minesweeper tips and tricks guide

Minesweeper: Tips and Tricks For a Classic Windows Game


This tricky puzzle game has been on every Windows PC user. Back when the Internet was not yet popular, this classic game is definitely played along together with Solitaire, Pinball, and Spider Solitaire. However, not everyone has been successful in playing this game. In fact, many people are still confused about how to play it. This one heck of a game is called the Minesweeper game.

Up until now, the Minesweeper game is still one of the most mind-boggling puzzle games. It deals with logic as it involves learning patterns and making sure to avoid bombs. Though it is a game of logic, this game is also based on your luck since not all levels are determined by logic. But otherwise, it still is a fun game to play.

So here’s how you can play the game:

Rule of the game: the number that appears on a square is the number of mines adjacent to it, and thus, you have to flag all the mines.


Step One

Open any square that you like first. Since it’s random, you can freely choose any square, given that you don’t have any pattern to base when opening. However, it is advisable to choose boxes near the middle. That way, you can mine a lot of information or pattern as a basis.


Step Two

Once you get to choose your first square, there are three possibilities: you’ll get an empty square, a number, or an outer wall of numbered squares. Once you get an empty square, it means that all the eight adjacent squares are safe to mine. If you get only a number, never click on one adjacent square to avoid the bomb. But if you get an outer wall of numbered squares, then that will give you more information to identify which squares to mine or not.


minesweeper tips and tricks patterns


Keep in mind that the number on a block shows the number of mines adjacent to it. So whenever you see an unopened square beside a number 1 block, for example, you have to flag it. And whenever you see an unopened square/s inside the wall, then it’s a sign that there is a mine. So you also have to flag it.

Flagging means you are sure that that square is a mine. You can do it by right-clicking the square.


minesweeper tips and tricks flagging


Step Three

The next step is to clear out the squares. Whenever you’ve identified some of the mines that you’re sure already, then clear out the unopened squares. If you’re unsure of it, you can mark a question mark on the square by double right-clicking it. You can pay attention to them once you get to clear out the squares that you’re sure of.


Step Four

Once you’ve slowly cleared out the squares where you’re sure where the mines are, you’re now at the stage where you’ll probably have to guess. This also happens when you only have a few mines left (you can determine the number of mines left on the left side of the smiley). This is the time where you get to familiarize the pattern. If you see a pattern that is not common, then that is a probability that the squares are the mines. So you really have to be careful in choosing which squares are the mines, or you’ll end up losing.


Minesweeper patterns to watch out for


1. The 1-2-1 Pattern

This is the most common pattern to watch out for in Minesweeper. Whenever you see a 1-2-1 pattern, the mines are usually found below the 1s. So you have to flag them.


minesweeper tips and tricks game play


2. The 1-2 Pattern

When you see the 1 and 2 square that are adjacent to each other, you must flag down the square opposite to the square beside 2 as it is a mine. The square adjacent to 2 can be anything – a number, a blank square, or an unopened square.


3. The 1-2-2-1 pattern

Once you see this pattern, then flag the squares below 2s as they are the mines.
There are still lots of patterns to watch out for in the Minesweeper game. But for you to understand the game better, you must start on the Beginner level first. Then once you get to know the rhythm of the game, now you can aim for the Intermediate and Expert levels.

Have fun and think logically when playing Minesweeper!