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Grounded – The Ultimate Quick Taming Guide


Grounded is a first-person survival game playable in either the first or third person. The game’s main character has the length of an insect and needs to fight for survival in a backyard. In the game, the player’s chosen character (Max, Willow, Pete, or Hoops) must consume enough food and liquids to avoid losing health to famine or dehydration.

Players will explore different parts of the backyard as they go through the game. Players must also scavenge resources from the environment in order to build a base to protect themselves from aggressive adversaries. The good thing is that you can utilize the resources to create various tools, traps, and weaponry.

You must also manage their stamina, as the playable protagonist may become weary in combat. The game features a four-player collaborative multiplayer option in addition to a solo mode. Another wow factor is that Grounded comes with a pet system feature that enables users to tame specific species.

One example is the 10 additional inventory slots along with other useful in-game items. With that said, if you are curious as to how to exploit the aforementioned feature, then feel free to explore our Grounded pet guide below.

Pet Benefits

Pets can help the player by producing things, providing various boosts, and more. Using a Pet House, users can further customize their bug buddies by naming their pets and dressing them in pet-themed outfits with added armor.

Type of Pets

There are three types of pets in the game, each comes with a unique personality. Along with their own loot, pets also produce a Pet Memorial that contains various in-game items.


The Aphid is a passive bug that is bright green in color. Even tinier than the player character, it is one of the tiniest creatures in the game. It will wander aimlessly and sporadically spit out some honeydew from aphids. Be cautious because if this tiny guy feels threatened, it will hide from you at the tip of the grass stalk.

Grounded Pets - Aphid

Aphid also steals plant slurry from the storehouse. This pet comes with an Aphid Friend bonus that slows or decreases the drain of stamina while running. The player can calm aphids by giving them adequate Plant Slurries, which they will consume when lying on the ground. They will approach a slurry when they see one and eventually eat it before continuing to explore.


Also found in the Grasslands is the Weevil. A big, pitch-black bug, about the size of a Gnat. They hardly stop moving, which makes them challenging to capture. They are typically chased for a long time by Red and Black Worker Ants, their usual target. Weevils are relatively easier to capture than Aphids.

Grounded - Weevils Pet

These species do not flee away from the protagonist and other creatures. Taming the Weevil will require Mushroom Slurries. While the weevil is feeding, the player must still take extra care to make sure no ants are nearby. A Weevil comes with a Weevil Friend effect that reduces the rate of thirst.


A Gnat is a slow-flying bug that will never touch down on the ground that frequents the Flooded Zone. They tend to be passive. But occasionally one of them would intentionally bump into you to throw you off before taking off. Gnats swing from side to side while flying, and their flight patterns are typically chaotic.

Grounded - Gnats Pet

They are also challenging to hit with long-range weapons. It’s common to see gnats carrying little pellets of pollen or rotten meat near flowers. A Gnat Pet comes with a Gnat Friend that boosts the speed of glide using a Dandelion Tuft.

The Pet House

Players must first unlock the Oven and Grinder before attempting to access the Pet House. You can afford the BURG.L Chip and oven simultaneously. But because you can acquire the Grinder by other means, many players will have it much before the Oven. You must grind some kind of mushroom in the grinder to create a mushroom slurry, which must then be used to create mushroom bricks.

The Pet House is a great place to see the various personalities of pets. But for the time being, they don’t seem to affect how they behave. It is advised to be careful where pets are kept because their respective predators will still prey on them twice as frequently.

Pet Gear and Happiness

The Pets’ level of happiness is a crucial characteristic that affects whether they stay as your pet. A pet’s animation will change to one that is sadder if it is upset. Feeding them their various food items frequently is one way to keep their content. Pet Attires are the many pieces of equipment that pets can arm themselves with.

A player’s pet can be outfitted with Pet Attire by engaging with the creature within the Pet House. Pet clothing has advantages; some boost your maximum health, provide some defense, and make you happier overall. Lil Red Helm, Lil Goggles, and Lil Black Helm are the 3 pieces of gear, and they all resemble their human counterparts.

You’ll have analyzed a mushroom brick to open the Pet House, but you’ll need to do so again to open the Lil Red Helm and Lil Goggles. Examining a Black Ant Head grants access to the Lil’ Black Helm.

Bottom Line

That’s all we have for today! We hope you learn something from this Grounded Pets Guide. Explore more game guides and features here on PlayPC!

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