Valorant Reaches Up to 3 Million Players Since Launch


Valorant – the newest first-person shooter from Riot Games launched on June 2, 2020 – reached a peak of 3 million players. The class-based action shooter is a first from Riot Games and is now becoming the latest trend in the FPS genre. Players familiar with the likes of CSGO, Overwatch, Team Fortress 2 and Rainbow Six: Siege will find similarities in Valorant. If anything, Valorant does not provide anything new – but instead culminate all the best aspects of pre-existing FPS games. You can play Valorant on PC for free via their official site.


A New Competitive Scene

The Riot Games shooter provides a new competition in the esports scene. Many fans speculate that it will become the most watched esports game since CSGO, especially because they bare many similarities. Currently, Valorant is among the top spot in the most viewed list in several streaming sites. These sites include Twitch, Mixer and Facebook Gaming.

Many gamers appreciate a refreshing take on fast-paced tactical shooters by Riot’s combination of skill-based characters (aka Agents) with round-based matches.

Some pro players from CSGO and Siege are starting to take consideration of transferring to the new game to become the first batch of esports competitors for Valorant.

More Players on The Rise

Surely, the playerbase will continuously grow as Riot keeps on creating fresh content for the game. Expect new characters, new game modes and more of Riot’s tried and tested cinematic presentations.

Expect more than 3 million players to constantly join in on the fun. However, do expect a lot of toxic players soon – even more than League of Legends.


The Future of Riot Games

Riot Games is currently going strong with League of Legends. The extended spin-off games Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra also provide expansions for Riot fans. The latest FPS game will definitely rake in new players – both unfamiliar with the FPS genre and those that are highly experienced.