Dragon Ball Legends: Who Are The Strongest Characters?


Are you a big fan of the Dragon Ball franchise? Did you watch the anime series and even read the manga? If you did, then you will love playing Dragon Ball Legends! It’s an action game that is based on the popular franchise. Playing this game will bring a sense of nostalgia since you can interact with the main characters of the anime series.

But what’s really fun about this game is that you will have the chance to collect and use these characters for battle! Imagine having a team composed of Goku, Frieza, and Brolly? Or how about a team of different versions of Goku (all based on the anime series)? That would be pretty awesome, right?

In this game, there are many different characters you can use to form your Dragon Ball team. But with so many characters, who among them is the strongest? How will you even know? Is it still Goku like in the anime, or perhaps another version of him? Is there someone even stronger than him in the game?


Understanding the Character Mechanics of Dragon Ball Legends

Before we discuss the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Legends, it’s important to understand the basic mechanics of the game first. Knowing this information will help you understand better why certain characters seem stronger. Below are some of the important things you need to take note of.




Character Rarity

To acquire characters, you will need to summon them. When you summon a character, they will belong in one of three rarities: Hero, Extreme, and Sparking. This is similar to rank or hero classifications in other games.

A character classified as a Hero rarity is the most common drop whenever you do a summon. You can say they are the weakest characters in the game. Extreme characters are more powerful than Hero characters, and they will serve you well if you develop them. However, they are quite difficult to summon.

Last but not the least, characters under Sparking rarity are considered the most powerful ones in the game. This is because their stats are higher compared to the previous two rarities. However, they are also very difficult to acquire. When you do a summon, you will seldom get a Sparking hero.

So if you happen to summon a Goku, check what his rarity is first. This will help you decide if the version is worth building and spending resources on. If the Goku you got is a Hero rarity, then you don’t need to waste time and effort in building and leveling him up.


Character Types

Aside from rarity, each character will also belong under four different types. These are ranged, melee, defense, and support. Each type will specialize in something during a battle.


  • Ranged Type – Characters under this type are adept at fighting at a distance. This also means their abilities are concentrated more on dealing blast damage to enemies.


  • Defense Type – Characters under the defense type are those who are good at absorbing damage. They can still deal damage, but they can withstand them better than other characters during fights.


  • Melee Type – These are the characters that you use if you prefer close-range combat. Their abilities and stats are geared more for fighting at close quarters.


  • Support Type – These characters specialize in supporting your other characters. One example of what a supporting character can do is to speed up the restoration of your team’s Ki Gauge. This is useful whenever you are performing your character’s most powerful attack.


The 7 Character Elements




The last thing you need to know about characters is elements. There are seven different elements in Dragon Ball Legends: red, yellow, purple, green, blue, dark, and light. Each character will belong in one element, and they will most likely lose if they go against another character with a certain element.

  1. Red Element – Characters in this element will have an advantage against characters in the yellow element. But they will have a disadvantage against characters under the blue element.
  2. Yellow Element – The yellow element characters are weak against the red element but are stronger against purple.
  3. Purple Element – Characters under this element are weak against the yellow element, but will have an advantage against the green element.
  4. Green Element – They are strong against the blue element characters, but weak against purple element characters.
  5. Blue Element – The characters here will have an advantage against red element characters and a disadvantage against green element characters.
  6. Dark Element – The dark element is strong against all of the five-colored elements, but is weak against the light element. Currently, only non-playable AI opponent characters are under the dark element.
  7. Light Element – This character is strong against dark element characters. So far, only Shallot, who is the main character in the game, belongs under the light element.

Though bringing a red element character to battle against a yellow element character will give you an advantage, it doesn’t always bring a guaranteed win. There are still other factors at play, like your character’s level and development.


The Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball Legends

Fighting characters are generally classified into tiers. The best characters belong to the top tier, of course. For this list, we’ll only look at Tier 1 characters since these characters are considered the strongest ones. Needless to say, all the best characters in the game are classified under Sparking rarity.


The Strongest Goku Characters

  • Youth Goku (Yellow, Melee) – He is one of the strongest melees in the game and can deal massive damage to enemies. Youth Goku is also a good support character because he can provide added damage to the team when he is on standby.


Image Source: https://youtu.be/XTYzV1r3shk


  • Super Saiyan 4 Goku (Purple, Melee) – This is one of the best melee fighters in the game. He dishes out strong attacks and has an array of defense abilities. He also has a 10% heal and a sustained damage cut buff.


Other Dragon Ball Characters

  • Android 21: Evil (Purple, Melee) – Android 21: Evil is one of the best combatants in the game. She can buff herself to get more power and her Ki recovery is fast, especially after using her Strike Arts.


  • Super Baby (Blue, Support) – One of the best support characters in the game. Super Baby provides good damage buffs, and makes your team stronger during battles. He also has health restoration abilities, which ensures your team won’t die easily.


  • Super Saiyan Youth Gohan (Yellow, Melee) – What’s good about this Gohan is that he starts as a defensive character. He absorbs hits while also buffing himself. But after he transforms, he shifts from defense to offense and unleashes buffs that prevent opponents from switching.


  • Bardock (Red, Melee) – Bardock is a good offensive character that becomes a powerhouse once he transforms. The unique thing about him is that his transformation becomes available only when an ally falls.


  • Majin Buu: Good (Green, Defense) – He is one of the most annoying enemies you can face in the game because of his ability to tank attacks while also healing himself. This ability also makes him very useful on your team.


  • Piccolo (Yellow, Defense) – Though Piccolo is a defensive unit, he also has destructive powers which can win fights for you. His Special Beam Cannon is a strong attack. The longer it takes for him to land the attack, the more powerful it gets.


  • Vegito (Yellow, Ranged) – The only ranged character that made it to the Tier 1. Vegito is an offensive powerhouse, especially after he transforms. His abilities are so powerful that even defensive characters are having a hard time absorbing his attacks.


Image Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bandainamcoent.dblegends_ww&hl=en_US


Honorable Mention

HE Shallot (Light, Melee) – Unlike the other characters mentioned above, Shallot belongs to the Hero rarity. However, he is very powerful especially after acquiring his Super Saiyan 3 transformation. He already has decent stats and abilities, but this improves even more once he is in his Super Saiyan 3 form.

The characters mentioned above are currently the most powerful ones in the game right now. Though Tier 2 characters are almost at par when it comes to power and usage, they do have several cons that put them just below these tier 1 characters. You can visit Game Press to see a complete character tier list.