Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – A Brand New RG Game Awaits


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a role-playing game featuring a vast open world to explore, similar to its predecessors. It first came out in February 2022 and was Initially set for September 2022 release. Later, the release date came up to July 29.

The game allows a maximum of seven party members. This includes the core group of six and one of the numerous individuals who make appearances throughout the story to engage in fights all at once. This is in contrast to earlier games in the Xenoblade series, which had a cap of three members per party.

Xenoblade Chronicles shows how each of the two prior entries’ worlds would turn out in the future. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is guaranteed to be of the best Swrich RPGs for 2022. But the big question is that can it deliver an experience equal to the hype during its announcement? With that said, today we will be looking at the various reactions and comments to the game from some of the gaming industry’s critics.

Graphics and Audio

Most critics agree that Instead of attempting to represent its subjects or environment with photorealism, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 opts for vibrant anime visuals. Employing the use of cel-shaded artwork for both its characters and sceneries.

The utilization of landscapes to depict a boundless, rich world for players to explore is one of the most distinctive visual elements of just about every Xenoblade Chronicles game, and it is strongly present in this sequel. The landscape is extraordinarily vivid and full of life, even if you’re not riding on the backs of flying titans this time around.

Xenoblade Grahics and Audio

As for the characters, all of them are in good place. This part comes with animation that makes each one of them stand out. There are also instances where simple ideas comes out with breathtaking outcomes, like as when Taion’s trademark Mondo weapon flows like the wind and fluidly forms around adversaries before bombing them with ruthless precision.

As for the audio, the video game composer made sure that the game carries the traditional highly-immersive JRPG soundtrack. Overall, critics praised Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s immersive audio-visual presentation coining it as one of the best so far in the Nintendo Switch library of exclusives.


On the planet of Aionios, the story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 comes to place. Takes place right after the occurrences of the 2010 Xenoblade Chronicles and the 2017 second installment — Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Engineered troops with ten-year lifespans are put to fight in these battles. There are six key characters in the game, including two protagonists: Mio, an Agnian off-seer, and Noah, a Kevesi off-seer, both of whom are joined by their respective troops Taion and Sena.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Story

it can be challenging to avoid discussing the main plot and dwelling on any possible twists or spoilers. Nevertheless, the emotional journey from these tale-shifting events to the finale is very fun. Each of the six characters stands out without being in opposition to the others since they each fill a specific puzzle piece uniquely.

Excellent performances in both the main story and side quests are the product of their excellent synchronization. With video game virtuoso, expect a roller coaster ride of a story packed with twists and turns bursting with various emotional scenarios.

Gameplay and Combat

The setting of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is expansive. The game provides a wide range of caverns, colonies, treasures, and other things to discover. Similar to previous Xenoblade games, the battle system allows you to auto-attack and select special attacks at any time.

The integration of new Job classes contributes to keeping the entire gameplay as engaging as possible. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 comes with 23 classes. Each having a distinct fighting skill that you can combine and merge amongst your party.

Specific characters earn Master Arts as their classes progress, enabling them to employ them independent of class. There are obvious limitations, however, this enables characters to experiment with strategies that might not be suitable for their class.

Xenoblade Chronicles Gameplay and Combat.jg

They’re also more significant. There are a few fetch missions that are a little disappointing. But those are easily overlooked in favor of the Hero quests and more substantial adventures. These side storylines were not only well-written.  They also served as compelling justifications for returning to the game’s exhilarating combat.

Critics agree that the game’s combat system is solid enough to provide a satisfying and intense experience. Not to mention that it empowers users to try and attempt various techniques whenever they can.

In a Nutshell

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is currently the second best game in MetaCritic. On top of that is the 8.6/10 user score from the same aggregate. Moreover, it also acquired the “Mighty” rating in Opencritic of critics recommending the game. With a score like that, there is no denying that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the best. If you love playing RPGs on your Switch, then, no one not need to tell you twice to get this game today.

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