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Guide To Properly Play Last Shelter: Survival


Strategy games are one of the most entertaining video games you can play, whether it is on PC, mobile, or console. This is because games like this are not only won with skill, but also with your intelligence and ability to come up with winning strategies. One of the best strategy games you can play right now is Last Shelter: Survival. It’s a strategy game where you build and establish a strong base, as well as units to defend it from enemies. Though the game is marketed as a zombie survival game, it is much more than that.

The game doesn’t have too many zombie components there. An article from The Spectrum actually described the game as a zombie game that lacks zombies. So, if you’re looking to fight and survive against zombies, this game is not the one you should play. In this article, I’ll discuss more what Last Shelter: Survival is and how you can play it properly. You can learn and download the game on this link.


What is Last Shelter Survival?

Last Shelter: Survival is a PVP role-playing game where you play the role of a base commander who tries to build and develop a base to make it strong enough to battle against other bases. Yes, there are a few zombie-related events in the game. But most of the time your goal is to build your base and strengthen your heroes. Getting strong is important so you won’t have problems battling against other players.

There are several buildings that you can build and level up to increase the resource production of your base and strengthen your troops. You can also do research, which will also contribute to strengthening your troops and heroes, as well as improving your base.


Gathering Resources

The first thing you need to know about this game is gathering resources. You will need resources to construct and upgrade buildings, do research, and train troops. There 5 different resources that you will use in this game, Food, Fuel, Wood, Iron, and Cash. You will also have Diamonds, but they have more use than the other resources, so it’s better to save them as much as possible.


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There are several ways to acquire resources. The most basic way is constructing buildings that will generate resources for you. The higher the level the more resource it will produce. The other way is gathering resources on the world map. You can place resource plots for each type of resource, except cash, and let your APC, which is the vehicle your troops use, gather there.


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Completing daily quests will also yield your resources, so you need to try to complete as many as possible. The last way to get resources is by attacking other bases. You can raid another base for resources, provided you can win the battle. This means you need to defeat all of the base’s line of defense for a successful raid.


Constructing Buildings and Researching Technology

There are many different buildings you can construct in this game. Each building will perform certain functions like providing resources, training troops, doing research and so on. Furthermore, each building will have a level to them, so you can also upgrade them to increase their production or limit. Currently, the highest level your base can reach is 25, which means all buildings inside your base can also reach as high as 25.


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Aside from constructing buildings, you will also need to do research. The research will help improve the functions of certain buildings. It can also enhance and upgrade your APC while allowing you to place heroes on them. Both buildings and research will cost you resources. The amount and type of resource will vary per research or building.


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Troops and Heroes

After the basics, the next thing you need to know is the troops and heroes. Aside from gathering, your APC is also the vehicle you use for attacking enemy bases and zombies on the world map. You fill them with troops and heroes. There are three types of troops you can train:
• Fighters
• Shooters
• Vehicles


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Each APC will have three slots for each troop. The number of troops you can put in each slot will depend on the level of the barracks building of your APC and the hero that is leading that slot. You can choose to put one type of troop for 1 APC or mix it up, like fighters, fighters, and shooters, or fighters, shooters, and vehicles.

There are 4 different types of heroes that you can use in this game:

• Green heroes – the weakest heroes and are mostly used for developmental purposes.
• Blue heroes – are slightly stronger than Green heroes and some of them are useful as heroes that are stationed in buildings.
• Purple heroes – heroes pale in comparison against Orange heroes but they’re a good alternative, especially at the start since they’re easier to build and strengthen.
• Orange heroes – are the heroes that can make or break your base. They are harder to acquire and develop, but their strength in the game is only matched by other Orange heroes. There are three types of Orange heroes:
• Regular – are the original orange heroes of the game and the ones that you’ll try to acquire and build during the early phase.
• Troop Specific – are three troops specific Orange heroes available and they are slightly more powerful than the Regular ones. You can also acquire them at the beginning, but they’re harder to get.
• Seasoned – These heroes are the strongest in the game and you can start to become available once your state enters into Doomsday Season.


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After learning the 4 types of heroes, the next one you need to know is the 2 hero categories:

• Combat heroes – They’re the heroes you put in your APC to lead the troops in battle. The abilities of combat heroes are geared for battle, either dealing damage or providing support to your troops.
• Support/development heroes – They’re the heroes that you station in different buildings. These heroes provide additional support to certain buildings like lowering the cost of resources needed, decreasing the time of construction, and so on.

The main way to acquire heroes is to use recruitment tickets. There are 3 recruitment tickets available, Normal Recruitment, Advance Recruitment, and Super Recruitment. Normal Recruitment would usually yield green or blue heroes. But there are moments where purple and regular orange heroes will appear.

Advance Recruitment tickets increase your chances of getting purple, but the percentages are not high. Most of the tickets you’d use will still yield mostly green and blue. Occasionally, a regular orange would appear, but the chances are very low. Super Recruitment tickets increase your chances of getting orange heroes. It is also the ticket you use to acquire troop specific, and seasoned regular heroes.


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But the chances of getting orange heroes are still low. So don’t expect to get orange every time you use Super Recruitment tickets. The recruitment system relies on random numbers game (RNG) so it’s based on luck. Another way to get heroes is through the token shop. But unlike with tickets, the heroes you get are guaranteed, provided you have enough tokens available to use.


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You can put 3 heroes in one APC and each hero will work best when combined with other heroes. It’s important to remember that you’ll need to complete certain research first before you’re allowed to even put 1 hero in an APC.


Last Shelter Survival Early Gameplay

As of this writing, there are more than 900 states in the game, and you’ll begin your journey in one of the newest states. You’ll have the option to migrate to a different state before you reach level 6. You can only do this within 15 days of playing the game. If you fail to migrate to a different state after 15 days, you’re stuck with your current state until migration opens.

The game starts with a tutorial, to teach you about the basics of base development and getting rewards for completing quests. Once you reach a certain level, the tutorial will end and you can start playing the game the way you like it.

Depending on the state that you are part of, the first thing you need to be wary of is other bases attacking you. The main reason they’ll attack is to raid your base for resources. You can use a Peace Shield to protect your base. But remember they only protect it for a certain period.


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You can buy Peace Shields using diamonds if you don’t have any or you’re already out if shields to use. If you belong to a state that has a Non-Aggressive Pact (NAP) you won’t have to worry about attacks. Joining a strong alliance is also a good way to protect yourself from other bases raiding you. Usually, the top alliances in the state are the ones that don’t get attacked.

The ones mentioned above are the basic things you need to know that can help you play Last Shelter: Survival properly. There are still more things that you will learn as you continue playing. The beauty of playing a PVP game is that there are many people you can talk to and ask questions. A lot of them are more than willing to help give advice.