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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – The 5 Most Picked Heroes & Why


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that you can play right now. The gameplay is that of a typical MOBA game, which means it’s action-packed and exciting. The game’s developer, Moonton, also updates it constantly with new content and even new heroes to keep players excited. This resulted in Mobile Legends having many different heroes for you to acquire and use in the arena.

This gives you plenty of options, during the selection period before the battle. But with so many heroes available, it becomes a challenge to pick one to use. Sure, there are meta heroes in Mobile Legends, which are considered the current best heroes available. But that’s still a sizable list to choose from. One way to see who are great heroes to pick is by identifying who are the most picked heroes. This is what we’ll discuss in this article.


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The Top 5 Most Picked Heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Before we discuss the most picked heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, it’s important to discuss a few things first. The heroes listed here are based on their popularity of being picked in Ranked games according to data from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The data only comes from battles in Legend and Mythic Rank.

The Kung Fu Boy Chou

Currently, the most popular hero used in Legend and Mythic Ranked games is the fighter, Kung Fu Boy Chou. He has a pick rate of 3.47%, which is currently the highest. This is not at all surprising considering Chou is one of the most versatile heroes in the game. He has good crowd control (CC) skills, can immune CC, deal high damage, and can counter a lot of heroes. Kung Fu Boy Chou also has good mobility, making it easy for him to chase other heroes or escape danger. He can survive any existing meta, which is why he is considered the most popular hero to use in Mobile Legends.

The Warrior of Dawn Tigreal

The next most picked hero for Legend and Mythic Ranked games is the tank Warrior of Dawn Tigreal. He is one of the original heroes that is available for you to use when you play Mobile Legends for the first time. Despite being an old hero, he is still a very viable option in the game, especially after his recent revamp. What makes him great is his strengths in team fight options.

As a tank, you need to be a good initiator, setter and can protect teammates, all of which Tigreal does well. He has tons of CC skills and an ability to initiate fights. His ultimate skill is also a good set if used properly, keeping opponents near him, making it easier for teammates to attack them.

Death Chanter Granger

The third most popular hero in Legend and Mythic Ranked games in Mobile Legends is Granger. The Death Chanter marksman is recently having a resurgence in popularity after he dropped a bit because of mobile marksmen. What’s great about Granger is that he’s a marksman that can deal good damage all throughout the game using only his basic attack. His ultimate skill can also deal devastating damage and can hit opponents, even from a distance. He is also a hero that’s rather easy to learn, so you won’t have to spend too much time learning how to use him.


Chang'e Mobile Legends


Moon Palace Immortal Chang’e

The Moon Palace Immortal mage, Chang’e, is the fourth most popular hero used in Legend and Mythic Ranked games. Like Granger, she is also a hero that’s easy to use, so there’s only a short learning curve. But what people like about her is that she can deal a ton of damage with her skills. She’s also one of the most durable mages available with her second skill Crescent Moon.

The skill grants her a shield, increases her movement speed, and allows her to deal extra damage with her basic attack. She’s one of the best mages to use in the game, especially if you know how to properly utilize her skills.

Scarlet Flower Hanabi

The fifth most popular hero currently in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the Scarlet Flower marksman Hanabi. Hanabi is one of those marksmen who are not very mobile. But she makes up for that decent sustain and a CC ultimate that can render enemy heroes immobile. She is also one of the best late-game heroes, capable of turning a game around.

This is why she’s a popular pick in Ranked games, even if she seems weak at the start. Once she gets her core items, she can be a monster and can quickly kill enemies.