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A Gameplay Review Of Stick War: Legacy


One of the popular and highly rated action strategy games that you can play is Stick War: Legacy. Published by Max Game Studios, this game lets you play the role of the leader of the peaceful Order nation. But you’re surrounded by nations who want nothing but war. So, it’s up to you to fight back and conquer each nation. As you defeat each of them, you will also learn about their nation’s specialty.

For example, if you defeat the Swordwrath nation, you will gain their nation’s specialty for using swords. As barbaric as that may sound, you don’t have any choice but to do it so there will be peace in the stickman world. This is also to prevent the other nations from causing havoc and ruling with iron fists. But why is Stick War: Legacy such a highly rated game anyway? Why do many people like it so much? Is it because of the story? Let’s discuss this in this review of this action strategy game.

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In-game Screenshots: Stick War: Legacy


The Gameplay of Stick War: Legacy

First, let’s discuss Stick War: Legacy’s gameplay before we proceed with the review. As mentioned before, the game is like a typical strategy game but minus the base building. But you will have to gather resources to produce units. You will need miners to mine the gold near your base. Then as you earn resources, you can start summoning units. There are different units available to summon. Keep in mind that the units that you can summon per battle are limited, so you need to be wise in choosing the units to use.

The goal in most levels is to destroy the enemy statue. But there are other levels where your goal is to survive enemy attacks. As you complete a level, you also earn upgrade points, which you can use to upgrade your units or your statue. You can control individual units or you can make them attack automatically. Stick War: Legacy is a simple strategy game but it will test your ability to plan and strategize.

What’s Great about Stick War: Legacy?

Simple But Amazing Gameplay

One of the things that will stand out when you play Stick War: Legacy is the simplicity of the gameplay. Despite being a strategy game, it’s not really that complicated to figure out. You summon miners to mine gold and then summon troops to defend and attack. Then, you upgrade your troops and base stats to improve them. It’s as simple as that–there won’t be a steep learning curve to figure out how to do things.

stickwar legacy battle
In-game screenshots: Stick War: Legacy gameplay

After 1-2 levels, you can play this game without any issues. Even if you didn’t pay attention to the tutorials, you’d easily figure things out.

Amazing Action & Battle

Though Stick War: Legacy only has simple graphics and gameplay, you’d be surprised at the amazing action it produces. The battle sequence of the game can be a bit intense, especially if you have a full army the same as your enemy. It can even get more intense as you progress to the later levels. It’s fun and exciting, and it’s something that you’d surely enjoy playing.

What’s Bad about Stick War: Legacy?

Of course, there are also things that Stick War: Legacy could improve upon. One of the biggest gripes about the game is the inability to increase the troop limit. It would have been great if you could summon more troops to use in battle. But that’s probably part of the strategizing that this game offers. How to form a strong army within the limit that the game allows.

Another thing that could be improved upon is in increasing the game’s available levels. Stick War: Legacy is a game that you can finish in a couple of hours. That’s right, it won’t take long to finish the game. Of course, you can repeat it at a more difficult level to test your strategizing skills. But, that’s it! Truly, it would have been great if the game can be expanded with more levels to play. Or at least another game mode other than the campaign.

Verdict (4/5)

Stick War: Legacy is a strategy game that offers simple but very exciting gameplay. It’s a game that you’d find yourself hooked the moment you play it. Unfortunately, the game is a bit short, only playable in a couple of hours. It’s a shame that there are fewer levels and no other available game mode. Nevertheless, it’s a game that’s very enjoyable to play compared to these negatives that can be considered as minor inconveniences.