direct messages and create private groups, Discord also grants its users access to communication services tools like voice calls, video calls, and persistent chat rooms. Users can also use their Discord account with other gamer-focused […]

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