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Diablo Immortal – What’s Going On After 6 Seasons?


Fans of the Diablo series were excited when Blizzard announced its mobile spin-off to the popular action RPG from PC. Similarly, the release of Diablo II in 2000, Diablo III in 2012, and now the promise of a full-fledged Diablo IV in 2023 have gotten the community delighted, to say the least. Unsurprisingly, Blizzard’s classic game formula paired very well with its cumbersome free-to-play tactics. This time, the beloved satanic action RPG spin-off for mobile hopes to reach more fans across the globe. With its features about killing monsters, exploring dungeons, and looting items, the developers expect that fans’ will find the game as irresistible as its predecessors.

A Sneak Peek On What Is Diablo Immortal

The events of Diablo Immortal exist between what has transpired in Diablo II and Diablo III. Blizzard’s mobile action RPG takes you on dark adventures whether solo or at a party. It features several demon-filled maps including mountains, dark woods, and cemeteries. Aside from that, it occasionally adds some familiar NPCs from the Diablo gaming franchise like Deckard Cain.
Evil forces continue to wage an unending battle that, fortunately, Diablo Immortal’s combat system has managed to address. Its worldwide release was divided accordingly to different regions in the world, spanning from June 2 to July 25, 2022. Upon launch, six classes have been included namely Crusader, Barbarian, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, Crusader, Monk, and Wizard.

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While the storyline of the mobile spin-off revolves around the events of Diablo II and III, Diablo Immortal also has its unique features. Here, players will start as adventurers and later join Shadow clans. The Shadows will compete against one another in a weekly Shadow War face-off until one clan emerges to be the Immortal in the Rite of Exile phase. The Immortal can reign for as short as 3 weeks and for as long as they can defend their title in the RoE showdown. When a new Shadow clan manages to overthrow the Immortals and their 2 allied clans, a new cycle begins where everyone becomes adventurers once again.

Playing Diablo Immortal on Mobile or PC

Unlike the majority of today’s action RPGs that cater to only one platform – either mobile or computer gaming. Diablo Immortal can be played on both mobile phones and PC. Interestingly, players who download and play on one platform can interact with players on another platform so long as they are from the same servers or are Battle.net friends. Hence, it will not matter if you play on your phone while your friends play on their PC and vice versa.

For the skill tree, you can bring up to four normal skills and choose between two ultimates. Of course, every class will have its unique set of legendary equipment and green sets that can be farmed in the open world or within dungeons. Legendary pieces of equipment include a head, armor, shoulders, legs, main hand, and off-hand items. For each legendary item, skill essences can be farmed to alter its regular skill’s form. Extracting these skill essences is a must to help your most functional legendary item create combos.

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Diablo Immortal – A Strong Action RPG Contender

As with many action role-playing games, there are in-game bundles that you can purchase with real money. Unfortunately, this is one aspect of the game that even got Blizzard facing lawsuits and complaints from a lot of its players. Since its introduction, DI has been dubbed as a pay-to-win ARPG with mechanics that cater to spenders more than free-to-play gamers.

Perhaps what the majority of the players can attest to is the significant difference you will see in terms of character power. Between whales or high spenders and free-to-play or even low spenders, the amount of combat rating and resonance matters. These two factors help determine the level of difficulty when grinding in the open world maps, dungeons, rifts, and battlegrounds.

Despite these microtransactions and lawsuits, DI continues to be one of the widely played ARPGs on both mobile and PC. However, there is no denying the fact that its number of active monthly users has dwindled over the months. Despite that, there still is an ideal amount of gamers, especially whales, who continue to keep the game alive to date.

What Has Happened Over the Last Few Months

Even with all the complaints against Blizzard and the drama happening between servers and players, Diablo Immortal is still well-loved and well-received. The game has undergone some major changes including server merges, instantaneous class changes, and players being able to transfer from one server to another.

At the time of this writing, the game has recently gotten a minor patch that includes new legendary items and skill essences. Rumor has it that in December 2022, Diablo Immortal players can enjoy playing 3 new different classes namely Tempest, Zerg, and Blood Knight.

Diablo Immortal game
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Is Diablo Immortal Still Worth the Hype To Date

There is no denying that action RPGs, in general, can become wilted and boring in the long run. Only when these major updates arrive in the game can we tell whether Diablo Immortal is worth keeping. But for now, the number of active gamers is enough to keep the game afloat. Surely, it will continue to exist thanks to the whales and low-spenders who will play the game in the long run. However, if Blizzard and NetEase fail to address what many players complain about, it could be a tad bit difficult to see a good future for this mobile spin-off. Especially since the majority of mobile players prefer free-to-play RPGs.


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