Mystic Messenger – Guide on How to Play This Visual Novel


Launched in 2016 by the South Korea-based video game developer and publisher Cheritz, Mystic Messenger is one of those visual novels or romance-focused otome games. For those new to the term, an Otome game is a narrative-driven video game whose main target is women. Commonly, the main plot of the game is for the player to develop romantic relationships with fictional characters introduced in the game. The progression of romance depends entirely on the player’s decision-making skills. Otome is commonly related to visual novels, dating simulations, and life simulation games.

As one of the most popular otome games today, Mystic Messenger brings a new twist to the genre through its unique gameplay presentation. Since its official launch, the game has managed to accumulate millions of downloads with an impressive 4.65/5 overall rating from players across the globe. With that said, let’s take a quick overview of what makes this highly romanticized game a hit in the Otome community.

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It Started with a Mysterious App

Mystic Messenger, as the title suggests, is a game focused on a mysterious app that serves as the main vessel of communication throughout the game. Mystic Messenger opens with a cinematic introduction before taking the player to the main title screen. Players will take the role of a female protagonist who managed to get ahold of an app that grants access to a secured facility owned by the founder of Rika’s Fundraising Association or RFA. From there, the player will have the option to follow one of the stories found in the game.

Like most visual novels, the introduction of this game is presented just like the intro of an Anime series. This type of presentation allows the player to get a glimpse of the characters and other elements in the game. There are three game modes featured in the game, casual, deep, and another story. Players need to finish the Casual story and collect enough hourglasses to unlock the Deep Story and Another Story.
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The Charming Princes & a Princess

One of the main elements that make an Otome game interesting is the characters. The main characters in the game serve as the main suitors while the rest take the role of protagonist. Minor characters serve as the elements that will influence the outcome of each scenario and will sometimes lead the player to another path. The main characters, on the other hand, serve as the player’s main goal, again everything that happens in the game including the ending is influenced by the choices made by the player.

Check out some of the main characters from the game below.

Casual Story Characters

Three of the main characters are immediately available in the casual story. But, as you collect hourglasses and make progress in the game, the other characters will become available as well.


Zen is a 24-year old musician with pale skin, red-brown eyes, and white hair. This character wants his skills and personality acknowledged over his looks. This character is allergic to cats and is very protective, especially of the player.
Mystic Messenger Zen



Jaehee or Jaehee Kang is the only rose among the thorns. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and is suspicious of the player. Jaehee is a chief assistant and is the personal assistant of Jumin. She also wears glasses and always keeps her hair short.
Mystic Messenger Jaehee



Yoosung is a 21-year old college and online gamer. He is considered one of the best players of the game LOLOL and is currently holds the #2 rank. Yoosung is Rika’s adoptive cousin and despite not having time to study, he still manages to maintain his scholarship.
Mystic Messenger Yoosung

Once you beat the casual story, the player can then exchange the hourglasses collected in the Casual Story to unlock the deep story. The Deep Story will add two new characters in the game, 707 and Jumin. As for Another Story, players will have a chance to pursue a relationship with V and Saeran.

Four Key Components

There are four key components in Mystic Messenger that players must keep in mind when playing the game. Each component is represented by modern communication elements that require the player’s constant attention.
Mystic Messenger Chatroom


Chat Room

The first one is the Chat Room which serves as the main component of the game. Chat rooms in the game are always active and occur at specific times. Players can participate in Chat rooms, especially the ones where their suitor is present. It is important not to break the heart of the suitor to avoid a negative impact on the relationship.


The second is the Email. It is where players can read and answer trivia questions sent by guests. It is important to answer the trivia included in the Email to make sure that the guest will attend the party.


The third component is Messages which, despite not being as active as the chatroom, is still beneficial to the player’s relationship. Like the email, messages will include a multiple-choice question that will reward the player with relationship points if answered correctly.


The fourth component is the Phone wherein the players will receive personalized phone calls from their suitor. Phone calls usually happen at the end of each chat and answering the phone will provide a positive impact on the relationship.

Best Otome Game for Otome Fans

Mystic Messenger comes with a unique concept that shies away from the traditional visual novel type of presentation. Aside from that, the game is also brilliantly written and the voice actors during cinematic cutscenes are awesome. The guide above can be your key steps to a happy ending. Have fun exploring love and heartaches with Mystic Messenger.