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Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide: Top 5 Noob Mistakes


Apex Legends, developed by Respawn, is a highly popular and fast-paced battle royale game that continues to attract millions of players with new events, characters and in-game items to discover each month. But, with all the updates since the original release in 2019, the game can be difficult for new players to navigate. With a large roster of characters to choose from, vast collection of weapons, and intense matches with 60 other players, it can feel overwhelming. This guide is meant for beginners who want to learn the basics and will provide tips for landing, looting, and combat to help you become a champion of Apex Legends.

Straying Away Too Far From Teammates

The game demands that you play in a trio or duo. So, how do the odds fair when you go out as a lone wolf and leave your teammates far away? Not so fair, of course. Wherever your teammates go, you go with them. No matter where they loot, loot with them. Wherever they camp, you camp with them.

Because, if you ever encounter an enemy, you’ll most likely face an entire squad. So, just think about it; can you wipe out an entire squad of 3 just by yourself? Unless you’re Shroud or Minato Aqua, you won’t. This makes it more important if you are a support type in a team like Lifeline or Loba.


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Stop Hoarding in Apex Legends

Okay, so one of the most important aspects of Apex is looting. No loot, no weapon, right? While picking up loot at the beginning of the match is essential, doing so at mid to late game may take a toll on you. For example, you wouldn’t need 3 slots of Battery Cells or full 8 slots of Light Ammo when you need extra slots for your throwables, secondary weapon ammo and miscellaneous items.

Plus, if you keep looting for the last 20 minutes only to get killed within 30 seconds, all those loot won’t even feel worth it. Besides, if you have plenty of ammo, why not give it to your teammate who has a similar ammo too?

And, sometimes, looting can be the death of you too. That moment when the enemy ambushed you while you were hoarding could have been an opportunity for you to position and pre-fire the enemy.

Use Your Abilities at the Right Time

One of the most common mistakes of a rookie is immediately using their abilities. You could have escaped a tight enemy flank using Wraith’s void if you weren’t hot fingers over it or maybe you should have been able to fool a whole squad using Mirage’s bamboozle if you weren’t spamming it earlier when no enemy was there. Abilities are best at the right moments at the right time.


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Bullets Have Travel Speed

No, Apex does not have a hitscan weapon except the L-Star and Charge Rifle. Each weapon has a travel speed. So, what does that mean? You will need to aim just ahead of your enemy’s direction so your shots hit on them. This one is easier said than done but you’ll know what I’m talking about when you play more.

Apex Legends: Learn from Every Loss

Much like any other competitive game, never feel too bad about the defeat. Instead, use it to take down notes on where you went wrong. Maybe you didn’t hear the enemy queues. Perhaps you should have just equipped a pistol as a secondary instead of two big guns so you don’t have to reload so long on a clash. Or, maybe, you should never play aggressively or passively depending on your situation.

A lot of players feel like they lost the entirety of who they are, which is why a lot of the players are quite toxic too. Don’t be like those losers. Instead, accept your defeat and learn from it. Don’t feel bad; everybody has plenty of losses here.

So yeah, that’s all I have so far for the top 5 noob mistakes to avoid. I’ll be writing more about it in the future but for now, just keep on playing. Or, better yet, learn from pros over on YouTube and Twitch.