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Win in Need For Speed No Limits Without Spending Money Guide


Need For Speed No Limits is a fun and exciting racing game to play. It will let you experience what it’s like to be a professional street racer. You start as a nobody in the racing world, but you soon build your reputation as you continue to win races. Aside from that, you also get to drive different vehicle models, including some of the best sports cars that are available today. You can download and play Need for Speed for yourself.

But like any other game, Need For Speed No Limits has in-game purchases. These purchases will allow spenders certain advantages in the game like being able to fully upgrade their vehicles. They can also purchase premium vehicles easily. Fortunately, spending money is not really needed to win this game.

You can play this game and win consistently without needing to spend any money. It will be harder and will likely require more effort on your part. But it also means that it will be more fun and exciting to play the game. In this article, we’ll discuss the different strategies you can use to win without spending money.


Strategies to Win in Need For Speed Without Spending Money

In-game purchases are not new or unique. Almost every game has them and its one of the ways that game developers make money from their games. But what’s annoying about them is that there are games that focus more on pay-to-win. People who spend money on these types of games are more likely to succeed or be better than those who play for free.

Fortunately, games like Need For Speed doesn’t focus too much on pay-to-win, according to an article from TouchArcade. You do get advantages that make the game easier if you spend. But you don’t really need to do it. There are strategies available that you can use to help you succeed in this game. This section will discuss the strategies you can use to help you succeed without spending a dime.


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The Real Goal In Need For Speed

Before we begin with the strategies, it’s important to first discuss what the real goal is in this game. At its basic level, Need For Speed is a racing game where you drive fast cars and try to win the race. However, your real goal for this game is not to just win races and advance on the story. Your real goal is to earn as much gold and cash as possible, which you will need to get good parts and upgrade your vehicle.

To do that, you don’t only have to win the race, but you also need to drive as well as possible. Winning rewards you with the cash you use for upgrading your vehicle and buying crates. But you earn more if you perform certain tricks like drifting, drafting, jumping and getting airtime, and many more. This means you not only have to drive good, but you have to drive like a stunt driver and perform as many tricks as possible while winning the race.

Gold, on the other hand, is the currency you use to reset the game’s timer, change the parts and items available at random drop, and purchasing special crates. But unlike cash, golds are harder to earn and you only get them when you level up or reach different checkpoints in Special Events, Tournaments, Car Series, and Underground. Gold is also the currency you can buy with real money. But that is not suggested of course. After all, this is an article about playing for free.


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Running Out of Timers and What to Do

One of the first issue you will have with this game is running out of Timers. You will need timers to participate in races, tournaments, Underground, and special events. But Timers are limited, and the cost of participating tends to go up as you progress further in the game. You can use gold to replenish Timers, but that is a waste of precious gold.

Fuel Timers automatically replenish after a certain period. But you do get a full tank after you level up. So you can get a free and quick refill of your Timers every time you level up. That is one trick you can do to keep playing longer. You just need to time the game perfectly that you are about to level up when your Timer is close to being depleted.


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Don’t Focus on One or Two Cars only

Another good strategy that you can apply in this game is to not focus all of your resources in building and upgrading only one or two vehicles. It’s tempting to focus all your resources on only a few vehicles and using them for the races. But that is not a good strategy, as you will eventually hit a wall. Certain vehicles would unlock certain series, giving you more special events to participate in and more opportunities to earn currencies.

Certain races also require certain vehicles. So diversifying your lineup of vehicles is actually the best strategy you can do. Just remember to collect blueprints for the vehicles that you have to upgrade them. You will need to do this to win since the car series gets harder as you progress further.


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Where To Spend Your Currencies

If you don’t plan to spend any money on this game, it’s important that you are wise and strategic when you are spending your currency, especially your gold. For your cash, it’s best to use it on purchasing crates. Just make sure to see first what the crates are offering before you use your cash. Buying crates is where you will get good parts for your car.

As for gold, it is advisable to use it to replace the random cards you get. Doing this will ensure that you will get the part that you want instead of a useless one that you don’t need. This is way better instead of using it to purchase special crates. You are more likely to get the part that you need flipping random dropped cards.