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Octopath Traveler is a role-playing game featuring a visual style known as “HD-2D,”. This style is described by the creators as blending polygonal settings and high-definition effects with avatar sprites and textures that are reminiscent of Super NES. The game has eight different explorers, each of whom starts their voyage in a different location on the globe. Players are free to choose what Octopath Traveler characters to use as the game’s protagonist. A unique character class is connected with each character (“job”). Once you already select a hero character you cannot drop it from the active group until its four-chapter story arc is finished. Other characters that are not selected to be the hero may be enlisted at their beginning points.

octopath traveler characters

Each player protagonist has a special “Path Action” function that can be employed when engaging with NPCs. The function has two classifications, Noble and Rogue. The effectiveness of Noble is based on the hero’s level or the amount of in-game money possessed, while Rogue carries the chance of its user forfeiting credibility toward other NPCs. The player can no longer utilize their Path Actions on other non-playable characters in a town after losing enough reputation there.

Speaking of characters, today we are going to do a quick overview of the main playable Octopath Traveler characters.

Cyrus Albright

Cyrus wears a ponytail made of his long, black hair. Two of his hairstyle’s strands frame each side of his face as it is brushed back. Cyrus is dressed in a white button-up top with ruffled sleeves and a cravat. He also has a caplet-styled black hoodie coat with gold filigree accents that is held together with a black gemstone.

Cyrus is a wizard with a repertoire of elemental attacks, a well-liked scholar, and a handsome man in a robe. He was initially a student at the university of Atlasdam and is entangled with the other members in a larger conspiracy. In battle, he is a formidable foe because of his magical talents, especially once you unlock his potent strikes.

Octopath Traveler characters

He also has access to several spells that can broadly target his opponents’ magical weaknesses. Although he has very little physical damage output at first and can only equip staves, he can compensate for that. With his three different elemental damage kinds and exceptional elemental attack, he’s still worth it to choose. Also, he has an excellent elemental shield and can withstand magical strikes even though he has poor health, physical defense, and evasion.


Green eyes and unkempt light brown hair characterize H’aanit. She wraps a scarf-like piece of the beast’s grayish skin around her neck. She is dressed in a black outfit made of animal skin, beige boot warmers, and brown mittens on both arms. Following her master’s departure to pursue the beast Redeye, H’aanit, a calm Octopath Traveler character, devotes herself to supporting her clan. She is a ferocious hunter and has a solid moral compass. Despite being in risky situations, she never loses her composure, demonstrating the amount of experience she has. In contrast to her master, who just takes life in stride and is serious about hunting, H’aanit is likewise fairly pragmatic and mature.

As a Hunter, H’aanit has access to single-target lightning-elemental spells, can use axes and bows, and can equip them. H’aanit sacrifices Olberic’s superior physical defense and HP for Olberic’s superior critical and accuracy numbers but they both have the strongest physical damage among the group members. She also has ordinary physical defense and below-average HP, but she can use her special talent, Capture, to achieve remarkable versatility.

Olberic Eisenberg

Olberic is the biggest of all travelers, making him a bulky and powerful man. His dark hair has white streaks running through it and is pulled back carelessly. He has one untidy hair strand and the left side of Olberic’s head to his forehead is scarred. He frequently appears dressed in a blue tunic with leather sleeves, pants, and shoes. His shoulder guards are made of metal and his left hip is secured by a sword.

Octopath Traveler characters

Olberic is an honorable knight, has a keen sense of justice, and feels compelled to defend those around him. He has a wealth of warfare expertise thanks to his experiences and knowledge. Although he is stern, he occasionally displays his softer side. No matter how serious the circumstance, he always maintains his composure. Olberic plays the part of a tough, physical fighter because he is a Warrior. He has polearms and swords at his disposal, but no natural ability to cast elemental spells. His magical attributes are typically among the lowest, whereas his physical statistics are typically among the highest.

Ophilia Clement

Ophilia has straight, beautiful golden hair that touches her shoulders. She is dressed in a white dress that extends to her ankles, a white hooded cape fastened around her shoulders by a golden charm, black mittens, and leather lace-up shoes. Her garment also has gold accents and blue godets and her hands and eyes are both brown in her sprites. Having been reared by Archbishop Josef himself, Ophilia is a sweet young lady with a good heart. When required, she lends a helping hand to those in need and does what she believes to be right. She is, nevertheless, resolute and eager to undertake the church’s sacred pilgrimage despite the potential consequences for Lianna to stay at her sick father’s side.

Octopath Traveler characters

One of the two devoted Octopath traveler characters in the squad is Ophilia, a Cleric. Ophilia concentrates on healing the entire party and boosting a single target’s elemental defense. She is also armed with light-elemental spells, albeit initially, she can only utilize staves. Also, she has strong elemental offense and defense, which fuel her spells, but she is weak in terms of speed, health, and physical defense.

Tressa Colzione

Tressa has brown, short hair. Her bangs form the pattern of an “M,” and two locks of hair surround the corners of her face. Additionally, she has green eyes, and she is wearing a green hat with a yellow feather attached to the side. Tressa is frequently pictured with a hefty backpack, a short, puffed white dress with a yellow ribbon-tied collar that falls just before her knees, and a heavy rucksack. Her boots and brown leather vest complete her look.

Octopath Traveler characters

Tressa is a bubbly, inquisitive, and smart young lady who enjoys exploring new places and learning new things. She utilizes an unidentified individual’s journal to guide her on her expedition, which suggests that she is the kind of person who readily accepts help from others. Despite this, she is a formidable opponent who will stop at nothing to further her quest and acquire the objects she seeks.

Tressa’s playstyle is concentrated on the utilization of money because she is a merchant. She can use bows and polearms and has access to class abilities and wind magic to mitigate even more weaknesses. Noteworthy are Sidestep and Rest, which lengthen her life, and Hired Help, which gives her staggering weakness-covering strikes. debuffs, and buffs.

Alfyn Greengrass

Alfyn wears his blonde hair in a tiny ponytail on the rear of his head and has upswept crown hairs. He is wearing a brown and beige shirt, a green jacket, and a brown leather vest. His top complements his dark brown boots and beige jeans. He has brown eyes, holds a brown satchel of medication, and always has a smile on his face. He is a good and sincere young man who always offers assistance to those in need without asking for anything in return. Also, he is known to have a great feeling of responsibility for his line of work and thinks that every life, regardless of social standing or class, is valuable. Alfyn wants to assist his peers and fellow citizens in whatever way he can since he cares about them.

Alfyn provides excellent assistance to the group with a strong single-target heal, a resurrect ability, and a healing talent. He also provides solid offensively with a potent weapon skill and a poison-inflicting spell. He originally has access to only axes, which limits his ability to look for flaws in weapons, but he also can unleash an Ice-elemental technique.

Primrose Azelhart

Primrose has long brown hair pulled up to a high ponytail; her hair extends past her waist. She has an olive complexion, a slim yet curvy frame, and wears makeup either for personal or professional reasons. She is admired for her beauty. Primrose was compelled to develop rapidly as a result of her father’s passing, her house destruction, and the ongoing humiliation Helgenish inflicted on her while she served at Sunshade. She decides to revenge on the individuals responsible for her father’s murder.

Primrose is an Octopath Traveler character dancer who bestows many benefits and Dark-elemental magic on the group. She can only equip daggers at first, and all of her boosts are single-target. But the Dancer Divine Skill Sealticge’s Seduction can later be used to get around this target. She outperforms the other passengers in terms of speed and evasion, which compensates for her poor health and defenses. It also enables her to act before them to bestow buffs.


Therion has green eyes, a darker complexion, and white, messy hair that falls to the base of his neck. His fringe also covers a portion of his face. He is dressed in a black pair of jeans, a white undershirt with short sleeves, a thick cloak that is lighter in color than his neckwear, and a purple scarf. Following his exploit in the Ravus Manor, a fool’s bangle, a metal bracelet, is fastened over his right wrist, and a chain is affixed to it. Therion’s encounters with other characters reveal his arrogance and cynicism. He makes the statement that a sentry has a bigger bite than bark. Also, he declines to form a cooperation with two other robbers since he sees them as superfluous. Therion also has a sour sense of humor and is fairly sarcastic.

He is a burglar who fights with swords and daggers. Therion possesses debuffs, SP, and HP-draining abilities, as well as the classic Steal, all in keeping with his line of work. He possesses the second-fastest speed after Primrose, among the eight Octopath Traveler characters, and the highest evasion stat. He has a great chance of surviving attacks because Shackle Foe is a potent debuff that lowers an opponent’s physical attack damage. The HP Thief and Steals SP also do decent damage and restore healthy quantities of HP and SP to him. Therion, however, has a weak SP stat. He can mitigate this with Steal SP and correct it with accessories, but equipment that makes use of his speed and evasion would be most helpful.

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These are some of the Best Octopath Traveler characters you can choose when you play the game. If you want to keep updated about the game’s future news and updates, stay tuned here on PlayPC! If you also like to try other role-playing games for XBOX, check them out here!

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