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10 Best Rockstar Games That You Should Know


Rockstar Games emerged as a reputable company that created the best games known to the gaming community. It became a force to reckon with in its two decades in the industry. The Scotland-based developers have had great taste in any games that they created.

Since then, they have created video games which became an influential part of popular culture. Remember the thugs of GTA or the battles of Red Redemption? Well, that is what we are talking about here in this blog. If you are still a new player and are curious to play a great game, we got your back.

In this blog, we will introduce you to the top ten best games created by Rockstar Games. Chances are you already play one of these games, or even two or more. But there are other games that you should know about because they also have immersive features.

Fortunately, we will talk about each of the best Rockstar Games that currently dominate the gaming world. So, without further introduction, let us dive into it.

10. Max Payne 3

This game features the story of a widowed drunk cop working for a wealthy family. Based in Brazil, he has this brave appearance that is always ready for action. The game is played through third-person shooting mechanics with a combination of tactics.

May Payne 3

As a player, you can enter the gameplay through 2 modes. Single-player mode allows the player to control Max Payne, while multiplayer mode requires online. Either way, May Payne’s 3 story of the former NYPD detective is the main highlight of this amazing game.

9. Manhunt

Set in a fictional city called Carcer, this game follows the story of John Earl Cash. Players know him in the game as a death-row prisoner forced to be involved in snuff films. This task enables him to set up a murder rampage among criminal gang members.


However, these people are sent by the insiders who want to make a scene. Caught by the camera, he murders each killer with no mercy and beastly fatal skill. This will then earn him freedom from death row.

8. Grand Theft Auto 4

Some gamers in this generation probably play this game as a child or a teenager. If you are a new player of this game, you are not late to try its immersive adventures. The game was once confused with other GTA games, but this game is distinct. GTA 4 features the story of the protagonist named Roman Bellic and Packie McCready.

Grand Theft Auto 4 - Rockstar Games

One tragedy is the main reason the protagonist unveils the combination of escape and revenge. As the game title implies, savageness happens everywhere the quest brings you. Though this judgment is refuted by more immersive Vice City and Theft Auto, don’t underestimate its storytelling.

7. Bully

Bully is an action-adventure game that takes place in an open-world environment. However, the navigation within its game environment is through a third-person perspective. The game follows the story of a Bullworth Academy student named Jimmy Hopkins.

Rockstar Games - Bully

After being dropped from the same school, he meets a weird principal named Dr. Crabblesnitch. It is here that the action starts where dominance plays a big influence. Make Jimmy rise to the higher ranks of school groups and help him in missions.

6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

No one ever denies an axiom that a true gamer knows this fantastic game. It brings the nostalgia of the main character CJ who returns to his neighborhood. With gang wars and expansive adventures within the city of San Andreas, you will embark on missions.

Grand Theft San Andreas

This is not easy as there are hindrances such as gangs and police officers. But there are cheats that you can use, and they are available online. Now, the game is still operating and is ambitious in expanding its adventures. The city landscape of Los Angeles inspired the fictional city of San Andreas.

It is evident on the vast map that shows the wilderness of desert, forests, and canyons. With all that expansive map with an interesting storyline, you can play the game for about 30 hours. That is a massive amount of hours, but the adventure is what matters.

5. Grand Theft Auto III

This game opens with stunning graphics that were not present in games. This is another variant of the game related to the GTA series, but with another twist. You will play the role of a criminal who escaped from the back of a prison truck.

Grand Theft Auto III

Equipped with some in-game elements that enable you to progress effectively, you proceed to embark on adventures. Work your way to survive in a crime world doing illegal stuff and unleash some merciless revenge in GTA 3.

4. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

This is probably the game that established the brand of Rockstar. The game rules out the elements that make action-adventure games a fluke. It follows the story of a badass criminal named Tomy Vercetti and takes place in a fictional city.

Expect to encounter explicit scenes that you surely love if you are curious enough. This is just in addition to the more immersive scenes to encounter by playing the game. Another thing that contributes to the game’s success is its characters. Meet interesting characters like the cowardly lawyer Ken Rosenberg to Lance Vance.

Grand Theft Vice City

You also encounter the lascivious pornographer named Steve Scott, who will show up unexpectedly. You will hear also the music of icons like Michael Jackson and Laura Branigan. All these interactive features are just a fraction of the excitement in this game.

3. Red Dead Redemption

This is the spiritual successor of the Red Dead Revolver published in 2004. As the second game of the Red Dead Series, it follows the story of the former outlaw. Kidnapped by the Bureau of Investigation agents, you are brought to an unfamiliar place. From there, you will traverse different action-packed adventures that you will like.

Red Dead Redemption

The game also followed the rules of the morality system, which implies the player’s status. You will gain familiarity with it as you gain progression in the game. As the game environment reveals, it takes place in an interactive open world that resembles Northern Mexico.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

Red Redemption is arguably the best game to play from Rockstar Games when it comes to graphics. But that tests when we enter Grand Theft Auto V’s impressive success. Its immersive and interesting storytelling follows the adventures of 3 protagonists. Each of them has a unique story combined with an interactive storyline.

Grand Theft Auto V

There are similarities in the game borrowed from GTA 4 but impressively modified. The realistic physics and combat portrayals make the game compete with other Rockstar creations. That differs, however, from player to player. After all, what matters is you should progress in the game using the rules that make it exciting.

1. Red Dead Redemption II

This amazing game has a lot to prove. It will introduce you to the most enthralling open-world features corresponding to its interesting storyline. Many rumors asserted that it will not be released. However, that is wrong as the game received positive feedback from action-adventure enthusiasts.

Red Dead Redemption II

Red Redemption II features a complex virtual environment that boasts realistic ecosystems and tactical simulations. In addition, captivating storytelling resonates with the adventures in its former releases. But this game boasts more interesting campaigns than any other Rockstar Games. It is proven by the features that we mentioned.

Bottom Line

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