7 Best Valorant Agents For Beginners – The Best Agents for Newbies


One of the most popular first-person shooter games you can play right now is Valorant. Developed and published by Riot Games, it’s a team-based shooter game that’s set shortly. Players will play as one of the game’s Agents, which are characters that possess unique abilities. These unique abilities are one of the main reasons why this first-person shooter has a steep learning curve. Beginners usually have a hard time playing because of the Agent’s abilities. Fortunately, there are Best Valorant Agents for Beginners to choose from.

It’s easy to learn to use them, so it’s good to start your experience using these Agents. In this article, we’ll discuss the best Valorant Agents for beginners to use.

The 7 Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

Below is a list of Valorant Agents newbies might want to use;

1. Reyna (Duelist)

When it comes to beginner-friendly Agents, the Duelist role should be the priority. It’s because Duelists often have straightforward abilities. Their primary objective in the game is to get kills, so they’re very easy to play. One of the best Duelists in Valorant for beginners is Reyna. It’s because of her ability Leer, which inflicts near sight to enemies. When you activate this ability, it’s like using a flash grenade, so you can get lots of kills with the help of this ability.

Reyna can also heal herself or make herself invulnerable for a few seconds through the soul orb. Soul orbs are dropped by enemy Agents when Reyna gets a kill or damaging assist. Therefore, making her one of the best beginner-friendly Agents in the game.

Reyna Leer Ability
Image Source: Reyna Leer Ability


2. Brimstone (Controller)

Another beginner-friendly Agent to use is Brimstone who plays the role of Controller. As a Controller, your role is to take control of an area, cut out the enemy’s vision, or force them into a corner. They’re in charge of controlling the fight and setting their team up for success or to escape. Though the role may seem difficult to use, Brimstone makes it easy. He is one of the original five Agents, so he’s available to use outright.

What makes Brimstone great for beginners is that his abilities are easy to use. It’s easy to place his smoke, which is handy in hiding teammates. He also has a stim beacon, which can charge up teammates who stand near him, as well as a Molotov you can throw to damage enemies. His ultimate move is even easy to use, as it’s an orbital strike that will deal massive damage to enemies within its radius. It’s best used in an enclosed area to make it harder for enemies to avoid it.

3. Sage (Sentinel)

If you prefer to be more of a defensive anchor for your team, then the Sentinel role is for you. The easiest Sentinel Agent to use is Sage. As a Sentinel, your role is to watch flanks and secure areas or stop enemies from pushing. They’re particularly important in game modes where the objective is to plant or defuse Spikes. Sage can do the latter with the help of her walls and slow orb. These abilities also help protect areas or make it easy to trap enemies. But her best ability is her heal orb.

This ability will allow your team to survive team fights longer, making her a valuable Agent. She can also resurrect players, allowing them to go back into the game quickly. It’s easy to learn and use her abilities properly, which is why she’s the first Sentinel option for beginners.

Sage Barrier Orb Ability
Image Source: Sage Barrier Orb Ability


4. KAY/O (Initiator)

If you like to be the one to initiate fights or be the first to charge, then Initiator is the perfect role. And one of the easiest ones to use for beginners is KAY/O. As an initiator, your role is to be one to enter areas and flush out enemies or charge on contested grounds and drive enemies away. KAY/O’s kit is built for that and they’re fairly easy to use. He has a grenade that damages enemies, which is great for flushing them out of an area.

He also possesses a blind ability, as well as a suppression knife to stop enemy Agents from using their abilities. They’re all straightforward abilities, so it’s easy for beginners to use them. It’s why he’s one of the best Initiators to use if you’re new. He is not available outright, but he can easily be unlocked after just a few levels.

KAY/O ZERO/point Ability
Image Source: KAY/O ZERO/point Ability


5. Phoenix (Duelist)

Another Duelist on this list is Phoenix. He’s also one of the five Agents available in the beginning, so he’s a great option for beginners. What makes Phoenix a great duelist for beginners is his self-heal ability. As a beginner, it’s uncommon to make mistakes and die during team fights. But with his self-heal, dying during fights can be lessened. He also possesses a blind ability, which can come in handy.

The reason why he’s not high on the list is that there is a bit of a learning curve with him. You need to learn how to use your blinds properly so you don’t blind your teammates by accident. It’s not that hard to master it, and learning how to use it properly will also help you in your overall performance in Valorant.

6. Omen (Controller)

Another good Controller to use for beginners is Omen. His abilities are straightforward in that he has both blinds and smokes. Therefore, making it easy for you to control the fight during clashes. Omen also can teleport anywhere on the map. It’s a handy ability for ambushing enemies or quickly going to teammates to assist them. His abilities are not that hard to learn, which makes him the best beginner-friendly Controller.

He’s not high on this list because his teleport ability does have a bit of a learning curve. But it’s not difficult to master, it just requires a bit of practice. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to use it properly in setting up teammates.

Omen Dark Cover Ability
Image Source: Omen Dark Cover Ability


7. Killjoy (Sentinel)

The last but certainly not the least beginner-friendly Agent is Killjoy. Though Sentinels are more of a defensive anchor for the team, most beginners would prefer to still be able to do some damage. That’s where Killjoy will come in. She has a robot that can detect enemies and deal huge damage to them. Even if you’re not good at aiming yet, the huge damage the robot can deal can still get you some assists.

Aside from that, she also has the Nanoswarm and Turret abilities, which are defensive abilities that can also deal damage. Then there’s her lockdown, which can detain enemies until they destroy the device.

Choose from the Best Valorant Agents for Beginners Above

There are many more good Agents in Valorant that you can use. But as a beginner, these are the Agents that you should start with. Of course, you can transition to the harder Agents once you’re more comfortable with your skills. But for more guides, news, and updates regarding Valorant and everything about the game, stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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