Monster Hunter: Rise — Everything We Know So Far


Announced on September 20, 2020, as part of Nintendo’s latest Partner Showcase, Monster Hunter: Rise is the latest installment from Capcom’s popular franchise. It’s currently exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.

Following the success of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the Switch-exclusive action game introduces new features fans can look forward to. Monster Hunter Rise offers a free-roaming open-world map with new traversal mechanics. Making it the first open-world Monster Hunter game on the handheld gaming platform.

Capcom confirms that the new title uses a version of the RE Engine– suggesting that the engine offers more mechanical depth. It was also used in games like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Devil May Cry 5, and Pragmata.


The Ironclad Will of Kamura Village

Monster Hunter Rise takes place in the scenic ruins of Kamura Village. Known for its Tatara steel, it’s the ideal place for every hunter’s needs. The village is filled with lively characters and rich history.

Five decades ago, the village was destroyed by a calamity called The Rampage. Due to this drastic event, it left the place in a catastrophic state and left destruction around the city. You enter the iconic town as a hunter but awaiting you in the shadows is a malevolent rival unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Monster Hunter Rise: New Amiibo Companions

The game features three new Amiibo figures coinciding with the new title’s release. The figures are Magnamalo, the usual Palico, and the new companion, Palamute. All Amiibos are part of the game’s collector edition. Although Capcom has been trying to keep a tight lip, the game’s producer gave little more detail on support characters that will assist each player in battle as well as exploration.


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Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t only offer free-roaming within the ruins of Kamura Village. It also offers a new mode of transportation and companion– the Palamute. You can now explore and hunt with the new canine companion. The Palamute is an offensive support character that can dish out continuous damage to enemies. While the Palico – the feline companion is returning to Monster Hunter as mainly a defensive, and healing support companion.

Players can also take two companions when going on a solo hunt while partying up online with friends limits the companion number to one each. This redefines the multiplayer experience as NPC companions weren’t usually allowed during 4-man hunting parties.


Introducing The Wyvern of Malice

A handful of new monsters are making their debut on Monster Hunter Rise. Four new beasts enter the fold – Magnamalo, Aknosom, Great Izuchi, and Tetranadon. Magnamalo, the new game’s flagship monster, is a ferocious Fanged Wyvern. Little is known about these new enemies, but even so, they shouldn’t be underestimated.


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This fearsome monster was initially revealed in the announcement trailer of the game. It’s different from the other flagship monsters as it appears to be small in stature. Especially compared to its lightning-infused older brother– Zinogre.

It appears to resemble a lion with scales on its back and sharp blades on its front legs and tail tip. Threatening purple flames spew on the sides of its mouth leaving some hints that it’ll have its unique element. Despite the little details shown, Magnamalo is imposing and threatening enough to have the most veteran hunters quake at its feet.


A Different Tool For Hunters To Play With

The Wirebug is a new ability players can play around with. It provides a more versatile way of traversing over ledges and obstacles. It functions as a grappling hook allowing hunters to swing around the map. You can also activate special combos with the Wirebug.

Although Capcom kept a tight lip on the game’s finer details, the trailer gave fans a taste of what they can expect once the action role-playing game rolls out. So don your armor, grab your traps and sound the hunting horn! It’s a whole new hunting season come March 2021.