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The 4 Best Dota 2 Heroes to Use for Beginners


Dota 2 originated as a simple custom map for Warcraft III, but has since become a highly competitive eSport known for its balanced roster of 123 unique heroes and counting.

Like any MOBA game, Dota 2 offers different heroes for you to use in the game. Each hero is unique, giving you plenty of options as well as different playstyles. Although this might not be a problem for veterans of MOBA games, this could be overwhelming for beginners. It might even cause some issues if you’re new to Dota 2 but have played MOBA before.

To help you avoid choosing a difficult and complicated character to use in the game, this article will serve as your guide. Here, we will list down the best heroes that you can use in Dota 2 if you’re a beginner.

The four best Dota 2 heroes for beginners

  • Lion
  • Jakiro
  • Bristleback
  • Dragon Knight


Probably one of the best heroes that you can use in Dota 2 if you’re a beginner is Lion. He is a very powerful ranged intelligence hero with several crowd control skills and nuke skills. He is a great support hero and very easy to use. Moreover, all of his skills are hero targeting. Your gameplay with him involves entering, using his skills, and then exiting the battle. He is a fragile hero, so the move-in-and-out strategy is what you need to do.

His most important skill is the Earth Spike, which is a skill that targets a straight path. Any enemy that’s caught up in it will be stunned. Hex is his other skill, which transforms an enemy unit into a harmless frog for a short duration. He also has Mana Drain that can take a target’s mana, while his ultimate is the Finger of Death. It’s a nuke skill that can deal massive damage.


Jakiro Gameplay Dota 2



If you want another ranged intelligence hero that you can easily use in Dota 2, try Jakiro. He is a two-headed dragon that can use fire and ice. His skills are all AOE skills, which means he targets a specific area and is not particularly a hero. Using his skills is also very straightforward, so you won’t have issues learning how to use them. Moreover, their AOE effect makes it easy for you to target enemies and is very useful in team fights. His Dual Breath skill is also a great skill for poking enemies.

As previously mentioned, Jakiro uses both ice and fire, so he deals damage to enemies in front of him while slowing them down. He also has the Ice Path, which is a crowd control skill that freezes the path in front of him. It deals damage and stuns enemies that touch it. Liquid Fire is also another skill that burns enemies in an area of effect as it adds fire to his attack and slows their attack. Macropyre is his ultimate and it casts flames on the path in front of him, dealing damage per second to enemies caught in it.


Another hero that’s easy to use if you’re a beginner is Bristleback, a melee hero that’s hard to kill but can dish out good damage. His skills are not that difficult to use and his tankiness can benefit any newbie. Moreover, you won’t have to worry too much about making mistakes or go out of position since he won’t die easily. So, he is a great hero to use as you learn about different aspects of Dota 2 during battle.

His most important skill is the Quill Spray. This skill damages an area and will also deal bonus damage to enemy heroes that have been hit by the skill before. He also has a Viscous Nasal Goo, which can reduce armor and slow down movement speed. However, his two passive skills are what really make him shine. There’s the Bristleback passive, which lessens the damage he takes if he’s hit on the side or rear. Then, there’s also the Warpath passive, which increases his movement speed and damage whenever he casts a skill.


Dragon Knight Gameplay Dota 2


Dragon Knight

Another easy hero to use that won’t die easily is Dragon Knight. He is a melee hero who is very powerful yet has easy-to-use skills. The casting of his skilled animation is also straightforward, making it easy to learn the timing of using them. What’s more, Dragon Knight is also one of the first heroes that you will likely use in the game. The best part of it all is that he can turn into a dragon.

His most important skill is Dragon Blood, his passive. It’s a skill that strengthens your armor and improves life regeneration, which is why the hero is very difficult to kill. He also has a stun skill, which is the Dragon Tail, which can stun enemies and deal minor damage. When he’s in dragon form, the cast range increases.

On the other hand, Breathe Fire is his main skill damage, which deals decent damage and reduces the enemy’s damage. His ultimate is the Elder Dragon Form, allowing Dragon Knight to transform into a dragon, increasing his speed, enhancing Dragon Tail, and giving him new abilities.

Now that you have an idea of who these easy-to-play heroes are, make sure to give these heroes a try if you wish to play Dota 2 for the first time.