Neverwinter: The Complete PC Game Review


Neverwinter is one of the few Dungeons & Dragons games that stood the test of time. It’s a classic MMORPG that has an active playing community as well as tons of D&D content.

Neverwinter is set in the grim fantasy land of the Forgotten Realms. Threatened by the menacing Valindra and her undead soldiers, players will take on the mission to save the city from destruction. Despite having a cliche storyline, people still flock to log in every day. Let’s check out the features of the game and see why this classic title is still relevant in 2020.


Starting The Journey in Neverwinter

The game offers eight Classes and 13 Hero Races that you can choose from with different racial bonuses. However, even with many Class / Race variations, the characters lack personality. It’s quite bear-bones with almost minimal voice options. Although the game more than makes up for it the amount of race-related quests. Although the collection is huge, some are locked behind a paywall. You’d also have to contend with limited character slots– so choose your hero wisely, and stick with it.


Neverwinter provides great character and skill customization– allowing you to mix and match skills for any situation. However, most of the end-game builds have nearly identical setups.

The late-game legendary equipment has the same look across the board. Although the game makes up for it by layering your armor with another. Giving players the option to create a look unique only to the character.


An Adventurer’s Quest & Campaigns

Let’s talk about the quest and campaign creativity or the lack thereof. When playing the game, you’d instantly notice that all of them have the same theme. Every quest is all about killing, talking, and lastly collect treasure. Furthermore, the bosses in the game aren’t challenging at all. They’re quite weak for a force bent on world destruction.

The game’s dungeon, on the other hand, offers a unique thrill. Each multiplayer dungeon in the game is beautifully designed, and it also offers a different kind of challenge. There are bosses stationed there as well that provide a greater challenge than the ones in campaigns.


The Dungeons & Dragons Visualized

The graphics in Neverwinter are impressive considering its age. It did a great job giving players the feel of classic D&D lore. It features beautifully designed deserts, mountains, forests, and more. Newer zones have brighter graphics with better lighting and impressive environmental effects. The sounds and background music are good rather than exceptional. They, however, fit tightly with the game’s atmosphere. The UI is simple and is easy to navigate. It doesn’t overwhelm players with complicated features.


Neverwinter’s combat system is fluid, responsive, and fast-paced. It requires players to aim their attacks at enemies with no target selection. There is an indicator that appears on the ground showing where an enemy’s attack is going to land as well as mobs that’ll tell you to get out of the way. Hit Point regeneration is removed but players can use potions or stand near marked campfires to heal.

The game also offers a simple Player-versus-Player experience for gamers who love to challenge their fellow adventurers. It’s a simple five-on-five fight where participants aim to capture the opposing force’s territory. It’s not much to look at and it tends to get boring real quick.


The Verdict on Neverwinter Online

Neverwinter takes its unique approach to classic MMORPG and it is quite a breath of fresh air, we’ll give it that. However, the game lacks creativity. It has the potential to be a great game with its new Foundry system but it was wasted. And the lack of PvP options will deter competitive gamers.

One thing it has going for, however, is the developers listen to their community. Most of the updates in the game were suggested by fans of D&D and the MMORPG title alike. If done right, it still has the potential to be a great game.

But in its current state, it’s not enough to reel in new players as there are other competitive titles out there. It’s a casual MMO game that you might be curious enough to try, but it’s probably something you’ll forget soon. Even so, it still has thousands of strong players, and the rising popularity of Dungeons & Dragons in 2020, might help to keep it relevant.