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Find These Deathloop Legendary Weapons to Complete a Hardcore Loadout


Happening in an alternative world similar to the 1960s, Deathloop (Game Awards 2021) occurs throughout a single day on Blackreef. It’s a subarctic island that was originally home to a small fishing community and military base where experiments on local anomalies were conducted. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants, scientist Egor Serling seeks to exploit the island’s properties to gain immortality through an infinite time loop. Disrupting the time loop’s natural flow are the main characters – Colt Vahn and Julianna Blake with Deathloop legendary weapons. The latter is immune to the loop’s memory erasure and alerts Blackreef inhabitants about Colt’s betrayal.

In Deathloop, you’ll be role-playing as the main protagonist, Colt Vahn; where you’ll develop the ability to regain your memories of the previous day. Your main goal is to break the loop and assassinate all the eight members of the Visionaries founded by Egor Serling. As with any game, Deathloop is home to a variety of weapons that can help with your quests. Explore different parts of Blackreef and paint the streets bloody red.

How to Obtain Deathloop Legendary Weapons

As previously mentioned, Deathloop (one of the most anticipated games in 2021) is home to loads of weapons in various rarities. Some of the game’s strongest weapons are found with elusive gold rareness in the Arsenal Leads. This rarity imbues weapons with additional and more powerful abilities. In turn, this creates some of the best-infused weapons that stay in your loadout in between time loops.

Note that some Deathloop legendary weapons can only be found in Arsenal Leads. These are specific quests guiding you to where each armament is located. Others, on the other hand, can be found scattered anywhere in Blackreef or as drops from slaying enemies. Keeping hold of these Deathloop legendary weapons is essential to succeed in the final loop and create the best loadouts.

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How Many Deathloop Legendary Weapons Exist?

Currently, there are four Deathloop legendary weapons that you can acquire through your Arsenal Leads. Although there are other weapons with exceptional rarity that you can find. The legendary ones are gold-tier guns that are extremely hard to get. But these are omnipotent armaments that aid you in breaking the time loops.

Constancy Automatic

If you are more of a pistol user, then the Constancy Automatic is one you should search for. It’s an impressive pistol that lets you shell out lots of damage while reloading quickly. What makes it an interesting Deathloop legendary weapon is its ability to reload quickly and shoot simultaneously. It’s thanks to the gun’s two mags ensuring you will not suffer major downtime while in combat.
To obtain the Constancy Automatic, you need to follow through the Visionary Lead mission called ‘The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank’. Visit his club in the morning and go to his personal recording studio on the top floor in Fristad Rock. Hack the emergency panel behind his recording studio. Press a button to open the door and engage Frank. Once you defeat him, you can pick up his Constancy Automatic as this is his personal weapon.

Sepulchra Breiteira

The most powerful sniper rifle in Deathloop is the Sepulchra Breteira. It’s an essential tool to take out Visionaries from a distance. Additionally, use it for scouting locations once Juliana started invading your turf. The Sepulchra Breiteira is equipped with several bonus attributes ensuring better accuracy while scoping enemies for a kill. You can use this Deathloop legendary weapon as the backbone of your loadout.

To get the Sepulchra Breiteira, you need to follow the ‘Keep on Giving’ quest. Start this Arsenal Lead by going to the front yard of Dorsey’s Manor in Updaam during the afternoon. Unlike the other gold-rarity weapons, this will be dropped randomly by Juliana so keep your eyes open.

Strelak Verso

If you are after the most unique Deathloop legendary weapon, then you must go with the Strelak Verso. It’s a gold-tier armament set of dual-wielding pistols that can be combined and assembled to form an omnipotent and accurate burst-fire rifle. Despite not possessing extra special features, the Strelak Verso is capable of shooting enemies at longer distances than normal pistols. Having this ability makes this weapon even more enticing to use.

You can obtain the Strelak Verso by finishing the Arsenal Lead called ‘In This Together’. To begin the quest, go to the bunker at The Complex. Scour every nook and cranny in the bunker and check everything opened and left behind. Additionally, use the batteries to unlock the door and get inside to collect the Strelak Verso sitting behind it.

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Heritage Gun

Another unique Deathloop legendary weapon is the Heritage Gun which has two firing modes. Each one is buffed so switching between one or the other is not a problem. Its main attribute is to fire slugs or a traditional shotgun spread. The versatility makes it easier to kill enemies either at close range or from a distance.

Get the Heritage Gun by completing the Arsenal Lead ‘Super Shifty’. Go to Karl’s Bay at night. This quest can get frustrating so prepare for some pain. Get the map and go to any of the designated locations. Complete the challenge to open a present with randomized rewards. Save the present from the Dawn of Reason building for later to get the codes to unlock the door. Head to Fathoms of Lament and finish the assault course. Pull all the levers to open the case and obtain the gun.

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Choose from the Deathloop Legendary Weapons

Now that you know what Deathloop legendary weapons to prioritize obtaining, you can start each quest to collect them. If you need more game guides and reviews, you can check our game content here in PlayPC.

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