Top 10 Finest Character Combinations for Co-Op in Genshin Impact


Did you know that Genshin Impact can be played as a co-op with three of your friends or other players across the world? Yes, and this feature enables players to defeat bosses and enemies quickly. However, each character in this role-playing game has its unique strengths and weaknesses So, you must choose the correct elemental combination that matches your gameplay.

By using the right combination, you can defeat bosses in a short time and effectively finish challenges in a matter of seconds. Many interesting combo moves can be used in Co-Op, and some characters can work productively in pairs. In regards to that, here are our 10 highly recommended character combinations in Co-Op in the Genshin Impact RPG game.

1. Albedo & Klee

Albedo and Klee combination can control the battlefield well together, though they may narrowly utilize elemental attacks. With the assistance of Albedo’s flower, he can be an excellent support for her adopted sister Klee in the battleground. By showering fiery volleys to all opponents, the heroine can create a more destructive area of damage. For example, when the chain reaction effect is applied in advance.

Genshin Impact Albedo and Klee


2. Gan Yu & Tartaglia

It might be confusing to see a team with two archers, but this combination can be more advantageous with Tartaglias’ distinctive melee skills. While preparing for Gan Yu’s ultimate attack, he can persuade a trap by using his lotus. Gan Yu’s ultimate can inflict extensive cryo damage all over the battlefront as well.

Genshin Impact Gan Yu and Tartaglia

On the other hand, at close range, Tartaglia can switch on her hydro damage skills and freeze the enemies. This ability can prevent enemies from attacking while the companions can continuously throw attacks and slowly turn their health into zero.

3. Mona & Eula

Mona and Eula represent an astonishing power five-star team. The teamwork of this tandem starts when Mona takes control of the battlefield, while Eula freezes the enemies while attacking them with her broadsword. This collaboration is effective for giant farming enemies such as ruin guards. This is because both characters release amazing elemental reactions against the enemies.

Genshin Impact Mona and Eula


4. Fischl & Xing Qiu

Take note that not all disastrous tandems must be five-star characters. Although they are known to be four-star characters, Fischl and Xing Qui co-op combinations can release remarkable damage to enemies.

Aside from her raven, Fischl depicts functional ability in shooting arrows charged with electricity when grinding with other heroes. Coupled with the hydro capabilities of Xing Qiu, farming to Oceanid and dealing with aquatic creatures can be an easy success.

Genshin Impact Fischl and Xing Qui



5. Razor & Amber

Like Fischl and Xing Qiu, the tandem of Amber and Razor portray similar gameplay. Amber can summon her Baron Bunny to distract enemies while utilizing charge shots to produce elemental reactions.

On the other hand, Razor will unleash his abilities to the primary damage of the opponents. This partnership can be more efficient, especially when Razor copes with activating his electro damage to the enemies.

Genshin Impact Razor and Amber


6. Yan Fei & Lisa

Once these two extraordinary characters smash together, they can turn a battle into destructive chaos. Each catalyst’s attack can give nerve-wracking elemental damage, and on the battlefield, it can set off shackles of endless potential reactions.

Generally, Yan Fei can be a principal source of damage by having the right build. Along with Lisa’s electro skills, they can step forward in a large group of enemies.

Genshin Impact Yan Fei and Lisa


7. Barbara & Xiao

Talking about anemo characters in Genshin Impact, Xiao is one of the strongest ones. However, the downside of this brave hero is that he quickly consumes his health after using his ultimate.

With the effective tandem with the skills of Barbara, Xiao can consistently give whirlwind attacks without compromising his health. By using this character combination in co-op, you can trigger the dark form of Xiao, where he can destroy large groups of enemies without agonizing over his HP.

Genshin Impact Barbara and Xiao


8. Venti & Ke Qing

With its exemplary ability to ease the passage of the upper floors in the Twisted Abyss, Venti became the most popular character in Genshin Impact. By adding the five-star electro character Ke Qing, the character combination can damage the battleground effectively.

Genshin Impact Venti and Ke Qing

Once these two characters utilize their elemental abilities simultaneously, all enemies will be paralyzed within the interval of destruction. It will be great if Ke Qing can impose his destructive electrical damage as well.

9. Rosary & Sucrose

To reveal suitable targets for Rosary, Sucrose can collect enemies and turn them into one group. Sucrose is notable for swirling AoE damage that works well with Rosary’s skills. Once these character combinations synchronously trigger their ultimate skills, enemies will not have the opportunity to throw attacks against these heroines.

Genshin Impact Rosary and Sucrose


10. Hu Tao & Qi Qi

Hu Tao’s in-depth potential will appear once she compromises her health, like in the case of Xiao. Having Qi Qi as her partner can be advantageous as she can heal Hu Tao in fair moments like activating elemental reactions or triggering cryo damage to nearby opponents.

Genshin Impact Hu Tao and Qi qi

Qi Qi and Hu Tao are definitely perfect character combinations in Genshin Impact. Hu Tao can effectively deal with crowds of enemies and bring them all together in death while Qi Qi will be in charge of healing and forbid Hu Tao’s health from dropping to zero. Talk about great cooperation!

So, here are just some of the best coop character combinations in Genshin Impact. Choose from these great squads of heroes to advance successfully in your gameplay.