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Knights Chronicle Tier List – The Best Heroes for December 2022


A fun and exciting game that you can play is Knights Chronicle animated role-playing game. Published by Netmarble, it’s a game where you go on an adventure while completing various quests and battling enemies. A big part of the RPG’s gameplay is summoning different heroes to use in the game. There are over 150 heroes available to summon. But you’ll only use a max of 5 on your team. This presents a problem with which character you need to have on your team.

Though the characters to use in a team will vary, it’s still a good idea to know who the best and strongest characters are. And this is where this blog post will come in. We’ll provide a Knights Chronicle tier list and feature the best characters you can use in the game. This will help you identify who are the heroes you’d want to prioritize in the game.

The Knights Chronicle Global Tier List

Knowing the best characters in Knights Chronicle will help you know who to use on your team. This will also help greatly in identifying the heroes you need to focus on developing. In this Knights Chronicle Global tier list, we’ll look at the best heroes to use in the RPG. But instead of listing them according to who’s OP or not, we’ll list them down according to their roles. This will make it easier for you to build your team properly.

Knights Chronicle gameplay
Image Source: Knights Chronicle gameplay


The Best Attackers To Use

We’ll start with the best attackers in the game. These are the characters that will dish out the most damage to your team. They’re also the ones in charge of wiping out the enemies with their sheer power and damage potential. Depending on the situation, you will need 1 to 2 of these characters on your team. The best attackers available right now are:

  • Verdani (SSR, Water)
  • Esna (SSR, Water)
  • Morrigan (SSR, Fire)
  • Kali (SSR, Wind)
  • Mina (SSR, Dark)

These are the characters you would want to have on your team if you need a reliable attacker. They’re the best when it comes to dealing damage to enemies and are second to none. There are other viable options to use, but they don’t come close to what these characters bring.

Knights Chronicle esna
Image Source: Knights Chronicle Esna


The Best Healers Available

Let’s now move to the healers, which are also important in any team composition. Their primary role is to provide healing to the entire team or recover fallen allies. You will need at least one healer on your team to ensure that you won’t get knocked out easily during battles. The best healers you can use in Knights Chronicle are:

  • Deimos (SSR, Water)
  • Ramu (SSR, Wind)
  • Karen (SSR, Water)
  • Rue (SSR, Fire)
  • Sid (SSR, Wind)

These 5 are the healers you’d want to have on your team. They possess skills that increase your chances of surviving, even during tough battles. The heroes listed are also the ones you need to focus on developing. You can use other healers that are not on this list if you don’t have any of them. But once you do, they automatically take the healer spot on your team.

Knights Chronicles Ramu
Image Source: Knights Chronicles Ramu


The Best Defenders in Knights Chronicle

And finally, we have the best defenders. These are the characters who are in charge of protecting your team against enemy attacks. They usually have high HP and Def to tank any incoming damage from enemy attacks. The best defenders available in Knights Chronicle are:

  • Liberto (SR, Dark)
  • Electra (SSR, Fire)
  • Cordelia (SR, Wind)
  • Claude (SSR, Dark)
  • Marduk (SSR, Water)

These heroes might not seem that significant compared to the other two, but they play a major role during battles. One of the things that plague attackers and healers is that they can easily be killed. Even with healing, dying often is not unusual if you don’t have a defender. Attackers and healers don’t have high defense, making them easy to kill. This is why defenders are important to have in Knights Chronicle. They prevent the damage dealer and support class from easily dying during battles.

Knights Chronicles Cordelia
Knights Chronicles Cordelia


Knights Chronicle Reroll Tier List

You will have a chance to acquire a good character early on. This is nothing new and is something that many gacha RPGs tend to do. But since summoning uses the gacha system, there’s still no guarantee you’ll get one of the top-tier characters. And even among the best ones, some are clear favorites.

To make sure you have a good start to your Knights Chronicle journey, you need good heroes. And these are the heroes you would want to have:

  • Deimos
  • Karen
  • Rue
  • Sid
  • Mina

In case these heroes are not available, you can still opt for the following characters below. If you get these heroes, there’s no need for you to reroll.

  • Cain
  • Lucy
  • Ramu
  • Morian

You also don’t need to reroll if you get any of the heroes listed on the global tier list. But if you didn’t, then you might want to consider doing a reroll.

Acquire Powerful Heroes in Knights Chronicle

There are many great and powerful heroes in Knights Chronicle. But not all of them are created equal. Some are just way better than others. The characters mentioned on the list above are a cut above the rest. You’ll have an easier time during battles if you can get these players on your team.


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