About Us

Mobile to PC directly on your desktop. Faster than any PC game client, resource-friendlier than any mobile emulator. Playpc.io provides an easy way to download and install Android apps and games for your Windows PC.

Forget about long loading times just for your Android emulator to launch. Why wait when you can play your favorite mobile game with just a double-click on your desktop? Say goodbye to wasted minutes of waiting for a 3rd party program to launch and hello to quick gaming. Best of all, PlayPC uses lesser resources than major mobile emulator apps.

Designed for gaming, PlayPC is more than just a hub of your favorite mobile games that you can play on your desktop. We also provide fresh news, thoroughly-written unbiased reviews, sneak previews of upcoming game titles, and engagement with both mobile and PC gaming communities.

While we at PlayPC focus on bringing you great mobile games to play on PC, we also cover stories and scoops on the latest games for the PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. After all, true gamers are open to any platform, right? Get in the know with our broadcasts and start playing the best titles on your desktop that mobile gaming has to offer. Our app is completely free to use.