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Trivia Crack Gameplay Review: What to Expect from the Game?


Are you crazy about trivia games? Here’s a fun and addictive one. Take a crack at the most downloaded trivia game in Google Play. Introducing the game Trivia Crack! Trivia Crack is a fun quiz game that tests your knowledge on many things. Challenge your family and friends, and see who is the smartest among you. Step up your skills by answering these fun and festive questions. With Trivia Crack, you can show how clever you are. You also get to learn new, exciting factors. If you are up to the challenge, check out this cheery quiz app.

Setting Up the Game

Trivia Crack is one of the latest trivia games that sit atop the premier Google Play real estate. It is reminiscent of the quiz games that you see in local pubs and sports bars. And it bears a close resemblance to the classic board game Trivial Pursuit. Upon its initial setup, the game will ask to connect to your Facebook account. This matter seems logical since it’s a great way to discover who among your family and friends are playing the game.

In addition, Trivia Crack will not automatically post anything to Facebook. It will ask for your prior consent, although it may obsessively ask for you to share its content after each accomplishment you make. No Facebook account? You can use your email address to make your Trivia Crack account. This thing is for syncing purposes, as when you want to play the game on another device. Once you have set up your account, Trivia Crack will send you a brief overview of how it works.

Playing Trivia Crack

You can choose to play with a friend or get a random match with a stranger. Players take turns in answering questions from six categories: art, entertainment, sports, geography, history, and science. Trivia Crack has two game modes: challenge and classic. In the challenge mode, the game pits you against random players. There are 13 random questions. Whoever has the correct answers in the shortest time wins. The classic mode is turn-based gameplay.

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Moreover, on each turn, you spin the wheel to determine which category that question would be. You can choose to accept the category or spin again. Should you accept the category, the screen will reveal a multiple-choice question. You get four possible answers with 30 seconds to pick one. If you answered correctly, you get to spin the wheel again. If not, the other players get the chance to answer the question.

Highly Addictive

You will likely play it obsessively, too, as people loved this game so much. Minutes can easily turn to hours, and one game can lead to several games per day. While it may take days for each player’s turn, you can start multiple games with different people at a time. That way, you can play with one person while waiting for your shot in another game. Moreover, the questions can range from easy to extremely difficult. At times, you can string together ten consecutive correct answers; this can boost the feeling of being smart. However, there can also be times when you won’t get a single right answer until after ten rounds. You will never know what questions to get.

Choosing Between Free & Paid

Trivia Crack is available in free and paid versions. The free one is ad-supported; the paid one isn’t. But in both versions, there are offers for in-app purchases that let you upgrade the game.
What are these in-app purchase offers? Coins, which are the game’s currency, let you buy second chance power-ups. When you use this power-up, you can answer a question twice.

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Besides, another power-up is called the Bomb. When enabled, it takes out two wrong answers from a multiple-choice question. This can be a great advantage when faced with difficult questions. The game also uses the concept of lives. You get three lives every hour. Each life lets you start or join a game challenge. If you have no lives, it means you’ll have to wait to get one. Otherwise, you could purchase them using real money.


Trivia Crack is a fun game that brings out the trivia geek in you. Why not share it with your friends and take some turns? For sure, you’ll not only love the game but you’ll gain something else! Like a trivia or a different thing. Well, it’s for you to discover these things like this. Make sure to check this and other trivia games out before its too late!

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