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Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs for Every Character


Crime organizations like gangs and mafias are two of the best-selling concepts for gamers. But that is not just isolated to these organizations. Yakuzas are these legendary criminal organizations in Japan that influence every facet of city life. Fortunately, Sega brought up this role-playing game that centers on the yakuza’s change of heart.

This is uncommon in RPGs that center around heroes and villains. The perceived villains here are in their unique adventures. That is what Yakuza: Like a Dragon is all about. There are already yakuza games that precede this exciting game.

But unlike those games, Yakuza Like a Dragon brings out a rich storyline with unique adventures. Spoilers alert for those new players, it boasts exciting turn-based combat that you will love. That is just a fraction of the interesting features of this yakuza game. The most interesting part of this game is its job system, which makes this game different.

In this blog, we will tackle the compatible jobs suitable for each main character. You can change the character’s jobs once you reach Chapter 5, but they should be suitable for each character.

Best Jobs Suitable for Ichiban Kasuga

As the main protagonist in Yakuza Like a Dragon, he has decent stats everywhere he goes. This makes him a more versatile character in the game. But there are more suitable jobs for him that separate him from the other characters. It’s because he is also the main character.

Yakuza Like a Dragon - Ichiban Kasuga
Image Source: Yakuza Like a Dragon – Ichiban Kasuga

The first suitable job for him is a hero, which is a basic job class for Ichiban. It is also the best overall class until the endgame. This hero class boasts powerful AOE attacks and single-enemy attacks, especially when paired with the best weapons.

Other jobs that are also suitable for him are Breaker and Foreman. The Breaker job functions more similarly to the support class. As it can pull off powerful buffs which, when matched with Ichiban, can be a deadly combination. Being a Foreman also allows Ichiban to have a unique skill: to demolish. This is, however, an optional job for Ichiban which he can offer his time.

Best Jobs Suitable for Yu Nanba

He begins his life in the game as a homeless person makes him suitable for simpler jobs. You can change these jobs as you progress and if the chapter requires them. The first best job suitable for Yu Nanba is a Musician who fills up a support role.

Yun Nanba
Image Source: Yakuza Like a Dragon – Yu Nanba

It is indeed a true support class, which makes it a distinct job class despite its simplicity. But that also boasts powerful attacks if the rank 6 unlocks the “Scar Me” attack. Another job class that is suitable for him is Homeless Guy, which also qualifies him as his first role.

Best Jobs Suitable for Koichi Adachi

He is the character in the game who will join your party as a detective. Given that as a real job, he also has the skills that are related to which is reliably great. Most of the jobs suitable to him are also related to his profession in the game.

The first best job for him is to be an Enforcer, which you can switch with his detective job. With this job class, he gains a shield that makes him a classic White Knight in RPG terminology. He was also able to protect his allies and dish out major damage with his attacks.

Koichi Adachi
Image Source: Yakuza Like a Dragon – Koichi Adachi

Other jobs that he is suitable for in the game are being a Breaker and Foreman. This is the job that is required before you reach the rank of an Enforcer.  Adachi’s background as a detective can make him competent in performing the job well. He is also capable of being a Foreman, even if this is not a necessary one. But because he can perform it well, you can experiment with the role at your stake.

Best Jobs Suitable for Saeko Mukuoda

The fiercest female capable to equal a male yakuza in the game, Mukuoda can handle different jobs. The most suitable jobs to have for her in the game are being an idol and dealer. Even though the Idol job class sounds like just a cliche, she is the best candidate.

Its function is to heal her allies while inflicting damage on enemies. There are plenty of solid attacks to try with this job. Being a Dealer is a job that relies on luck in the game. But because Mukuoda can perform well, you can try that job with her.

Saeko Mukuoda
Image Source: Yakuza Like a Dragon Saeko Mukuoda

If things go well as planned, you can execute the complementary abilities which describe this job. Performing brutal attacks is just a matter of luck, so to execute it, always find the right timing.

Best Jobs Suitable for Eri Kimataki

Eri is an optional character to have in the game, but she has an important role in your progression. The best jobs that are suitable for her are being a Clerk and a Night Queen. Even though being a clerk is not an interesting job in the game, Eri’s performance is exceptional.

Eri Kamataki
Image Source: Yakuza Like a Dragon – Eri Kamataki –

Her edge in having this job is the speed that no other character can surpass. If you want her to be deadly, you can give her the job of Nigh Queen. This is where she appears relevant in an entire scene.

Best Jobs Suitable for Joon-gi Han

As another interesting character in the game, gi Han has these deadly capabilities that make him suitable for related jobs. He can be a Hitman which purely corresponds to his inherent play style and stats.

Joon-gi Han
Image Source: Yakuza Like a Dragon – Joon-gi Han

Also within this job class, he can execute three core attack types. These are blunt-force physical, slashing, and shooting. You can also make him an Enforcer if you are maxed out of the Hitman job class. This is also a good choice if you are desperate to find gi Han the right job.

Best Jobs Suitable for Tianyou Zhao

He is one of the characters who appear in the game’s later chapter. With his gangster appeal, which surfaces an intimidating feeling to his surroundings, so are the jobs suitable for him. Given that, he can be Gangster in the game, which is a physical powerhouse for attacks. This features scarily powerful moves that are not shown in other job classes.

Tianyou Zhao
Image Source: Yakuza Like a Dragon – Tianyou Zhao

Because he has similar traits to Ichiban, you can also be a Breaker. It features powerful attacks, just as we mentioned earlier. In addition, the Dancer’s attacks are also powerful and even classified as brutal if executed effectively. Its power lies in the speed that makes Zhao attack an enemy before it makes a step.

Bottom Line

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