Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Gameplay Walkthrough


Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a video game available for Android, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. This game allows you to play as a cute turnip who also turns out to be a serious threat to civilization. You must embark on an epic journey to repay Mayor Onion for your enormous debt after neglecting to pay your taxes. Using gardening tools, one can solve plant-related riddles, meet peculiar fruits and veggies, and engage in perilous battles with large and little creatures. Find out what’s ruining this garden community along the way, then revolt to overthrow the dishonest vegetable government.

Although the game is rather simple to beat, if you’d prefer, you can entirely remove any difficulty using the accessibility options. You can activate God Mode using that to boost your damage. With that said, if you want to get the full game experience then you are on the right page. We will discuss here a walkthrough of the first part and the entire Forgotten Forest location.

turnip boy commits tax evasion walkthrough


Your Adventure Begins in Veggieville!

The game will begin right away with a tax bill. You can begin off by tearing it up to start practicing tax evasion. You’ll also gain access to the game’s first achievement by completing this. You will receive ridicule from Mayor Onion for your disgusting actions! After that, he will assign you a task to atone for your sins, and we will take control of Turnip Boy. The hub city of Veggieville from Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion will serve as our starting point. There are also several distinct exits that lead to Veggieville. Heading northwest will lead you to the Grim Graveyard while going west will lead you to Layer Lane. The southeast road will lead you to Rocky Ramp and the northeast road will take you to Weapon Woods.

turnip boy commits tax evasion walkthrough

You can perform a quick side quest before leaving Veggieville. You need to locate a watering can and talk to the blueberry by picking it up. To cultivate a flower for the lovely strawberry down the street, he will ask you to tend the plant behind him. Take the blossom from the plant with your new watering can then descend to the ground where you will find the strawberry. You can see her in the right picture up top. If you give her the flower, she will write you a love letter in return. But instead of bringing it to the blueberry, you ought to rip it apart. You can earn the Heartless award by doing this. Talk to the blueberry once more after tearing up the love note to receive your very first headgear, the Sunhat.

The Forgotten Forest Walkthrough

On the other side, a straight line will lead you through the woods. A bunny, a new enemy, will soon appear in the Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion! These occasionally hop and require two shots to slay. Considering how slowly they travel for rabbits, there is no cause for concern. As you explore the woods, you’ll observe the road split towards the conclusion of the second section. Rocky Ramp is where you can find Holly’s phone if you go up. Retrace your steps and return the phone to her to obtain another document.


Talk to Annie

Return to the fork where you took Holly’s phone and turn left this time. This time, there is just one dwelling. You only need to go inside and talk to Annie. She’ll ask you to paint a mural for her up in the north. After talking to her, leave the house and go north. Rip off the wanted poster from the tree towards the right before you enter this chamber.

Continue forward until you find a sign stating that you can irrigate over fences. If you give these two plants some water, a doorway will appear. To exit the left portal, you must go in the right direction. You may water a boombloom by moving higher. Once the bunny has been killed, you may begin working on the puzzles without it getting in the way. Flood both top gateways and push the boombloom up to cause it to smash the far-northern rocks. The bomb bunker on the northwestern side of this space is now accessible. You’ll have to fight a deer if you pass this bomb bunker! It takes eight strikes from your sword to kill this deer. To defeat it, simply avoid its strikes and strike it when it was stunned.

Bring the Mural to Annie for the Key

Stroll on the mural after entering the bomb bunker on the upper right. You can draw on it by interacting with it. Once you have given Annie the drawing back, she will offer you a key. Through the locked door, leave the home and proceed directly south. To cross the barrier here, proceed to the southwest and hydrate the portal plants.

Three portal plants can be found here, the bottom and middle portals with water. To shatter the lower stone, irrigate a boombloom and stomp it through the portal. Then, you may enter the portal on your own. To get the movemelon to the middle portal, grow it in that area and push it through the portal. The movemelon should now be pushed back into the topmost portal after watering the two above portals. Just move it to the right to fill the hole then revert to the boombloom by passing through the portal once more.

You also need to break the rocks in your path, water them, and stomp them toward the right. So, it will pass into the portal and cross the movemelon you used to seal the hole above. Pass through the portals until you reach the uppermost one, then turn right. After picking up the turnip, go ahead and enter the bomb shelter. Here, you’ll be up against an even bigger deer! You will need to use the same approach; avoid its strikes and then attack it when it is stunned by a wall. 15 strikes will work until it leaves.

Access the Pocket Petalportal by entering the bomb shelter on the left. Then, go back to the turnip’s location. You can water the portal on the right after turning to the right. To go to the northeastern corner of this chamber, water it, set up a gateway with your Pocket Petalportal, and then pass through it.

Head Back to Annie for the Next Key

A lone boombloom and some inaccessible rocks can be found up ahead. Here, you’ll need to make use of your pocket petal portal. You have to place one in front of the boombloom with the other behind the rocks. Through the lower portal, kick the boombloom to smash the rocks to head back to Annie. You’ll receive a new key from her, and she’ll direct you west. Trim the shrubs adjacent to the fence, then water the entrance across the way. Go via any portal you place elsewhere. Now that the movemelon is in the hole to your right, you can fill this void by watering it and inserting it there.

When you’re ready to move on to the next chamber, enter via the locked door on the left. You can also enter another bomb shelter and engage in a boss battle by continuing down this path while conversing with some acorns.

Forgotten Forest Boss: The Stag

Surprisingly, the Forgotten Forest Boss in Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is very challenging to defeat. Expect some bunnies repeatedly appearing from the bushes. Note that, once they are all dead, they will only call additional bunnies so try to keep at least one bunny alive. Like all the previous stags you’ve encountered thus far, the deer will assault. It will charge at you; therefore, you must dodge them. It will launch a sizable projectile your way each time it comes to a stop. The tough part is that there is acid all around the exterior. So, unless he is dazed on the northern side, you can’t pursue after him with your sword. Your sword isn’t something you want to use anyway.

turnip boy commits tax evasion walkthrough

The boombloom should be used in the middle of the space. Although portals can be helpful, it’s best to try to entice him directly toward the boomblooms. Up to the Stag’s death, keep watering and kicking them in its direction. You can get more health by killing bunnies and chopping down bushes; you’ll undoubtedly need it. Prioritize the stag until you successfully vanquish it, killing the bunnies as they approach.

Get the Explorer Hat to Annie

After you’ve vanquished the stag, go inside the northwest-facing shelter and take the green goo. This must be given back to Annie. You’ll get the Explorer Hat after speaking with Annie. Now converse with the acorn atop the tree stump northeast of Annie’s lab. She will offer you a leaf while claiming she wants to be a property owner. At the beginning of Layer Lane is a real estate broker. To deliver the leaf to the agent, start moving in that direction. You can make a short diversion through Plain Plains on the way back.

Go inside the spot east of Plain Plains. On the opposite side of the fence, you can see a portal plant. To cross the fence, you only need to water it and use your pocket petal portal to set up a portal on the ground. Then, pick up and water the heart fruit in the room. To get out of the area, hydrate the boombloom and stomp it to the left. Bring the acorn leaf back to Layer Lane and present it to the real estate broker blueberry just on the eastern side. You can obtain a document by mailing the letter back to the acorn.

turnip boy commits tax evasion walkthrough


Return to Veggieville

You can now return to Veggieville and talk to Mayor Onion there. He’ll approach the door in Weapon Woods and request a laser pointer. The second room’s northwest corner houses the hatch. Talk to the IRS by going over there. They will not be able to access it, but they believe Tots from the Grim Graveyard may have the necessary tool. Talk to Tots at the northwest corner when you return to Veggieville. In return for a shovel to unlock the hatch, he’ll send you to labor for him in the cemetery.

Notable Forgotten Forest Achievements:

  • Petitioner Achievement – unlocked by returning Molly’s Phone
  • Devil Achievement – unlocked by tearing the wanted poster
  • Estate Agent Achievement – unlocked by returning the real estate letter to the acorn

That ends our Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion walkthrough, you can use all these guides to maximize your gameplay and finish the game successfully. For more game-related guides, reviews, lists, and updates about action-adventure video games and other genres check PlayPC from time to time!


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