Marvel Super War – The Battle of Wakanda Revisited or A Sad Copycat?


Have you heard about the Marvel Super War? For sure, if you’re an avid fan the answer would be yes. On the other side, there are lots of MOBA games out there today. Most of them follow the tried-and-tested model established by PC-first games like DotA 2, LoL, and PUBG. Evidence of this is the existence of copycats on mobile – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile. While these games offer different experiences and gameplay, the fact that they’re there means that the model is still working.

With the popularity of Marvel over the years, it’s only natural for Marvel’s first MOBA game, Marvel Super War, to exist. Players can download it and start fighting over who’s the best – Captain America or Iron Man? The answer is up to the player. Captain America and Iron Man are both members of the Avengers, and most – if not all – of the members of the superhero group are on the game too, but they’re not the only ones.

The question is if the game can deliver the expected action. PUBG and Mobile Legends have become the barometer by which the game can get measured. Let’s take a look at the Marvel MOBA and see if it can prove it can follow a tough act set by the two different – yet similar – games.


Marvel Super War Characters – Unique Superheroes and Villains




A character blurb says that there are ‘over 50 unique superheroes and villains’ that are in the game. It’s a little cloudy at this point to say which heroes are going to be in the game, but there are some definite shoe-ins.

Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the rest of the MCU Avengers are in the game, as well as the recently introduced villain Thanos and his cronies. However, as it appears, Adam Warlock may be in the game as well. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four are also present, so it’s not entirely Earth’s Mightiest Superheroes that are in this game. Most of the Guardians of the Galaxy are present as well.
Gameplay – Pick Your Favorite Superhero

The battlefield is most likely a set in Wakanda. With five games of heroes on each side, as is the norm with these kinds of MOBA arenas. It feels no different from the set pieces of Mobile Legends – may be because the developer is a Chinese company, NetEase. It did get creative with the Avengers / Marvel IP, though. The Jungle does remind people of the Mobile Legends arena, but the presence of Fin Fang Foom (turtle) and Surtur (Lord/Roshan) is a welcome and unique twist.


Skin System

Just like the other Marvel-sponsored games, the game operates based on skins. Each character has an alternate surface you can use in the game. These skins may also have unique properties – for instance, Captain America’s Avengers: Infinity War skin may have a different property than that of his standard skin, just like his Avengers: Endgame skin may have properties similar to Thor.


Money Doesn’t Talk Here.




Of course, skins cost money, and in some games, money does talk. But that doesn’t seem to be the case in this game. While you can buy costumes to get an edge during the battle, there seems to be no pay-to-win scheme here. Heroes are balanced enough to rely on ‘reputation’ and achievements to strengthen themselves in the actions. Players will beat their opponents based on skill and, perhaps, a little through the skills of their characters. But they don’t need to use money as much as they should when playing other games.


Marvel Super War Final Verdict

With the popularity of mobile arenas today, Marvel Super War could be in danger of being left in the dust. Then again, with the popularity of the Marvel franchise, it couldn’t have launched at a better time. MOBA gamers will not go wrong trying this game out; if only to decide what a war on the Wakanda fields looks like in a mobile aspect.