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Top 5 Careers to Make More Money in BitLife


One of the best life simulation games that you can play right now is BitLife. It’s a text-based simulation game that allows you to live the kind of life that you’ve always wanted. Though it is a text-based game, it’s still very fun and addictive to play.

Just like in real life, one of the main things that you’ll do in this game is to build a career. It’s your primary way of earning money, which you’ll use to pay for all of your expenses. And like in real life, it would be better if you’re earning a lot of money. That will allow you to live a more comfortable life and not worry about expenses at all. But what careers in BitLife would allow you to make more money? Let’s find out the top five highest-paying careers in this BitLife Guide.

1. Actor

Just like in real life, the best career to make tons of money in BitLife is to be an actor/actress. To be an actor, your character must be good-looking. That means that the looks department needs to be full or close to full. Try also being part of the drama club while in school to help hone your acting skills and experience. Once you graduate, look for a Voiceover Actor job and apply for it.

After getting the gig, just work hard on it until you reach the Lead Actor status. Once you’re a lead actor, you can rake in millions in earnings. If you’re more into the adult variety, you can also become a porn actor/actress. You can also rake in millions in this career if you work hard for it.

2. Musician

To be a musician, you must practice an instrument or take voice lessons once it’s possible to do so. You need to develop your talent there to at least more than a half to have a career. Try also joining the glee club to increase experience.

After graduating, just go to special careers and pick musicians. You can pick either Solo Artist or join a band. Then, you need to audition at any available record company by singing or playing an instrument. Once accepted, you get to earn money through royalties from your albums and concerts.

3. Professional Athlete

Another career that will allow you to make a lot of money in BitLife is to become a professional athlete. That is a viable option if your character has high athleticism. You can go to the gym at a young age to help build athleticism and try out for your school’s varsity team. For sports, try picking Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Rugby, or Volleyball. These are the sports that have professional teams in the game.


BitLife Athlete Career


It’s better to continue your chosen sports activity, even in college. If you’re good enough, you can be scouted by professional teams. You can also choose to participate in the draft and be selected as part of a professional team. Take note that you’ll likely need to move to a certain country to be a professional athlete. For example, if you want to be a professional basketball player, you need to be in the US or Canada since these countries have professional basketball teams.

Once you get a contract, expect to rake in millions. Take note that you can’t be an athlete forever. By the time you reach your mid-30s to 40s, you’re likely going to be let go by your team. However, you can continue earning here through your fame by partaking in commercials and photoshoots to earn endorsement money.

4. Politician

Being a politician is another career that will allow you to earn lots of money in BitLife. But you won’t earn that through your salary. The money you’ll get will be through bribes. In other words, you need to get dirty to be rich as a politician. You have to accept under-the-table deals that will allow you to rake in millions.

This scenario is mostly true if you have a high position, like being the mayor or president/prime minister of a country. To become a politician, you need to run for office starting with the School Board Administration. It’s important to remember that you need to have money already to be a politician since you’ll spend money for the campaign period. Once you win, you can recoup that back through under-the-table deals.

5. Doctor

The last career that you can pick to earn lots of money in Bit Life is a doctor. Out of all the careers available here, being a doctor is the more traditional one. During your time in school, you’ll need to study hard and do well. You can also try reading books to increase your character’s Smarts meter. Moreover, visiting the library is also essential. Most importantly, you need to be a role model citizen, which means avoid getting into trouble with the law or in school.


BitLife Highest Paying Career


Once you graduate from university, you need to continue your studies by going to medical school. After graduating, you can now start applying for jobs. There are various medical-related jobs available—physicians, psychiatrists, and so on. Just apply the one you think is okay. Though a doctor’s pay is pretty decent, keep in mind that you won’t reach the amount of money you can earn from some of the other careers listed here.

Earning a lot of money in BitLife is very possible to do. You just need the right career to help you reach that. The careers listed in this article are the best ones you can get to help you reach your financial goals in the game.