Monster Hunter World: The Hunter’s Best Weapon


Monster Hunter World introduces weapons in three categories – light, heavy, and technical. Every weapon in the game belongs to at least one of those three. And if you’re a fledgling hunter looking to make it big in the New World, choosing the right weapon can spell victory or death.

Most action role-playing games offer bladed weapons for that stylish hack-and-slash feel, but Monster Hunter offers more gears to have fun with. Ranged weapons can also be used in the game, along with different ammo types. Some weapons need to be charged, others require phial management, the list goes on.

Monster Hunter World has 14 weapon varieties to choose from. You can craft or buy every single one in the game. Even change which one to use before you set out on a hunt. You won’t get locked in a specific playstyle in this game so play around with as many weapons as you like.


Light Weapons For The Agile Hunter

We’ll start the guide with light weapons. These nimble bladed equipment are relatively weak compared to others but offer motion damages as well as high affinities. The list below is the gears that belong to this category.


  • Sword and Shield – This close-ranged weapon allows you to maneuver quickly and guard light attacks from monsters. It’s one of the most versatile weapons that allows you to use items while it is drawn.
  • Dual Blades – Like the sword and shield, these blades are for cutting opponents up-close and personal. They mainly focus on offense and possibly have the highest motion damage of any weapon in the game.
  • Long Sword – Possibly, the longest melee light weapon in the list. It boasts medium range and high affinity. You can also counter enemy attacks if you time it right.
  • Light Bowgun – One of the two ranged gun-based equipment in the game. This weapon can hurl consecutive bullets against monsters from afar with steady recoil. It also allows you to set up mines on the battlefield.


The Devastating Heavy Equipment

Heavy Weapons are meant for hunters who want to be in the thick of the fight, dealing devastating damage or enduring the most formidable attack by monsters. Below is the list of weapons that traded mobility for absolute power and defense.

  • Greatsword – Arguably the armament with the highest raw attack power. It’s meant to be a one-hit-wonder often leaving hunters with a wide opening after each attack. But even so, one fully charged swing can cull a monster’s tail, or meet its untimely end.
  • Lance – If the greatsword is the epitome of raw power, the lance is the embodiment of defense. This big hunk of metal trades attack with defense. Having a hunter partner carrying a lance means he’s ready to tank everything a monster can dish out.


  • Gunlance – Evolving from the mighty lance, the gunlance is a unique weapon that adds a little more firepower along with its defense. Using shells to ignite a monster’s hide, you can blow them up while keeping yourself safe behind the shield.
  • Hammer – The hammer has the second-highest raw attack power in the game, but unlike the Greatsword, you can move a bit faster. You also have the power to easily knock down monsters by swinging the weapon into its head.
  • Heavy Bowgun – The last of the two guns in Monster Hunter World. This blaster dishes out more explosive bullets against monsters. Though you move slower compared to the LBG, you can equip a shield attachment to keep you safe from monster attacks as well as your own.


The Trickster’s Personal Armament

These tricky weapons have their gimmick but offer a unique experience to hunters of the New World. They are formidable armaments that can catch opponents off-guard

  • Switch Axe – The switch axe allows you to switch modes during a hunt. You can fill up your charge in axe mode while dishing out elemental bursts in sword mode. As you switch up, your movement speed also changes so constant practice is needed if you want to effectively use this weapon.
  • Charge Blade – Like the switch axe, you can switch between two modes with this weapon. The difference is it starts from a sword and shield before you go into axe mode. This weapon doesn’t deal as much elemental damage as the previous weapon, but its impact damage can match that of a hammer.
  • The Hunting Horn – As big as a Greatsword, as strong as a hammer– you wouldn’t believe this is a support weapon. This big musical instrument is mainly used to give your allies buffs through music. But don’t be fooled, it can deal as much damage as any heavy weapon.
  • Insect Glaive – Last, but not the least is the Insect Glaive. This unique staff is the only weapon that can effectively mount monsters at-will. Your Kinsect can also deal minor damage, give you minor buffs, as well as leave out dust that has varying effects. Arguably, the glaive is second to the sword and shield when it comes to versatility.


Now that you know what these weapons are, it’s time to choose which one you want to go with. Choosing the right one can lead you to become the new Sapphire Star. But before you engage in some monster-hunting action, we’ll leave you with some additional tips.


Weapon Affinity Versus Attack Power

People often argue which to prioritize first whether it’s affinity or attack power. The truth of the matter is that it all depends upon the weapon. Some weapons have low affinity levels but have high raw attack power and vice versa. It’s essential to power up a weapon’s strong point so if your chosen armament has high affinity then focus on improving it.

Just to give you an idea, Affinity acts as your weapon’s critical chance. If the modifier is high, then it’s more likely you’ll land critical hits when you attack a monster’s weak point. On the other hand, attack power is the weapon’s raw base damage. So whatever the number indicates, that’s the amount of damage it will deal minus the opponent’s defense factor.

So when you build your armors and slot them with jewels, make sure to use the ones that compliment your weapon’s strong points among other things.


Monster Hunter World: Blunt, Slicing, Piercing Effect

Every weapon has varying effects on monsters on top of elemental damage and status effects. These are blunt, slicing, and piercing effects. In Monster Hunter World, some monsters are vulnerable to a specific type of weapon or ammo. Using the right one will allow you to inflict more damage and increase your chance to cut, or knock down a monster for scraps.


  • Slicing Effect – Lets you cut monsters up. It increases your chances of removing tails and other parts.
  • Blunt Effect – It’s the stun modifier of impact weapons. It’s best used for stunning monsters, and wounding tough hides.
  • Piercing Effect – Best used to penetrate creatures to inflict multiple damages in a single shot. Piercing is exclusive to Bowgun and lance weapons.

You now have everything you need in the New World. Always remember to be cautious as even the smallest monster can spell your doom if you’re reckless. But fret not, when you’re faced with the toughest situation– you can always light up the flare and your mates will come to your aid!