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Dragons: Rise of Berk – Getting to Know the Legendary Dragons


Collecting more than 400 dragons in the simulation game Dragons: Rise of Berk is already a daunting task. But it becomes even more difficult when some of these dragons are what we call legendary dragons. From the name itself, you can see that these dragons are rare and will not be easy to acquire. It can be frustrating to try and complete the quests and collections to acquire the legendary dragon.

But what are legendary dragons, anyway? Are they really worth it to acquire? How do you acquire them in Dragons: Rise of Berk? We’ll discuss all of these things in this article.

What Are Legendary Dragons in Dragons: Rise of Berk?

In the world of How To Train Your Dragon movies and TV series, the legendary dragons are the biggest dragons you can find. And that distinction still holds true in Dragons: Rise of Berk. They’re still the biggest dragons you can find in the game, and you will see that once you find them and place them in Berk. But these dragons are not just huge—they also provide different boosts in Berk.

For example, the legendary dragon, Green Death, can lower training costs and shorten the training time at the Academy. This dragon also unlocked the Darkened Green, as well as the Brute Dragons. Meanwhile, the Bewilderbeast Dragon can boost the gathering of fishes as well as allow one fish gathering spot for one dragon. Having this legendary dragon will also unlock Primal Dragons.


Bewilderbeast Dragons Rise of Berk
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These are just two examples, yet there are currently 10 legendary dragons in all. There’s the Crimson Goregutter, Drago’s Bewilderbeast, Elder Sentinel, Purple Death, Foreverwing, Shellfire, Screaming Death, and Submaripper. Each one provides boosts when placed in Berk. It’s also important to note that legendary dragons are permanent dragons. Thus, you can’t exchange them for fish or other items. Once placed in Berk, they will stay there.

How to Acquire Legendary Dragons?

Acquiring legendary dragons is a bit tricky since each dragon will have different requirements. For example, to get Green Death, you need to complete several quests first. This includes Something Fishy, Calm Before The Storm, Next Best Thing, and When Needed Most. Once you complete all of these quests, you will unlock the Collection that you’ll need to trade for Green Death.


Green Death Dragons Rise of Berk
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The Collection items can be acquired during explorations. You will need to send Toothless out on specific explorations so he can possibly acquire the legendary item. This is where the difficult part comes in since there’s no guarantee you will acquire the legendary item outright. That is why it’s hard to acquire these legendary dragons, and it may likely take you a while to get it.

Basically, that is how legendary dragons work. Each dragon will have different legendary items that you need to find during exploration. Once you’ve acquired all items, you can exchange them for the legendary dragon. If you want to speed up the process, you can use Runes to acquire them. But keep in mind that you will need a lot of them. Green Death will cost 15,000 Runes while Bewilderbeast costs 75,000 Runes. You can learn more about other legendary dragons on this link.

So, unless you have a way to acquire runes quickly, you will likely have to try and get them through completing Collections.

Final Thoughts

Legendary dragons are not just large, they also provide boosts to Berk. That is why many people try to acquire them. It’s also a great fulfillment and accomplishment to get these legendary dragons, considering how difficult it is to acquire. But they’re definitely worth it if you’re willing to spend time on them.