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5 Important Things to Do in Your 1st Year in Stardew Valley


When you think of role-playing games, the two things that likely come to mind are action-packed and full of epic adventures. Well, you’d be surprised to know that not all RPGs involve battling monsters. Some of them just require you to build, plant, and harvest. One of the most popular farming role-playing games you can play is Stardew Valley. It’s a game where you inherit a run-down farm, which is located outside a small town called Pelican Town, from a late grandfather.

In this game, your goal is to bring back the farm to its former glory. The great thing about it is that it runs in a seasonal format, just like in real life. That means you’ll be dealing with summer, autumn, winter, and spring. It also means you’ll have to adjust your farming to the current season you’re experiencing in the game.

Farming is not just the only thing you have to worry about. There are also other aspects of the game that you’ll need to consider, like building relationships with the townspeople, gathering resources, and more. That is why getting a good start will be key in making your progress a smooth one. In this Stardew Valley guide, we’ll discuss five important things you need to do during the first year in the game.

1. Plan How Your Farm Will Look Like

When you’re starting out, it’s easy to place buildings, crops, and other things whenever there’s space available. But as you progress further and start putting more buildings and crops, you’ll soon start to consider the layout of your farm. You’d want things to be organized and have enough space for people and animals to move around.


Stardew Valley Plan Farm Layout


To make sure you won’t have a hard time later with space, it’s better to start planning how your farm will look like. You don’t have to come up with a detailed plan but at least have a general idea of how it will look like. That will help you when you’re constructing new buildings or expanding your crops area. You’ll know where to place certain buildings or how to arrange them.

2. Upgrade Your Tools

When you’re starting out, you will still likely be in the process of trying out and learning things in Stardew Valley. Usually, your focus will be on planting, gathering resources, and fixing up your farm. But you shouldn’t forget about your tools as well. It might not seem important in the beginning, but upgrading them, to at least steel, will help prepare you for a more impactful second year in the game.

Upgrading your tools to something bigger and better will also help you a lot in your tasks. It will allow you to complete them faster and be more efficient in doing it. So, spend some resources upgrading the tools you use in the game.

3. Attend Every Festival Available

Pelican Town celebrates a lot of festivals. There are usually 2-3 festivals available every month, and it’s a good idea to try and go to all of them. Festivals are a great way to get to know the citizens of Pelican Town and build relationships with each of them. But aside from getting to know the locals, festivals are also a good way to purchase unique and special goods for your farm. For example, the Night Market is the only way for you to get your hands on deep-sea fish. Then, there’s also the Egg Festival, which is the only way for you to purchase strawberry seeds.

Festivals also provide special competitions you can participate in and win unique goods. So try to attend all of them, especially during the first year, since it will help in your progress. Just make sure you water the crops and feed the animals before going to the festival.

4. Try to Get Animals As Soon As Possible

Animals are expensive in Stardew Valley, so you will likely try to put them on the backburner of your priorities. However, it’s beneficial to try and get them as soon as possible. One reason for that is because animal products are used in many recipes. That means it is easier to sell them and make money. They are also good gift ideas to NPCs, helping you further build relationships.


Stardew Valley Purchase Animals


Before getting animals, make sure you already have a coop or barn prepared on your farm. Even if you’re not getting animals yet, having these early on will help as it ensures you’re prepared. That makes it easier to get them and integrate them into your farm.

5. Take Advantage of the Rain

Last, but certainly, not the least, is to try and take advantage of the rain. One of the things you’ll notice in Stardew Valley is that finding free time will be difficult. That is mostly the scenario in your first year when you’re busy building and expanding your farm and building relationships. But when it rains, you will suddenly have some free time.

When it’s raining, you don’t need to water plants anymore nor will you have to talk to NPCs since they’re inside. That will free up a lot of your time, which you can spend wisely on mining when it’s available. Whenever it rains, try to progress in mining until you reach the bottom. Doing it will allow you to reach the area where you can get resources.

Though Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game, it can be a bit complex to play as there are many things you need to consider. That is especially true during the first year in the game. Regardless, you must focus on the activities mentioned in this article as these will help you greatly in progressing in the game.