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Sigma Overwatch – The Ultimate Character Guide


Despite not being introduced until 2019, Siebren de Kuiper, also known as Sigma, is an enemy in Overwatch, one of the most popular multiplayer FPS games like Valorant. Kuiper was a well-known Dutch astrophysicist before a disastrous experiment cost him his ability to regulate gravity and turned him into a scientist and Talon’s human weapon. With that said, today we will be looking at the various methods on how to properly utilize this nefarious character. But first, let’s get to know who Sigma Overwatch is.

Sigma in overwatch


Who is Sigma?

Originally, Siebren was a talented astronomer and scientist who desired to learn more about how gravity operates to discover a way to use gravity in daily life. Inadvertently releasing a black hole while working on the international space station exposed Kuiper to its strength, causing severe psychological harm to Siebren. His reactions also caused the gravitational field surrounding him to fluctuate, peaking and falling. Siebren was brought back to Earth and incarcerated in a top-secret facility, where he would rant about the cosmic patterns and weird abnormalities in the gravitational field that would continuously manifest.

Talon soon learned of his existence and attacked the prison he was being confined in before freeing him. After his release by Talon, Siebren, newly known as Sigma, carried on with his studies without realizing that he and his work were being utilized as weapons. Sigma is an eccentric, aspirational, and brilliant person. But because of his damaged mental state, he frequently speaks irrationally when describing a song that he can only hear. Despite this, he continues to speak in a skeptical or even icy tone, approaching every situation as an experiment.

Sigma has a multiple personality disorder, which is evidenced by the fact that his former self, who’s really “innocent” and unaware of the crimes committed by his much crueler side, is oblivious to them. The dominating side, the terrorist, acts in the manner described above. There appears to be a third person as well, although they only occasionally show up. This third personality, which appears to combine the previous two, may be Sigma’s self-awareness. At these times, he’s highly respectable.

Sigma Overwatch Tips

Below are some tips you can learn to utilize Sigma better;

Off the Walls, Ceilings, & Floors

Hyperspheres, Sigma’s main attack, fires two explosive projectiles toward an opponent that explodes either immediately if they hit, or shortly after if they miss. Many players are unaware of the fact that you can really bounce them off of almost everywhere on the battlefield to attack enemies around the sides or even to circumvent obstacles that would otherwise fully prevent the damage, like Orisa’s.

It’s a good idea to keep this knowledge in mind and keep an eye out for surfaces you can utilize to surprise the opposing team. The enemy is forced to reposition as a result of unexpected damage, and more of your assaults will hit them as a result.

Sigma overwatch Hyperspheres
Image Source: Sigma Overwatch Hyperspheres


Built Like a Tank

Sigma has two damage-blocking abilities, Kinetic Grasp and Experimental Barrier. While an Experimental Barrier can take more than a thousand HP, it’s the best way to protect your team from the majority of damage types. With this power, bullets are stopped in midair and turned into shields. Unlike your standard shield, it has an endless capacity for damage absorption and can replenish your personal shield health by up to 400 points. However, unless it will be of great benefit, don’t use it. It’s because it comes with a15 second cooldown following three seconds.

Your usual shield won’t have enough health to withstand powerful ultimate abilities, so you should utilize this skill. The three seconds of limitless damage absorption you have access to, though, might make those differences in a team sweep and survival. Just be sure to try to pass by everyone on your squad. Keep in mind that Kinetic Grasp only deflects attack from the front. Therefore, be aware of anyone who is flanking you.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Gravitic Flux, Sigma’s ultimate ability, is one of the most effective ways to manipulate crowds in the entire game. Sigma will hover in the air once it’s activated. Afterwards, you can choose a spot on the ground to alter using gravity. Any foes in the vicinity will be elevated into the air. After that, they will be suspended temporarily so that your squad can fire at them. After that, they will be violently thrown to the ground and suffer damage that’s half of their total hit points. Gravitic Flux is an excellent ability for removing adversaries from a goal.

Plus, subjecting them to attack because it can compel enemies to flee towards the sky and out of cover. Payload carts benefit the most from this. It’s because opponents will not be able to employ them as a normal means of damage avoidance. Additionally, Gravitic Flux is fantastic when used in conjunction with damage ultimates. One example is Soldier: 76’s Tactical Visor. It will reveal the enemy and make it very simple for the squad’s damage heroes to finish them off. If their strikes don’t succeed in killing them, your ultimate’s fast crash into the ground will.

Sigma overwatch overview
Image Source: Sigma Overwatch Overview


Sigma Overwatch – A Powerful Opponent

Understanding more of Sigma’s abilities can help you win the game. And don’t worry because there are many other Overwatch character guides coming soon. One example is Overwatch Mercy! Just stay tuned here in PlayPC!

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