Emptyvessel AAA studio

Former Doom Developers Establishes emptyvessel, Developing New Game


emptyvessel is a new AAA gaming studio about to shake things up in the gaming world. Former Doom developers and other industry veterans established the studio, which is set to change how games are made.

Who are the ones behind emptyvessel?

emptyvessel’s leaders include CEO Emanuel Palalic and COO Garrett Young, who worked on famous games like Doom. They’re joined by Wei Ning, known for his tech skills, and Ricardo Flores, known for his work on The Last of Us. Art Director Alex Palma, also from Doom, adds valuable experience from projects like Killing Floor 3. Together, they’re ready to change the game industry with their creativity and hard work.

What’s the goal of emptyvessel?

emptyvessel’s mission statement reflects a profound commitment to reshaping the landscape of AAA game development. Prioritizing developers and cultivating a supportive environment for creative expression is what the studio seeks to establish. They want this to be the new standard in the industry.

“Our industry is going through a difficult time. It’s time for change. Forming emptyvessel is our step towards redefining the business of how games are made,”  Palalic says in an interview with Inverse.

Emptyvessel AAA studio

This principle underscores the studio’s dedication to empowering talent and fostering innovation.

At the core of emptyvessel’s philosophy is a steadfast belief in the power of creativity and inclusivity. The studio aims to challenge traditional studio models. They want to pave the way for a more collaborative and dynamic approach to game development.

“Our industry is at a crossroads between business and talent. At emptyvessel, we take a developer-first approach to our direction and execution,” Young says in a press release.

This developer-centric ethos drives emptyvessel’s strategic direction and serves as a rallying cry for the broader gaming community.

A New Game in the Works

Emptyvessel’s inaugural project represents a bold leap into uncharted territory. It will feature an immersive narrative and cutting-edge visuals that will captivate gamers. While details remain tightly under wraps, the studio’s debut title delivers an unparalleled gaming experience. A sci-fi game set in a dystopian world is what awaits gamers.

Emptyvessel’s new game uses Unreal Engine 5, which pushes the boundaries of visual fidelity. It aims to establish a new standard for storytelling in the gaming industry.

Sisu Game Ventures and industry figures such as Bill Munk and Dan Bunting are backing the studio’s ambitious project with substantial financial support.

This significant investment underscores the confidence placed in emptyvessel’s vision and the potential of its debut project to make a significant impact in the gaming landscape.

As Palalic says in the press release, “With the support of our investors, we’re well-positioned to bring our creative vision to life and deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.”.

What emptyvessel Means to the Gaming Industry

emptyvessel’s debut in the gaming industry marks a big change towards a developer-focused and inclusive way of making games. Valuing creativity and innovation more than just making money allows the studio to set a new standard. It encourages other AAA studios to support their teams and let their creative ideas flourish.

This focus on creating a supportive atmosphere not only makes games better for players but also pushes for more diverse and meaningful stories in gaming. It inspires developers to explore new ways of storytelling and challenges the industry’s conventional storytelling.

emptyvessel’s debut highlights the rising significance of independent game development, especially in an industry filled with big-budget games and well-known series. As players look for more varied and exciting gaming adventures, studios like emptyvessel become crucial for bringing fresh ideas and pushing the industry ahead.

emptyvessel encourages a new wave of creators to take charge and forge their ways in the gaming world. This sparks a renewed sense of creativity and innovation, breathing new life into the industry.