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Horizon Forbidden West Characters – Meet the Notable Characters


Wayback to Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy met essential characters like Erend, Petra, Avad, Talanah, Varl, and Avad. They are acclaimed as essential to her story, making them appear in its sequel, Horizon Forbidden West. Here, you’ll meet some of the best Horizon Forbidden West Characters that have made a mark in the gaming industry.

If you’re fascinated by the array of characters of Zero Dawn, you’ll surely be more fascinated with the massive batch of Horizon Forbidden West Characters now. Though some of them are still unnamed, and some with little importance, there are characters in who depict a crucial role in the quest of Aloy to save the world again.

The Iconic Horizon Forbidden West Characters

Generally, there are new faces to meet in this game, but these are the most notable characters that you must know in Horizon Forbidden West;

1. Erik Visser

First on our list of most memorable characters is Aloy’s major enemy, Erik Visser. The character was characterized by Marc Kudish and is portrayed as the founder of a vicious private military company that finds pleasure in killing people.

Though Erik Visser did not make a significant impact like the other characters, he made a meaningful picture in the two of the dangerous battles in the game as Far Zenith’s muscle. By means of Erik’s insults and loud laughs, Aloy made her way to overcome the disturbing shield.

horizon forbidden west Erik Visser
Image Source: Horizon Forbidden West Characters – Eric Visser


2. Alva

Joining the notable characters is Alva. She’s a member of Quen, formerly the Far East Tribe. Played by Alison Jaye, this character is one of the Diviners and is renowned for being analytical and intelligent. She became an ally of Aloy and eventually helped her during his fight against her enemies.

Alva will be part of the research journey, and she will be given an improved Focus that will enable her to access all the restricted data she wants and a new grip on the Ancestors’ world.

Horizon Forbidden West Characters - Alva
Image Source: Horizon Forbidden West Characters – Alva


3. Zo

Zo is one of the four deuteragonists in this video game, along with Kotallo, Erend Vanguardsman, and Varl. She belongs to the agrarian Utaru tribe, one of the settlements called Plainsong.

Like Alva, Zo is one of the first allies that Aloy will meet in Horizon Forbidden West. Specifically, she is the Gravesinger who is in love with Varl and wishes to know more about the world outside their tribe. That said, she decided to join Aloy on her quest to man the GAIA.

Horizon Forbidden West Characters - Zo
Image Source: Horizon Forbidden West Characters – Zo


4. Beta

Beta is an instigator of Aloy’s sufferings or a tritagonist. She is another clone of Elisabet Sobeck and the genetic twin of Aloy. This character is used to get into the subfunctions of GAIA, Zero Dawn, and other FARO facilities.

She was isolated by the Far Zeniths and grew up overprotected by guardians. Though she believes Aloy expresses more traits than her, she knows that she can’t reach the standards of Elisabet. With that said, you’ll witness Beta’s personality crisis, which will be one of the game’s moving aspects.

Horizon Forbidden West Characters - Beta
Image Source: Horizon Forbidden West Characters – Beta


5. Kotallo

Characterized by Noshir Dalal, Kotallo is renowned for being one of the members of the Tenakth Tribe and is acclaimed to be a fan favorite. As the tribe focuses on military strength, this character in Horizon Forbidden West is known to be a warrior of the Sky division.

He will become one of Aloy’s allies and help her access AETHER’s subordinate function. After arriving at Aloy’s Base, he receives a Focus and started studying the Old World and Far Zenith.

Horizon Forbidden West - Kotallo
Image Source: Horizon Forbidden West – Kotallo


6. Tilda van der Meer

Joining the roster of the memorable characters is Tilda van der Meer. She is one of the major characters and the last enemy antagonist in the game. Portrayed by Carrie-Anne Moss, this character had a deep relationship with Elisabet Sobeck, but it ended before the Faro Plague.

As the game progresses, you’ll find Tilda deceiving the Far Zeniths and deciding to help Aloy. Also, you’ll witness the soft spot of this character and her true colors as she tries to patch up her past issues with Elisabet.

horizon forbidden west tilda van der meer
Image Source: Horizon Forbidden West Characters – Tilda


7. Regalla

Last, definitely not the least in our list of notable characters is Regalla. Angela Bassett portrays Regall. She’s the first powerful antagonist that Aloy meets in the Forbidden West. She is the Tenakth rebels’ leader.

Regalla knows that Tenakth Chief is planning to reconcile with the Carja. But she still wants to take revenge on them for what they did during the Red Raids to Tenakth. You’ll usually see the memorable presence of this character when Aloy reaches the Tenakth clan’s areas.

Horizon Forbidden West - Regalla
Image Source: Horizon Forbidden West – Regalla


Choose Your Favorite Horizon Forbidden West Characters

So, there you have it! Who among the Horizon Forbidden West characters is your personal favorite? Share your thoughts here! For more information about this open-world sci-fi action game, stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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