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Given how well-praised the first Horizon Forbidden West (one of the most anticipated PS5 games) was, Guerrilla Games had their job cut out for them as they have been working on it for quite some time. Thank goodness, they smashed it! In addition, they made a highly entertaining trophy list. Don’t go mad and collect every prize, simply a ton that encourages you to try the delights of the world. After then, you’re welcome to continue if you so choose. In all honesty, it’s difficult not to. With this Horizon Forbidden West Trophy Guide, it will be simple.

But the prize list for Horizon Forbidden Wilds (a PlayStation Exclusive game) is deceiving. It might seem easy, but as mentioned above, we’ve created a comprehensive trophy guide. In addition, we’ve included some advice on where to obtain the greatest armor and weaponry. Truly, it’ll be simple!

With that said, due to the vast number of trophies, we will only highlight the silver ones in this article given that there are only seven of them in the entire game. But before that, below is an overview of all the trophies on the list.

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A Quick Overview of the Trophies on the List

  • 3/10 is the estimated trophy difficulty (Estimated Platinum Difficulty)
  • 59 offline awards (50-bronze, 7-silver, 1-gold, 1 platinum)
  • No online awards
  • The time required to reach Platinum is approximately 36–75 hrs.
  • One playthrough is required as long as you don’t forget to scan all machine types.
  • One trophy may be missed out on the total—All Machine Types Scanned
  • Glitched medals: One, for defeating Asera.
  • Can trophies be affected by difficulty? No, so set the difficulty to easy.

Horizon Forbidden West Trophy Guide

Check out the trophy guide below to know how to acquire them in the game;

Reach level 50

In Horizon Forbidden West, you gain experience points for doing anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s running a quick errand, completing a side task, shooting a fox in the head, or taking out a dangerous machine. It takes longer than five minutes to level up, but it’s not a difficult journey either. You can essentially finish at level 50 – the game’s highest level – after a leisurely 60-hour playthrough.

Level 50 is fairly simple to obtain because, by the time you attained it, we had already completed between 50% and 60% of the game’s content. The final mission’s recommended level is 35. So if you complete all of the Tallnecks, all of the Relic Ruins, all of the Vista Points, and a ton of side tasks, you should be able to complete it.

All Machine Types Scanned

Check out the machine types here;

Potentially Easily missed

One machine, the Specter, can be missed but does not generate the open world. However, it features a number of key quests, so it’s doubtful that you’d forget to scan them. Do take note that Prior to Patch 1.08, the last boss, Specter Prime, was easily missed and no longer had to be scanned. You will instantly receive the scan and Notebook entry once you come across it. The same Specters in the last mission might also be affected by this, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The following list of the 43 various machine kinds is in the order in which they appear on the menu screen under the Notebook section. So if one is missed, you’ll immediately realize what you’ve forgotten to add.

  • Grazer
  • Burrower
  • Scrounger
  • Charger
  • Lancehorn
  • Longleg
  • Bristleback
  • Fanghorn
  • Stalker
  • Grimhorn
  • Ravager
  • Snapmaw
  • Leapleasher
  • Scrapper
  • Sliterhfang
  • Tremortusk
  • Fireclaw
  • Slaughterspine
  • Tallneck
  • Spectre (MISSABLE – during many main missions)
  • Spectre Prime
  • Spikesnout
  • Skydrifter
  • Plowhorn
  • Sunwing
  • Clamberjaw
  • Rollerback
  • Rockbreaker
  • Behemoth
  • Dreadwing
  • Tideripper
  • Shellsnapper
  • Stormbird
  • Thunderjaw
  • Frostclaw
  • Scorcher
  • Redeye Watcher
  • Widemaw
  • Clawstrider
  • Corruptor
  • Bellowback
  • Glinthawk
  • Shell-Walker
horizon forbidden west Specter
Image Source: Horizon Forbidden West Specter

The ideal approach is to find all the Tallnecks. After that, play through the game as you like (be sure to scan the three machines that you possibly would miss during the pertinent story missions. Finally, finish off the rest post-game. By the time the game is through, there’s a high possibility you’ll have the vast majority. Be sure to scan everything that you can, as there will only be two lacking (the Spectre Prime and the Corruptor).

The Corruptor can’t be missed, but it doesn’t appear in the open environment. If you don’t catch it in the 13th main mission, “Faro’s Tomb,” the only other place to discover it is in Arena’s toughest difficulty level.

Skill Tree Learned

You’ll unavoidably acquire another trophy as you play Forbidden West because the game constantly rewards you with skill points. In fact, when you reach the final game, you’ll probably have maxed up four or five skill trees. However, if you haven’t, the following time you receive skill points, go into the one that is the nearest to you that has already been finished. Then, max it out.

It’s definitely best to concentrate right away. And since I enjoy bow warfare so much, I put all of my efforts into becoming a Hunter. Also keep in mind that in order to maximize a skill tree, you must maximize the Valor Surges. In any case, the counter on the talents page lets you know exactly how many skills that are locked that you still need to unlock.

All Tallnecks Overridden

There are a total of six Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West. These are enormous machines that resemble giraffes and have plates for heads. When you first get to a new place, this ought to be your first stop. There are a total of six, some of which do not appear on the map and some of which require you to take additional actions before you may interact with them because Guerrilla has tried to change things up and create each Tallneck experience unique from the others.

horizon forbidden west Tallnecks
Image Source: Horizon Forbidden West Tallnecks Locations

Defeated Asera

Horizon Forbidden West is full of bloodthirsty rebels. The number of rebels is likely more than that of machines. I’m kidding, but sometimes it really does seem that way. You must destroy every rebel camp to start the last quest that will allow you to fight Asera, the rebel camp’s leader! Now, it’s important to distinguish between rebel camps and their numerous outposts. The rebel camp’s emblem contains two broad lines rather than one, despite the similarity in appearance between the two marks.

There are five rebel camps, and each one is substantially larger and governed by a distinct set of laws than the outposts. You must eliminate the rebel camp’s leader, take their booty, conduct some investigation, and finally achieve a different task to finish them. To obtain this trophy, lead the assault on Asera after you have destroyed all of the rebel camps.

The five insurgent camps’ locations are as follows:

  • The northernmost part of Barren Light’s Eastern Lie is the Salvage Camp
  • The Hive, located in the highlands at the south of Scalding Spear
  • Breached Rock, a mountainous area at the west of the Scalding Spear
  • Devil’s Grasp is at the desert biome’s lower left corner (south-west of Vegas)
  • Fenrise is located in the jungle biome’s lower right corner.

After finishing them all, First Forge, the rebel camp, will be accessible, at which time you must travel to Hidden Ember to speak with Erend. Speak with him, defeat First Forge, and Asera, and you’ll have the trophy.

All Cores Overridden

You will need to override every core at every Cauldron in the Forbidden West in order to obtain this trophy. There are four optional Cauldrons spread out across the entire west, two of which are part of the main story.

Obtained Three Stripes in All Hunting Grounds

In Forbidden West, there are a total of four Hunting Grounds, each of which contains three challenges that are radically distinct from one another. In essence, Hunting Grounds are mini-arenas where you compete in hunting trials against a variety of machines. If you beat the time limit, you’ll receive a ton of rewards including Hunting Medals that can be exchanged for a ton of prizes in the arena shop. Check out the four locations below.

The Daunt Requires Level 5 and is Located South of Redhew Quarry and to the Northeast of Barren Light

Trials at the Daunt’s Hunting Ground are not too difficult. Here, nothing too complicated.
In the first, you must flee and steal the power cells of the Scounger.
For the second, all you have to do is locate a shock bow and then overcharge the Scrounger’s Power Cell.
The second trial’s strategy should be used for the final case. But this time, place it beneath the piles of environmental logs lining the arena’s perimeter. Almost all of the kills can be achieved using one of these moves.

North-Western Plainsong Comes with a Level of 10 Requirements

The key to success in Plainsong’s hunting trials is subtlety. There’s nothing particularly difficult about this. But if you notify someone, it can take a few tries. However, if you unlocked and equipped the Stealth Stalker Valor Surge while entering the trial with a full Valor meter, you can accomplish all of these things very quickly.
The first one only calls for looting – no murdering. Therefore, go quickly, stay in the tall grass, and creep up on machinery.
Keep to the tall grass, use boulders to push the machines closer to you, or sneak up on them by following. Simple.
The third one will take some getting used to. But basically, you need to utilize the grappling points for you to grapple, then jumping to enter the grapple point, glide to the machine, and hit R1 when you’re above them. Moreover, you must conceal your presence while doing so. Not difficult. However occasionally, you might begin while the robots are in a bothersome patrol pattern.

Level 20 is Needed to Access Sheerside Mountains

Getting a frost bow and shooting the bellowback anyplace other than its huge sack until it enters the brittle phase. Then pinging the load refining sac till it bursts, is all that is required for the first challenge. Repeat as necessary before the timer expires.
This one is annoying since it can become utterly chaotic once all of the adversaries become aware of your presence. Additionally, because the explosive Shredder Gauntlet projectile requires three consecutive throws and catches, you occasionally risk missing a catch because the Bellowback is peppering you from a distance that is out of your field of vision when it’s miles away. Before the Bellowbacks can get in range, try to hit the huge person in the middle first and complete the task.
Depending on your weapon, this can turn chaotic just like the other one. It can take some time for a Boltblaster to charge up. Nevertheless, acquiring the Plasma state is made simple by the Boltblaster. When they reach the status, bash them mercilessly with arrows until the meter is full. You only need to complete the process once more if you fill it.

Level 25 is Required for The Raintrace, Located in a Rainforest to the East of Thornmarsh.

Finally, but by no means least, this last one can be quite challenging. The Clawstrider Override is something you’ll need to obtain from Cauldron first.
The initial test is not too shabby. Be sure to use an electric bow, load up with three arrows on your triple shot and then bombard the Tremortusk with arrows until it is shocked. Use Tear ammunition to take the tusks out when it is defeated. It seems simple. It is, in fact, but it becomes a little lesser when you’re attempting to do all of that while two Clawstriders are after you.
Obtaining the Clawstrider Override is the hardest aspect of this task. However, once you do, it’s simple. Override one from the tall grass, then shoot the remaining Clawstriders until they are nearly completely depleted of health before finishing them off. Although the Clawstrider may easily defeat them without your intervention with your bow, it will be much simpler if you first weaken them.
Last but not least, the discomfort! You must fire the guns from the Tremortusk to eliminate all the Clawstriders. The problem is that you move very slowly with the Tremortusk’s cannon whereas fighting Clawstriders requires quick movement. Despite the fact that the Tremortusk has two guns, the clock is so tight that you can’t afford to make a mistake even once.

Horizon Forbidden West West Trophy Guide – The Verdict

With our trophy guide, you don’t have to figure out everything by yourself. You can acquire all trophies just by checking this guide out! But for more guides like this one, make sure to stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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