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Phasmophobia Tips – Quick Guide For Beginners


In reality, ghost hunting is simple. You stroll around a designated location while pretending to feel scared. Nevertheless, Phasmophobia is a game that can trigger your fear points with losing all of your pricey equipment, being panic-stricken, and becoming paralyzed.

This indie horror game shies away from the traditional structure in some of the best survival horror games. In Phasmophobia, players play the ghost hunter role in identifying the type of ghosts haunting a specific area. Missions are in the form of contracts that the player must fulfill.

But more to that, there are some important matters that you should know about, including Phasmophobia tips and tricks. Check out this post and see what you can learn more about this match.

About Phasmophobia

As mentioned above, Phasmophobia is a thrilling game that can trigger your fear points. From getting panicked, becoming paralyzed, and losing all the necessary equipment. But what about you as the character?

Characters in the game have various ghost-hunting devices like walkie-talkies, voice chat, and speech recognition. Players can play solo or with a group of three other hunters to form a team of four. Identifying ghosts is difficult, as each has unique traits that must be discovered.

So, if you are a newbie in the ghost-hunting business, you need to browse through the various techniques showcased in our beginners’ tips.

Phasmophobia Tips and Tricks For New Players

For starters, our tips do not contain any spoilers. But there will be familiar terminologies about the tools and elements featured in the game. Remember that Phasmophobia is not your average survival horror game because of its exceptional elements and structure. This brings us to our first tip: not skipping the tutorial.

Tip #1 Educate Yourself

Do not skip the training. Tutorials will allow you to test some of the gear with less pressure. Understanding the resources available to you is crucial to your survival in Phasmophobia. This part is a thing that you should not miss, as it can break your game.

Phasmophobia Tip - Game Quarters
Image Source: Phasmophobia Tip – Game Quarters

Take note of every sound that occurs inside the house. Because ghosts frequently roam during the start of an investigation, creaking doorways and heavy footfall are reliable clues as to where the ghost is.

Tip #2 Master Your Gear

There are tools in Phasmophobia that players can employ to seek out a ghost. The tutorial for the game includes explanations for many of these things, but not all of them. For instance, you can drop the EMF scanner and the spirit box while powered on and remain functional.

This point makes it easier for a team to constantly observe or stand there holding the gadget in a hallway. Different information will also be available to the team via different readings on an EMF scanner. Level two signifies that a ghost has touched an item, whereas level three indicates the ghost has tossed an item.

Phasmophobia Tips - EMF Reader
Image Source: EMF Reader for Phasmophobia Tips

Level four normally goes off whenever a ghost is going to appear close physically. That’s why it’s a good idea to leave an EMF scanner in the ghost’s primary room if you want to receive a heads-up when one is going to show up. You can detect a more elusive ghost by placing salt on its room’s entryway or other key locations.

Glow sticks emit UV light, and since they can fall to the ground, it is typically an excellent idea to pair them with salt piles. The Wraiths’ other weakness is salt; if they glide over a salt mound, they immediately stop hunting. Don’t forget to turn off your electronic gear like the Spirit Box and EMF when hiding to avoid attracting ghosts to your location.

Tip #3 Snapshots Equals Cash

Every job you accept will have certain goals to meet and data to gather. They will make up most of your revenue if you can accomplish these. You may, however, earn a lot of money by photographing other eerie stuff about the property.

Phasmophobia Camera Tool
Image Source: Phasmophobia Camera Tool

Snap images of ouija boards, voodoo dolls, footprints, and DNA to make additional cash on the side. It would be best that before you take a picture, do ensure all areas and objects are lit and, if feasible, activated.

Tip #4 Find A Happy Place

A ghost may go into hunting mode if you startle it excessively, and your sanity starts to fail. The ghost is now on your side since the tables have turned. If the door hasn’t already locked, you can attempt to run out of the house, but your best option is to remain hidden until the hunt is over.

Phasmophobia - Tips For Happy Place
Image Source: Phasmophobia – Tips For Happy Place

When you’re upstairs or far from the door, it’s simple to panic and dash for it. The solution? You’d better make a beeline for the closest cabinet. Get inside, turn off your flashlight, and don’t make any noise! It’s difficult to remain calm in a panic, yet doing so is necessary if you want to survive a paranormal attack.

Tip #5 Things to Ponder

One of our last Phasmophobia tips is to ponder your actions. You will find things in Phasmophobia’s haunted locations. These things are not as important or relevant as your equipment, but they are useful nonetheless. Examples are the voodoo dolls located in the Farmhouse Maps.

Taking a picture of these dolls will provide you with extra cash. Two keys are concealed somewhere in the Roadhouse and the Street House maps. The first is a house key that you can use to open the door if a ghost locks you in.

Phasmophobia-Beginner Tips
Image Source: Phasmophobia-Beginner Tips

The other is a black car key that you can use to turn off the car alarm triggered by the ghost. On the other hand, candles benefit your sanity if lit, so do not forget to light a candle if you find one in any location.

Key Takeaway

Phasmophobia has more thrilling features and missions to bring. But for now, keep in mind these Phasmophobia beginner tips above if you want to survive. More challenges await you and your friends with Phasmophobia updates this 2023, so good luck!

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