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Defeat All Bosses In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course – A Guide


Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is the DLC for the iconic platformer Cuphead, which came out on June 30th, 2022. This entry follows the Legendary Chalice needing Cuphead and Mugman’s assistance, so both must travel to a remote island.

Mugman accepts a cookie from The Legendary Chalice, who is present in the astral plane in ghost form. Unaware that he and The Legendary Chalice will trade places, transforming her into Ms. Chalice, Mugman accepts it with joy.

To reveal their magnificent plan—to create the aforementioned Wondertart that will bring her back to life permanently—Ms. Chalice takes them to Chef Saltbaker. As much as we want to discuss the game’s story, that is a topic for another day since today we will be focusing on how to defeat the game’s bosses.

Boss 1 – Moonshine Mob

The Moonshine Mob is a criminal organization that players battle throughout the level Bootlegger Boogie in The Delicious Last Course. Its members include a spider, ladybug, anteater, snail, and living moonshine barrels.

They are in charge of maintaining the distillery dough. Three different foes make up the Moonshine Mob. The first one calls in numerous hazards and traverses the various playing field levels. Run past the mines when they are dangling from the ceiling to promptly detonate them without being hurt.

Cuphead Moonshine Mob

The dancing insect or light bug of the following phase features a jukebox that emits lasers. They will soon become deadly when they turn yellow. To avoid danger, run towards the direction they are going.

On the other side, the anteater is difficult to kill with standard weaponry, hence it is strongly advised to use either the Chaser or Twist-Up. A snail then appears and begins firing projectiles at you in a secret phase. They are rather simple to avoid as long as you maintain your distance.

Boss 2 – Glumstone The Giant

Giant Glumstone is in ill-fitting clothing. His beard is sprawled throughout the area of the battlefield where the player(s) must really walk, and his head has a few bruises and bald places resembling mountain peaks. He has huge eyebrows, pink plump cheeks, a big red nose, and a few missing teeth. This boss is the keeper of the Gnome Berries.

The Glumstone Giant’s initial phase is utterly disorienting. Everywhere you turn to avoid one danger, another one appears. When the geese start flying, quickly move from the left to the right side of the bottom of the screen to dodge them while avoiding the spikes below.

Glumstone The Giant

A beanie is in the back and forth between two puppets in the second phase. Watch out for the gnomes that appear from underneath. They are seen before they jump. Fewer projectiles are fired in the final phase.

The platform that consumes cooked chicken will become inoperable when the boss throws it. All of the platforms will eventually be filled. Parry the platform that eats the bone to get them back.

Boss 3 – Esther Winchester

Sheriff Esther Winchester is encountered during High-Noon Hoopla. She was initially introduced in the Game Awards trailer. Also, she is the DLC’s first and only boss that can be shot at. She is the keeper of the Desert Limes.

The only boss in the expansion where you are in an airplane is Sheriff Esther Winchester. There are four phases. The opponent attacks from the top and bottom halves of the screen alternately in the early stages. To offer you the most room to dodge, stay at the other end of the screen.

Boss 3 - Esther Winchester

Descent or ascent should happen as soon as she draws her lasso. The following stage is simpler. Despite the slower missiles, pay attention to the exploding safes and the money she throws your way.

By this point, you should be able to use your special move and do some serious damage. During the third phase, be careful of the sausages that fall or rise out of the cans. You know which side it will come out of depending on whether the cans face up or down. During the last phase, dodge through the thin parts of the sausage. The enemy is always generally large, so accuracy is not an issue.

Boss 4 – Mortimer Freeze

A battle against Mortimer Freeze takes place in an ice palace during Snow Cult Scuffle. He is the custodian of the Icy Sugar Cubes.
Although Mortimer Freeze doesn’t appear to be threatening, it can be challenging to avoid his moves.

Cuphead Boss Boss 4 - Mortimer Freeze

Make sure to kill the sentient ice picks that he blasts into the ground and then walks toward you throughout the initial phase of the battle. He must make a variety of maneuvers in the second phase. The snowman will jump over you when you hear a whistling sound. You will need to jump over him as he rolls if not.

Beware of the spikes that emerge from the snow below when he slams his fists into the earth. You reach the skies at the final stage. The eye is the trickiest maneuver to avoid. Before it shoots electricity vertically, blocking any safe paths, as it gets close to you, avoids it by moving above or below it.

Boss 5 – The Howling Aces

In Doggone Dogfight, the Howling Aces are in combat. They are in charge of safeguarding the pineapple mint. The Howling Aces is a group of dogfighters whom you will fight while standing on top of a plane. You need to position yourself on the side of the plane you want to fly forward or you may steer it left or right. To stabilize it, place a foot in the middle.

The Howling Aces Boss Cuphead

The dog will execute one of two assaults during the initial phase after jumping out of the aircraft. Duck to avoid the yarn balls when he pulls out a cat. Dodge his bones twice since they will travel to one side of the screen and then return.

The four canines with jet packs then start throwing letters at you. These are rather simple to avoid, and as you eliminate them one at a time, it becomes simpler. The final stage is perplexing and tricks your sense of direction. Just keep in mind that, whether you’re hanging upside down or on the left side of the screen, up on the analog stick always shoots toward the center of the screen while left and right always travel forward and backward.

Boss 6 – Chef Saltbaker

The game’s secret major enemy and last boss are Chef Saltbaker. He founded and is the owner of his own bakery, which he claims has a recipe for the right elements to rejuvenate a soul.

The toughest boss in the entire Cuphead game is probably Chef Saltbaker. Exceptionally hard is the first stage, which calls for evading missiles coming from all directions. The projectiles will arrive from whichever side the chef is on.

Chef Saltbaker

When limes loop back around, you can duck beneath the ones that come from the bottom, but you will need to jump over the ones that arrive from above. An equal barrage of projectiles comes in the second phase. Shooting the pepper shakers until they fly at the chef causes harm.

Concentrate primarily on the bottom shakers so that you only have to jump when necessary. The third stage allows for more leeway. Just concentrate on avoiding the foe in the ballerina shape. The spreader works well for the first two phases of the fight, but the chaser or twist-up will give you the advantage in the latter stages.

Secret Boss – Angel and Demon

There are two bosses, The Angel and Demon that must go through. After you’ve defeated them, you can restart the battle by approaching the central tombstone and briefly holding the L+R, LT+RT, ZL+ZR, L1+R1, or Tab+Backspace keys. This will reactivate the tombstone.

Despite being a hidden boss, Angel and Demon manage to be one of the game’s simpler battles.The devil can only get wreck, and it switches sides each time you turn. You can move to avoid harm because the projectiles only hurt you if they come from the demon’s direction.

Cuphead Secret Boss

In light of this, it is best to use the Chaser and shoot while standing steady on the mobile cloud, concentrating on dodging as the bullets go to the target on their own. If turning around feels too risky, equip the Smoke Bomb charm to avoid the flame towers.

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