Stick War Legacy feature

A Gameplay Review Of Stick War: Legacy

One of the popular and highly rated action strategy games that you can play is Stick War: Legacy. Published by Max Game Studios, this game lets you play the role of the leader of the peaceful Order nation. But you’re surrounded by nations who want nothing but war. So, it’s up to you to fight […]

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Offroad Outlaws Logo

A Review of Offroad Outlaws Gameplay

A lot of people want to do off-road driving. Using their pick-up trucks to plow through muds and rocks to test the limits of their 4×4. Sadly, not everyone who wants to do this can try because a 4×4 vehicle is not an easy purchase. If you’re someone who’d like to try out off-road driving […]

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Medium Feature Image

Medium: Quick Review on PC

Medium is a reality-bending psychological horror thriller that blends a unique twist between modern horror game design and 90s gameplay mechanics. Is it worth buying? Yes it is. Is the game worth replaying? Totally. Without any prior knowledge about Medium, I thought it was something of a puzzle action shooter. That was the time when […]

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