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Seven of the Best Games Like Far Cry


The Far Cry games share the premise of putting the player in a remote setting. Players must aid in the struggle against one or more brutal dictators that dominate the area and survive fighting wild animals that wander the wide expanses. However, because of the chronology of their creation, the Far Cry games lack any important shared narrative components.

The early Far Cry games offer a strong single-player campaign, and subsequent games include cooperative campaigns. Additionally, the games have competitive multiplayer modes and allow users to alter the maps of the games for these matches.

The Far Cry games are best as a commercial successes and have earned favorable reviews regarding their open-world gameplay. There are hardly any narrative or chronological connections between the games.

However, the Far Cry titles have typically had the same plot, which involves transporting the player to “a wild frontier” where “today’s morals and laws are non-functional,” combined with aspects of needing to thrive in the wilderness, such as hunting and crafting.

While other games in the series featured otherworldly or science fiction aspects, others were more grounded in realistic problems. The series’ primary developers, Ubisoft Montreal, do believe that all games are in the same fictional universe. Still, players can play independently of the others.

Just Cause

A secret agent, Rico Rodriguez, originally from the mythical country of Medici, appears in each game in the series, which is set on a different imaginary island nation. Rico can run, jump, swim, and use weapons while on foot. Players can even grab the wheel of real-world vehicles and pull off acrobatics while driving them.

Just Cause

Players can also use Rico’s parachute, grappling hook, and wingsuit to get about the map starting with the third game. The player is offered a core plot as well as a number of side quests throughout the game. Liberating a community or seizing control of a drug cartel villa are side missions. These repetitious side tasks in Just Cause are required to earn points with specific factions.


Action-adventure game Dishonored is set in a mythical dystopian world where a plague breakout is currently taking place. You will be free to accomplish these goals using your own special blend of stealth. Thanks to the abundance of missions that call for you to find out information or kill targets.


The game environment has several autonomous, mission-focused locales that offer a variety of in-game navigation. The player’s Corvo transports to the Hound Pits pub, which serves as the game’s major center.

A bathhouse, royal estates, impoverished streets, and freight docks are all included in the gaming world. The game has a checkpoint save system, and the player can store their progress anywhere.


The first-person shooter game Crysis offers players a variety of ways to accomplish goals. The player takes control of Nomad, a special operations soldier. Adjusting the fire mode, changing the sight, or installing sound suppressors are just a few examples of how the player’s weaponry can be modified without slowing down time.


The setting for the game is a future in which the mythical Lingshan Islands, off the coastline of the eastern Philippines, have a large, old alien construction hidden beneath a mountain. The player takes on the role of the United States in the single-player campaign. Jake Dunn is an Army Delta Force member who goes by the callsign Nomad in-game.

Nomad comes with various cutting-edge tools and weapons, most especially a “Nanosuit” modeled after the actual military Future Force Warrior design.

Tomb Raider

You’ll play Lara Croft in the action-packed adventure Tomb Raider. The 2013 version of the Tomb Raider series introduces new players to Lara Croft’s universe while also appealing to fans of the 1990s original games.

Players accompany Lara as she’s lost on the lonely island of Yamatai. The third-person perspective depicts Tomb Raider. Lara Croft, the protagonist of the series, gets controlled by the player. The game blends exploration, action-adventure, and survival aspects using a hub-and-spoke network.

Tomb Raider

Footpaths, improvised or pre-existing zip lines, climbable tracks. You can also use the island to travel across settlements and across the entire island. With certain modifications, including adding elements of stealth gameplay, many of the player’s actions come over from Crystal Dynamics’ earlier games.

Quick-time events work at periodic points throughout the game, frequently coming during significant or frantic plot points, such as obtaining a piece of metal and leaving a cave that is about to collapse.

Mad Max

The player controls the titular Mad Max in the action-adventure game Mad Max, which is in a post-apocalyptic open environment setting and emphasizes automobile combat.

Turbo boosts and Flamethrowers are just two examples of equipment and weapons. Chumbucket or Max himself may employ the vehicle in conjunction with additional tools and weaponry, such as a sniper rifle and grappling hook.

Mad Max Games Like Far Cry

The game switches to slow motion while the user is driving and aiming to let them switch between targets. Players can change to a first-person perspective whilst operating the Magnum Opus and engaging adversaries. When ordered or directed to do so whenever the player leaves, Chumbucket fixes the vehicle.

Fallout Series

Fallout is a collection of role-playing post-apocalyptic video games that Interplay Entertainment eventually turned into action role-playing games. With its mix of optimism for the benefits of technology and the looming fear of nuclear devastation.

Games like Far Cry Fall Out Series

In this hypothetical atompunk “golden age,” transistors are no longer scientifically essential in this world. As a result, a peculiar socio-technological status quo evolves, wherein sophisticated robots, and other futuristic technologies are commonplace.

Metro 2033

The first-person shooting video game Metro 2033 is available online. It takes place mostly below in the Moscow Metro’s tunnels, but there are also some scenes that are outside in the city’s ruins. Cutscenes that highlight significant storyline points are throughout the single-player campaign’s linear narrative.

You can use several types of firearms to dispatch both mutant and human adversaries. Assault rifles, shotguns, and revolvers, as well as more novel weaponry like a pneumatic crossbow, are all included in the game. In gun battles, mutant adversaries stay out in the clear and try to devour the player while human enemies hide and flank them.

Metro 2033

As an alternative, the player can use stealth to avoid detection or discreetly dispatch foes. You can accomplish this by shooting an adversary with a silenced weapon or killing them with a thrown knife from a distance. The player has two options for regaining health: either having to wait for it to replenish or instantly using a medical kit.

The head-up display in the game is simple (HUD). The player receives gameplay information via sound and visual cues. Players may need to check their guns to determine whether they are going to run empty of ammo and need to reload.

Bottom Line

That’s it for today folks! Our seven best games like far cry. If you’ve got any games in mind, feel free to connect with us in this post. We might miss some amazing games (if there are any) on our list!

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