Apex Legends Mobile Closed Beta Test: What You Need to Know

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Apex Legends is a titular name when it comes to battle royale games and is now the top BR multiplayer of 2021 after the Fortnite bandwagoning stopped. What makes Apex Legends so relevant today is all thanks to the big changes that developer Respawn Entertainment keeps on adding to the game.

With double the roster since its release in 2019, more weapons than ever before, and new game modes that both newcomers and original Titanfall lovers will like, Apex Legends keeps on wowing the gaming community with its bold moves. And now, the mobile version, Apex Legends Mobile, is right around the corner and released as a closed beta for some regions in Southeast Asia. Here’s all that you need to know.

Closed Beta Servers in India & the Philippines

EA Games looked at the heaviest traffic of mobile players and decided to release the closed beta in India (April) and the Philippines (May). The game will be available for free in certain regions in IN and PH with chosen players to test out the much-awaited portable battle royale. Nobody knows who these players will be, but as long as they pre-registered for the mobile port, then you will most likely get chosen. Given that your phone can play it, of course.

The Main Differences

Apex Legends Mobile will be a totally different game from its PC and console versions (although expect plenty of players to install this on an emulator as soon as it lands in global servers). Here are some of the highlights that you should recognize once the game drops in for phones and tablets.


The most recognizable feature is its 3rd-person camera that goes over the shoulder. Think of it like Fortnite or PUBG except cooler (because let’s face it, Apex Legends is arguably the best compared to the other two). The animations for all champions will remain the same, and you get a better glimpse of how character animations work whenever you parkour, sprint, reload while sprinting, shoot while sprinting, or loot while sprinting.

However, whenever you aim, you can either shoot from over the shoulder or automatically switch to 1st person mode whenever you do ADS. There will definitely be an advantage using the 3rd-person camera over the 1st person especially when it comes to indoor battles and map attention for potential flanks.


It’s pretty much the usual touchscreen controls that you would normally find in any other mobile battle royale games. So there’s that–nothing much to say here. Certainly, the game will include full controller support as well just like in CoD Mobile and PUBG Mobile.


Apex Legends Mobile players will NOT be able to connect with PC and console players. Despite the base game being cross-play, it will exclude the mobile players from the scene because let’s face it, they’ll just get hammered down by the console and PC players – especially the tryhard types.

Maps & Champions

The mobile edition will migrate all existing champions and maps. Fortunately, there are no walled-off features from the PC that will not show up on mobile. Everything you experienced on the console or PC will be found in the lite version.

Apex Legends Mobile Char
Image Source: Apex Legends Gameplay Trailer

Moreover, the four maps, the two dozen champions, and the weapons (as well as the attachments) will reprise their roles here. Additionally, every match will still include 60 players (20 squads).

Exclusive Rewards

Respawn Entertainment promises to add in skins, gestures and quips that you can only earn in the mobile edition, which makes it worth trying out even if you are part of the PC master race or console enthusiasts.

When is the Release Date

As of now, EA is testing the waters for Apex Legends Mobile but if it turns out successful in the test servers, we might just see an official release date soon this 2021.