Clash Royale in 2020 – What To Expect From The Royale Standard


Clash Royale is already on its latest season, and people are still asking for more. The newest season is Season 12, Prince’s Dream, and in it, the original content received are some new emotes, a Skeleton Dragon card, a new arena, and further challenges.

It has been starting since 2019 when technical improvements were introduced. During that time, load time improvements, fixes for connection, and News Royale integration to the eSports tab has added. Now there are a lot of other updates that have since arrived. And most of them have something to do with the advancement of the story or game improvement.

We’ll take a look at how Clash Royale has been doing in 2020. It’s 2020, after all, and it has been some years since the game first launched. New characters, ever-improving gameplay, and a changing look at the landscape of gaming has affected. Moreover, it also affects how the developers are improving the game. Let’s dive right in!


The Latest Update – The Prince’s Dream




As previously discussed, the Prince’s Dream is the current theme for the latest season. It shows on the battlefield, where the dream converts into a new skin. Each side’s tower has also decked in what looks like clouds, complete with lassos and golden cups and bridges. Truly a skin – or a dream – fit for a prince, alright.


The New Wildcard

A new card also arrives in the game. The Skeleton Dragons card is a 4 Elixir Common card, unlockable in the Hog Mountain aka Arena 10. These dragons come in pairs and deal area damage, but take care – they are very fragile. They do make up for that with a 142 area damage.
Lastly, some peek into what other updates are coming includes Prince Rainbows Emoticons along with the Pony and Crying Dark Prince emoticons. This thing also happens with spawners – the Firecracker spawner will surely be interesting.


Clash Royale: Planned Update in 2020 – Game Modes


Clash Royale_New_Card_Revelation


It was in March this year that Season 9 introduced the Single Player Campaign and War Rework modes. These two modes planned to get included in updates. Single-mode meant an exploration into the world of Clash, utilizing the forces available at your disposal. The War Rework, meanwhile, is simply something that the dev team could be working on. It is a rework on the Clan Wars system, with massive improvements in mind. If and when these updates arrive, it could mean massive gains for the game.


Planned Update in 2020 – Creator Mode Expanded

Also last March 2020, the game had received 4 Creator Challenges. These were SirTag’s Cycle Mayhem, where you could only use play cards that cost four elixirs or less to cast. There was Legendaray’s Infinite Elixir Challenge as well. This thing is where the most expensive combos that you can find due to Infinite Elixirs. With Zack’s Sparky Spawner that had Sparkles spawn in the same lane and CWA’s Elite Barbarian Rush, with the Elite above Barbarians generating during the match to make matters more complicated.


Clash Royale: Expanding on the Last Update

This new update of Clash Royale is an expansion from last season’s updates, where players received tweaks in healing, a new way to receive a quick unit boost, and two new units. Dragons haven’t lost their charisma, evidenced by the presence of the skeletal dragon. So far, it remains to be seen whether Season 12 will deliver significant updates to the game as Season 11 had done with the balance updates.
Clash Royale is still going strong into Season 12. Tune in for more updates going into Season 12 and beyond, and who knows? There might be a few more surprises along the way, or unexpected – but welcome – changes to the scene!