WWE 2K22 DLC – The Whole Dam Pack Details

In WWE 2K22 DLC The Whole Dam Pack, numerous anticipated stars and a few unexpected ones have finally been added to the roster. LA Knight (now Max Dupri), Machine Gun Kelly, Xia Li, Logan Paul, Rob Van Dam, Sarray, and Commander Azeez are now included in the game’s Whole Dam Pack. And it’s available across […]

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Buying an Affordable GPU – Powerful & Cost-Effective Options

The top affordable GPU of 2022 doesn’t skimp on performance just because they’re affordable. The continued rivalry between Intel, AMD and Nvidia has resulted in GPUs becoming more powerful while also becoming less expensive over the past few years. These graphics cards range from high-end models that turn heads with their performance to unexpectedly powerful […]

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Elden Ring Bosses Ranked – How to Beat Them Effectively

Every FromSoftware game is known for having a ton of challenging bosses that will force you to study their techniques while also dying several times. Naturally, this enables you to gradually advance your abilities as you gain experience. Elden Ring continues this legacy by offering its players some of the scariest and most challenging enemies […]

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