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Overwatch Mercy Guide – Tips to Playing the Best Healer in the Game


The support role is very important in the first-person shooter multiplayer game Overwatch (which is just like another FPS called Valorant). It’s something that any team composition would need, and is probably even the most vital role. As support, their role is to heal, buff teammates, or provide some utility. They’re basically in charge of boosting the overall performance of the team, which is key to winning matches. One of the best supports available is Overwatch Mercy, who is considered arguably the best healer in the game.

If your team needs to stay alive during clashes, then she’s the character for the job. Though she is one of the best supports to use, she’s also a character that’s very hard to master. And in this Mercy guide, we’ll provide some tips on how you can use the support healer and help your team win.

Who is Overwatch Mercy?

Mercy, whose real name is Dr. Angela Ziegler, is a world-renowned doctor and received her MD and Ph.D. in a college in Switzerland. Additionally, she’s a figurehead for peace, at least before the formation of Overwatch. She was reluctant to join Overwatch at first until she was convinced that her expertise in medicine will prove useful.

It’s how she became part of the conflict, but not someone who kills. Instead, she is a field medic, providing heals to teammates and allies whenever they need them.

Why is Mercy Difficult to Use?

So, why is it difficult to use Mercy? Well, it’s because of what she can do during battles. No, it’s not because it’s hard to use her abilities properly. On the contrary, you don’t have a steep learning curve to master her abilities. What makes her difficult is that she’ll always be a primary target of the opposing team. It’s no secret that Mercy is good at keeping her team alive, which is why enemies will always go for her first to make it easier to win team fights.

Therefore, if you’re going to use Mercy, you need to be good at positioning yourself. You need to know how to keep yourself alive, so you can keep your team alive. These are the reasons why she’s challenging to play. You need to be able to position yourself, as well as use your abilities while keeping yourself out of your opponent’s reach. We’ll discuss how to do that, but first, let’s talk about her abilities.

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Overwatch Mercy’s Weapons & Abilities

Before we discuss tips for using and building Mercy, it’s important to know her weapons and abilities first. Let’s discuss them in this section.

Mercy’s Weapons

Mercy has two weapons to use, the Caduceus Staff and the Caduceus Blaster. With the Caduceus Staff, Mercy will engage one of two beams that will connect to an ally. She can either provide 55 healing per second or amplify their damage by 30%. It has a max range of 15 meters. She can gain ultimate charge equal to the damage she amplified except those applied to herself. The Caduceus Blaster allows Mercy to shoot a round from her sidearm and deal 20 damage. It’s an automatic weapon, and best used in an emergency.

Passive Ability

Mercy’s two passive abilities are Regeneration and Angelic Descent. Regeneration is just Mercy automatically healing herself over time. She gets 20 health per second, after not taking any damage for one second. It’s why knowing how to escape is important since she can heal herself over time. The Angelic Descent is an ability where Mercy slows the speed of her descent because of her Valkyrie suit. It’s like she can glide instead of fall because of her suit.

Guardian Angel 1st Ability

Mercy’s first ability is Guardian Angel. The healer will fly towards a targeted ally at a 17 meters per second speed. This ability has a max range of 30 meters. It’s an ability that you can use to quickly help teammates or escape from enemies.

Resurrect 2nd Ability

The second ability of Mercy is Resurrect and is one of the reasons why she’s always targeted first during fights. This ability allows the support character to bring a dead ally back into the fight and with full health. The beauty of this ability is that line does not need to be maintained. As long as the ally is within the 5-meter max range, you can revive them.

Valkyrie Ultimate Ability

Mercy’s ultimate is Valkyrie. It gives her the ability to fly and enhances all of her abilities. One of the benefits of this ultimate is that her passive regeneration is no longer interrupted by damage. The beam from her Caduceus Staff also branches out to nearby allies within line of sight of the beam target. The ultimate ability cost 1820 points. Now that you know Mercy’s abilities, let’s now look at some tips for using her.

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Tips for Using Mercy in Overwatch

Mercy is a character that specializes in providing healing and damage boosts to allies. Her specialty, though, is more on single-target heal than team heal. During team fights, it’s better to hop around from one teammate to another and provide healing to everyone. Hence, making it harder for enemies to kill her team during clashes. It’s also why positioning is important for her.

You also need to customize controls, turning off some of the auto-aim of her abilities. Therefore, providing you with more freedom on where you’ll use your ability. Her ability to enhance damage is also crucial, especially if your team needs to break barriers or focus damage on a single target.

But her real value is the Resurrect ability, which allows Mercy to revive a dead ally at full health. Since she heals and resurrects, she’ll be a priority target by the enemies, so you should be always roaming with a teammate. Don’t make it easy for enemies to take you out by being alone. The Guardian Angel move is great at escaping enemy ambush or at repositioning yourself during team battles. Communication with teammates is important to her. Don’t go to a teammate who is charging in to fight, as she’s a character that should always stay at the backline.

Resurrect can also be a game changer if used correctly. It’s the main reason why communication is key. Don’t hesitate to use Valkyrie when it’s available, especially during clashes. This ability can change the tide of the game in your team’s favor. It takes a while to charge it, but it can be the difference between winning or losing clashes.

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Becoming a Pro with this Overwatch Mercy Guide

If you’re already a big fan of Overwatch and want to become a better support to your allies, Mercy is a great character to use. With this guide, you can fulfill your role to the best of your abilities. Also, make sure to stay tuned here in PlayPC for more guides like this one.

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