A Guide To Build Decks In Plants vs Zombies Heroes


The battle between plants vs zombies continues, but this time in a casual card collecting game called Plants vs Zombies Heroes. Published by Electronic Arts, this game is a battle between plants’ zombie heroes. However, instead of battling in the garden, the gameplay is set in a card battle. Your job is to collect powerful heroes, from both the plants and zombies to form an ultimate deck.

You then use your deck of heroes to battle against powerful opponents and prevent Dr. Zomboss from achieving his goal. It’s a fun and entertaining game where you experience a new way to battle against brain-eating creatures.

plants vs zombies heroes game
In-game screenshot: Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Since this is a card-collecting and duel game, your deck will determine how successful you’ll be in this game. There are many different cards available so building a strong deck can be a bit confusing at first. To help you with that, this article will provide a deck building guide. We’ll discuss some tips and pointers on how to properly build your deck in Plants vs Zombies Heroes.

Become Familiar with the Gameplay

The first thing that you should do before building a deck is to become familiar with the gameplay. This is actually important since you won’t be able to build a proper deck if you’re not familiar with the gameplay. This means undergoing the tutorial, learning the basic battle system, understanding certain cards, and so on is the key to winning the game.

For sure, familiarizing yourself with Plants vs Zombie Heroes gameplay will likely take time. But, don’t rush yourself. Things will usually become better and easier, as you keep on playing and practicing.

Learn The Different Deck Archetypes in Plants vs Zombies Heroes

The second thing that you need to know about Plants vs Zombies Heroes when it comes to deck building is learning the deck archetypes. When you construct a deck, it will likely focus on certain things. For example, if you prefer to strike quick and fast, the deck you’ll build will be more of the aggressive type. This deck of cards focuses more on quick and rush attacks.

plants vs zombies heroes battle
Image Source: Plants vs Zombies: Heroes – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – First Fight

However, if you’re someone who prefers to drag the game longer, then you will likely focus more on different types of cards. You may use cards that do well towards the end and cards for survivability in the beginning. So, make sure you know how you want your battles to proceed.

Make Sure Your Cards Complement Each Other

When building a deck, you should also make sure that the cards you’ll put in will complement each other. The last thing that you would want to happen during battle is to draw a card that you can’t really use or will be a disadvantage to your other drawn cards. You have to make sure that the cards you’re using on your deck will be useful.

This is why knowing each card’s archetype is important. It will enable you to know the kind of strategy that you need to use. This will also allow you to use cards that will help you achieve the strategy you plan for. So, make sure to have a strategy first so you’ll know what kind of cards you will put on your deck.

Don’t Try to Prepare for Every Scenario

It’s important that you stick to the strategy that you think of using for every battle. There’s really no strategy that’s 100% foolproof. There will be a scenario where the strategy might fail or be countered. You cannot really prepare or address every possible scenario. If you do that, you may end up with a deck that’s not good at anything. So, it would be better to stick to a strategy. You’ll have a higher chance of winning with a strategy instead of a deck that’s trying to beat every scenario.

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