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PlayStation NOW – Six of the best Co-op Games You Can Play Today


Sony Interactive Entertainment created PlayStation Now (PS Now), a stand-alone video game subscription service. On PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows computers, the service featured cloud gaming for PlayStation titles.

The standalone PlayStation Now subscription was discontinued. But its features were merged into the PlayStation Plus Premium tier after the PlayStation Plus service’s expansion to provide new tiers in May-June 2022.

With that out of the way, today we are going to take a quick look at six of the best Co-op games that you can avail yourself t hrough the service today. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the list.

LittleBigPlanet 3

LittleBigPlanet 3, which is the third game in the core LittleBigPlanet series, shares many gameplay characteristics with the first and second games in the series. It is a sandbox game with puzzle and platforming components. LittleBigPlanet 3 prioritizes creation just like previous LittleBigPlanet games.

LittleBigPlanet 3
Image Source: LittleBigPlanet 3, Playstation

Players design their own hub levels, Pods (basically the character’s “house”), characters, and other elements. They can even add decorations, power-ups, tools, or stickers. The creations of the players can also be shared. The main gameplay involves moving through colorful and lively stages with a predetermined character while using power-ups, hopping, swimming, swinging, grasping, and engaging with buttons and non-playable characters.

It also involves killing adversaries, achieving the game’s primary goals, and obtaining collectibles like gadgets, stickers, materials, objects, and Collectibles.

Overcooked 2

In the cooperative video game Overcooked 2, groups of a maximum of four players create and cook food in ridiculous restaurants. Players collect, prepare, cook, combine, serve, and wash dishes using various components. The game overwhelms players with short-order coordination and character collisions.

Overcooked 2
Image Source: Overcooked 2, Home

The sequel improves with new interactive stages, restaurant decor, chef outfits, and recipes. Moving walkways, inaccessible fires, portals, moving floors, and other hazards might make cooking more challenging on some levels.

Different levels switch between locations and menus, like one that starts with salad preparation in a high air balloon and concludes with a crash landing in a sushi kitchen.

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing is a single-player and multiplayer kart racing game with a Sonic the Hedgehog theme. Players compete in sports car racing on tracks themed after settings from the franchise after choosing one amongst 15 protagonists from the show’s cast. The three different racing categories are pace, technique, and power.

Each type has its special skills. Technique racers like Tails, for instance, can drive over uneven terrain like turf without slowing down. In the third-person view, the player performs stunts in midair, drifts to execute sharp turns, and passes over panels to gain speed increases. Wisps are momentary offensive and defensive bonuses players can obtain from canisters marked with “?”.

Team Sonic Racing
Image Source: Team Sonic Racing, Sonic the Hedgehog Home

Because of its emphasis on cooperative gameplay—the player is a member of a team of racers, and they must cooperate—the gameplay differs from standard racing games. While each team member controls one driver, they must also keep track of their teammates’ progress and trade power-ups. Teams get points for their cooperative efforts rather than just winning races by coming in first place.


An extraterrestrial invasion of Earth is the setting of the overhead twin-stick shooter game Alienation. The fate of humanity is in the hands of a squad of four UNX troops after a significant section of the populace has been killed or altered.

The game includes a single-player variant, a localized multiplayer option, and a local co-op mode that accommodates four players at once. In each of these modes, the player controls a soldier who has undergone extensive modifications from any of the three character categories: Bio-Specialist, Tank, or Saboteur.

Image Source: Alienation Home

Each class can “elevate” to level thirty and has unique weapons, movement patterns, and skills. The Bio-Specialist has the ability to poison paths while also healing other team members. The Tank can “blow everything away,” enabling players to move about more quickly, and can also build a barrier by which players can stand.

When necessary, the Saboteur can order airstrikes and change into invisibility. Through levels that get harder and harder, players must defend themselves against armies of aliens. Players can use the checkpoints in the stages to resurrect if they die while playing in multiplayer mode and can also revitalize one another.

Fury Unleashed

In the roguelite combo-driven action platformer Fury Unleashed and your combo grows with each successful kill. When you reach a specific threshold, damage tolerance and healing abilities will start working. You can even win the game with one, perfect combo.

Fury Unleashed
Image Source: Fury Unleashed Home

Are you up to the challenge? Retro memories of classic platformer shooters like Metal Slug and Contra works with inspiration from contemporary platformers.

Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince

The gameplay of Trine 4 has been improved over its predecessors. A concentration on physics puzzles distinguishes this 2D platformer from others. The characters have telekinesis, the ability to attach ropes to things, and the ability to summon boxes as tools for completing puzzles.

In terms of the game’s plot, the player character is actually three characters together. Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the thief are the three characters that the player can change into at once. Amadeus has the ability to telekinetically manipulate some things as well as summon boxes, spheres, and planks.

Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince
Image Source: Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince

In order to hang from items, immobilize them, or build rope bridges, Zoya can attach ropes to them. She also has a bow in her arsenal. Pontius can jump-stomp and use a shield to deflect some shots at other targets. Pontius has a sword as well.

The player will then have to battle a group of creatures after several physics challenges. These battles break up the puzzles’ monotony. Still, Trine 3 might be considered a 3D platformer to some extent. The movement of the original two Trine games was only possible in two dimensions. Character growth is in Trine 4 in a departure from earlier games.

There are optional skills that you can buy with tokens gathered throughout the duration of the game, however other essential powers are accessible at predetermined points in the game. These skills provide the player with fresh approaches to resolving puzzles or taking on creatures. The player has the option to retry older levels with unlocked skills to find fresh solutions to those earlier challenges.

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