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Marvel Snap Tier List for December 2022 – The Best Cards to Acquire


A fun and exciting competitive card game that you can play today about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is Marvel Snap. It’s a game where you collect cards of your favorite Marvel characters and assemble a deck. This doesn’t just stop with superheroes, as cards also include the supervillains. You then use your deck to battle and try to become the best player in the game. Though that sounds simple, it’s not an easy task to attain. You will have to make sure to assemble a powerful deck that also utilizes a good strategy and with great synergy.

To do this, you’ll need powerful cards. But which cards in the game are the most powerful? We’ll answer that in this article when we provide you with the Marvel Snap tier list. We will provide a list of the best Marvel Snap cards available in the game. This will help you know which cards are OP and which ones you should pass on adding to your deck.

The Best Cards Available in Marvel Snap

There are many different characters in Marvel, thus you can also expect the same in Marvel Snap card game. This is why you must know which cards are stronger, so you can use them in your deck. We won’t list down the cards according to their card pools. We will go straight to ranking the Marvel Snap cards based on how OP or how weak they are.

Marvel Snap cards
Image Source: Marvel Snap Cards


The S-Tier Cards

Let’s start with the S-tier Marvel Snap cards. They’re currently the most powerful cards available in the game. They possess abilities that can provide you with an advantage in many situations during a battle. Most of the cards on this list can also work well with other cards, hence why they’re powerful cards to acquire. The current S-tier cards are Iron Man, Vision, Thor, Debrii, Heimdall, Zabu, Gamora, Helicarrier, The Living Tribunal, Stature, Apocalypse, Attuma, and Death.

There’s also Bucky Barnes, Swarm, Rhino, Widow’s Bite, Black Panther, Orka, Rocket Raccoon, Valkyrie, Okoye, Cosmo, She-Hulk, Goose, Ant-Man, and Zero. Completing the S-tier cards are Morbius, Cerebro, Ebony Maw, Scorpion, Yondu, Squirrel Girl, Crystal, Crossbones, Angel, Hela, Spider-Man, and Mister Fantastic.

Marvel Snap Iron Man card
Image Source: Marvel Snap Iron Man Card


The A-Tier Cards

Next are the A-tier Marvel Snap cards, which are not as powerful as the S-tiers, but are still strong in their own right. They’re not as versatile as the S-tier cards since there are a few decks where they won’t truly shine. But for the most part, they’re viable alternatives in case you need more cards to complete your deck. The A-tier cards in Marvel Snap are Jubilee, Magneto, Black Widow, White Tiger, Kang, Psylocke, Warpath, Star-Lord, Maximus, Baron Mordo, Knull, and Galactus.

You can also include Shang-Chi, Rockslide, Super-Skrull, Juggernaut, Sera, Mantis, Green Goblin, Uatu the Watcher, Hulk Buster, Lockjaw, Professor X, Spectrum, Magik, and Punisher in the A-tier list. Additionally, we have The Infinaut, Rescue, Captain America, Doctor Doom, Mystique, Devil Dinosaur, Ultron, Mysterio, Mister Negative, Sentry, Lizard, Black Cat, Sandman, Agatha Harkness, Falcon, Human Torch, Hazmat, Colossus, and Captain Marvel.

Marvel Snap Galactus
Image Source: Marvel Snap Galactus


The B-Tier Cards

The Marvel Snap cards in the B-tier are not something you’d want to use, except for certain strategies only. These cards won’t help you on their own, but they become very useful when you’re using them for a particular reason. So, there are still reasons to hold onto and develop them when needed. But remember, they only work if they’ll be part of a specific strategy you’ll use for battle. The B-tier cards have Korg, Quake, Darkhawk, Medusa, Nakia, Deathlok, Shanna, Ronan the Accuser, Titania, Wolverine, Deadpool, Thanos, Blue Marvel, Hawkeye, Brood, Arnim Zola, and Silver Surfer.

Included in the B-tiers is Scarlet Witch, Absorbing Man, Lady Sif, Shuri, Ghost, Kingpin, Leech, Forge, Quicksilver, Elektra, Morph, Dracula, Iron Fist, Multiple Man, Typhoid Mary, Carnage, and Giganto. Completing the list are Drax, Nightcrawler, Colleen Wing, Adam Warlock, America Chavez, Enchantress, Hulk Smash, Angela, Aero, Domino, Agent Coulson, Armor, Red Skull, Spider-Woman, Agent 13, Doctor Strange, Strong Guy, Storm, Kraven, Sentinel, and Moon Girl.

Marvel Snap Wolverine
Image Source: Marvel Snap Wolverine


The C-Tier Cards

And finally, we have the C-tier Marvel Snap cards, which are cards you really don’t want to acquire. They won’t contribute to winning battles and you’ll likely only acquire them because they’re your favorite characters. For the C-tiers, you have Iceman, Wolfsbane, Nova, Sword Master, Omega Red, Odin, Gambit, Leader, Maria Hill, Invisible Woman, Hellcow, Sunspot, Ghost-Spider, Killmonger, Mojo, and Cloak.

Other C-tiers are Luke Cage, Venom, M’Baku, The Collector, Klaw, Black Bolt, Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Hobgoblin, Dagger, Bishop, Sabertooth, Blade, Electro, and Ghost Rider. Completing the list of C-tier characters are Quinjet, Taskmaster, Onslaught, Ironheart, Mister Sinister, Destroyer, The Hood, Wong, Patriot, Groot, Rogue, Beast, White Queen, Yellowjacket, Moon Knight, Namor, Cable, and Polaris.

Marvel Snap Iceman
Marvel Snap Iceman


Get the Best Characters With This Marvel Snap Cards List Today!

Marvel Snap is a fun and awesome game to play. Though collecting and choosing the best cards can be intimidating, it’s great to know which cards are strong and will be valuable to your deck. This will help you focus more on the right cards to use and develop when you’re playing.


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