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Powerwash Simulator Review – Making Cleaning Fun Again


Maybe it’s the feeling of achievement you have after finishing a task. The joy of witnessing something returned to its former state or the sensation of power and mastery you have over your equipment.

Nevertheless, by allowing players to blast various dirty items with strong water streams, PowerWash Simulator gives you those strangely wonderful sensations. Speaking of, today we will be making a quick overview of the game.

What is a Powerwash Simulator?

PowerWash Simulator is a PC-exclusive simulation game where [layers run a local power washing business within the township of Muckingham. Players complete levels by accepting contracts from various clients at various places. To pass each level, players must clean a variety of objects, ranging from residences to a Mars rover.

When a player successfully cleans an object, they have a money that they can spend to enhance their power washing equipment. Players can also use extra tools, such as a ladder, that can access hard-to-reach areas of a level. In addition, they can also personalize their pressure washer to make it more effective at various ranges or in specialized cases.

Naturally, as this is a simulation game, there isn’t much of a plot. But it doesn’t matter because the gameplay is so soothing that you won’t even notice that there is a plot. You can update the power washer to a more powerful model as you make more money doing services for other people, as well as purchase power washer attachments.

With a game this simple, the gameplay itself doesn’t need to be complex. One might quickly get bored if it were overly complicated, in my opinion. But with the PowerWash Simulator, that is certainly not the case. As far as the narrative goes, there are no spoilers to reveal as that’s about it.


Cleaning can sometimes feel like a burden if someone is watching you or if you have a deadline to meet. Luckily, that stress is nonexistent in PowerWash Simulator’s campaign. With that said, your first task is to learn the basic features and functions of your powerwash machine.

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After which, you will begin your initial responsibility as a business owner starting a power washing operation to clean the mud off your upcoming company van. This will also kick off your campaign set in the ash-covered mountain village of Muckville.

In Powerwash Simulator, no water usage needs to be managed, and there is also no timeline to worry about. Just aim the sprayer at the dirt, and blow it away piece by piece until you hear that “ding” sound. Believe it or not, cleaning offers a unique kind of enjoyment than organizing, but the two feelings are identical. The satisfying experience comes with a brief montage of your personal cleaning work!

Earning Money

Moving forward, you’ll earn enough money from the more difficult chores to upgrade your tools. When you start to feel that your older tools are unable to keep up with the challenges, they are often have a balance to provide you with more powerful cleaning abilities.

You are free to clean any way you like as long as the work is good. PowerWash Simulator won’t hold your hand though as you need to figure out all the techniques and ways to make your job easier. To suit the task at hand, you can switch between the nozzles, and you can swivel the nozzle for both horizontal and vertical water streams.

Additionally, you can emphasize any dirt you might have overlooked by tapping the Tab key on your computer. When you can’t seem to discover any more filth, this is helpful. By the time you begin your first real work, it will have been second nature.


When it comes to jobs, you may choose to play cooperatively alongside a friend online. This part goes by organizing tasks and cleaning up the various places to you need to work on. For those who have homies over on Steam, cross-play for cooperative games is also an option.

You have a few different alternatives to choose from. Aside from the career mode, where you build your new company from nothing to a cleaning powerhouse. A few more DLC levels for the game might help to enhance the whole experience. That’s not because there is a shortage of content; rather, it’s done to provide players with more enjoyable challenges.

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There are certain sections in challenge mode, a solo option, where gameplay modifications are applied. As you attempt to set scores, you can use timers or water limitations to prepare for beating numbers on your next playthrough. There is a huge possibility that you will want to do this again and again since it’s so much fun.

You can go back and take as long as you want cleaning your favorite jobs during free play. It must be noted that this is intended for the leisurely gamer who wants to thoroughly clean every square inch of filth from the levels. This is also a great chance to play through your favorite career mode levels with a group of up to six other players online.

In a Nutshell

The PC game includes expected bugs and glitches that could use refinement the game after all is still part of the Steam Early Access program which means that it is still under development. The shortcomings, nevertheless, are only slight annoyances.

You’ll also experience the exhilarating feeling that comes only from getting rid of stains and restoring beauty. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a relaxing game that will wash all your stress away, then, you can get this game on Steam for $19.99.

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