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Dragon Ball Legends – Guide For First-Time Players


Dragon Ball Legends is one of the favorite mobile games available now. Not only it’s based on the characters of the popular anime franchise Dragon Ball, but it has excellent and straightforward gameplay. However, even if the game is easy to play and understand, it can still be a bit daunting, especially for newbies. They might have a hard time knowing some of the game’s mechanics.

If you are going to play Dragon Ball Legends for the first time, then you’ve come to the right article. This article will provide tips and guides for beginner players. It will help newbies have an understanding of how the game goes and what they need to do. Click this link if you want to learn more about Dragon Ball Legends.

dragon ball legends guide
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Dragon Ball Legends Guide For Beginners

Dragon Ball Legends is a role-playing action game based on the characters of the popular anime franchise Dragon Ball. Your goal is to collect heroes, strengthen and develop them, and then use them to battle. You will form a team of 6 heroes and use it to fight against the computer or other players.

Battle Mechanics

At the very beginning, you’ll take to a tutorial about the game’s battle mechanics. It’s effortless, and you will easily get the hang of it. Swiping the screen up will move the character forward, swiping down will go it back. If you are close to the enemy, tapping the screen will result in the character throwing punches and combos. But if you are far, it will use basic energy blasts.

You can also dodge enemy attacks using the Vanishing Step skill. When enemy attacks, an exclamation mark (!) will appear on your fighter’s head. You can swipe left or right, and your hero will automatically dodge the attack and appear at the enemy’s back, allowing you to strike. It’s important to remember that enemies can also dodge as you try to strike them, so it becomes a battle of who can continue to dodge attacks.

When you are battling, you will also have access to attack cards. These cards will include physical combo attacks, combo blast attacks, extra moves (power-ups or other effects), special move, ultimate move, and the awakened (only for certain fighters). Some cards will also appear to have a dragon ball attached to them.

Using them will allow you to collect the dragon balls. Once you have collected 7, it unlocks the Rising Rush move, which is all of your characters performing ultimate actions at the same time and attacking the enemy. It’s a significant move that usually ends in the enemy dying or having very little life left.

dragon ball legends tips for beginners
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Different Game Mode

There are many different game modes that you can play in Dragon Ball Legends. Here are the different ways you can find in the game:

  • Story – This game mode is where you can play the game’s main story. It will be your main focus at the start, as you’re trying to gain experience and earn rewards. The battles in this game are usually simple, but it becomes difficult as you progress further in the story.
  • Event – The event mode is unlocked after you have progressed to a certain point in the story mode. The events are usually stories from the anime which have flashback scenes. Similar to the report, you will also spend a lot of time here as you level up your characters, earn rewards, and practice your battle performance.
  • PVP – It is the mode where you will get to test everything that you’ve practiced in the story and event mode. If you are a competitive person, this is where you will likely focus more of your attention. You will build and develop characters to dominate in PVP. If this is your goal, you will need to focus on building up only 3-4 core characters so your resources will be focused.

It is important to remember that you use energy whenever you play one of the game modes. Spirits are limited, but they do refill over time. Aside from the three mentioned modes above, the game also has the Train option. The experience gained is not that much, but it’s an excellent way to level up your characters as you are logging off the game. The game also has Missions that earns you rewards as you complete certain conditions in the game.  Completing these missions gives you tips, allowing you to power up your roster.

Summoning Characters in Dragon Ball

As a new player, the most important thing you need to remember about Dragon Ball Legends is summoning. It is how you will acquire the characters that you will use in battle. You will use Chrono Crystals (the game’s currency) when you are summoning. Each day, you get a discount for one call, costing only 20 Chrono Crystals. After doing the discounted summoning, it reverts to the original cost of 100 Chrono Crystals.

The characters you get when you summon are based on what we call Random Numbers Game (RNG).t This means that getting good marks will mostly be based on luck. It’s important to remember that each character would fall under a certain category called rarity. There are three rarities, Hero, Extreme, and Sparking.

The Hero rarity is the most common character you will usually get when you summon while Sparking are the rarest. The Sparking anomaly is also where the most powerful characters are. So you should always try aiming for them and using them for your party. Most of the players you will face there will have a party consisting of Sparking characters.

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At the start, you will likely use Hero and Extreme characters first. It will likely take several summonings before you can get Sparking characters. One tip that you can do is to re-roll. This process is starting the game multiple times until you have the signs that you want using the initial Chrono Crystals given at the start.

It’s a great strategy to use, especially if your goal is to be competitive in PVP. This matter will give you a chance to start the game with one or more Sparking characters in your roster. Once you have the character you want, you can finally begin to and progress in the game. It’s important to remember that you can equip characters with items to make them stronger and upgrade their stats using soul boosts.

It is essential that you only focus on a few characters, so all your resources are solely on those characters. Though your team will consist of 6 characters, you will likely only use 3 or 4 of them always.

Dragon Ball: Final Words

The ones mentioned above are the basic things you need to know about Dragon Ball Legends if you are a beginner. This game is an action fighting game, and the characters you use will be the ones to determine whether your chances of succeeding are high or low. Remember to always use your resources in developing only your main characters, which are the characters belonging to the Sparing rarity.