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Head Soccer Gameplay Review: How to Play


Isn’t soccer a fascinating sport? But what if we take all the other players on the field? Imagine replacing an entire team of 10 field players and a goalkeeper with just one person. That’s what you get with Head Soccer. From D&D Dream comes an action-packed sports game that brings a lot of exhilaration and delight.

The twist is that the game rests entirely on one person as he faces another man on the field. No goalie, no other teammates. Head Soccer is a one-on-one soccer game that pits player versus player. It is a head-to-head challenge where your objective is to get the ball into the goal. All of these are place on a 2D platform.

Are you quite pondered why it is called Head Soccer? Simply, it is because of the distinctive feature of the game. It is how the game differs from all the other sports games in the online world. The players’ heads are disproportionately bigger than their bodies. In this post, we will take a closer look at this soccer game and why it can be addictive.

Head Soccer: Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

The game controls are easy to learn; there are four buttons to press. On the left side are two buttons for directional moves (left and right). And on the other side, you can see two buttons for kicking and jumping. With only four buttons to worry about, the game is relatively easy to learn. But the real challenge begins when you start on your first match.

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Then you will realize how challenging this game is to master. Expect the soccer ball to jump and bounce around the screen at breakneck speeds. So your character will be all over the place with it. Most of the time, when you score, it has nothing to do with skill. It may be just pure luck, merely a case of where the ball goes.

Game Features in Head Soccer

Head Soccer has seven game modes. You can choose from any of these: arcade, tournament, league, survival, fight mode, death mode, and head cup. Feel free to connect on its online multiplayer platform via Google Play Service and expect physics-based gameplay in Head Soccer. Yet it will still let you perform the special moves like dragon shot, ice shot, and lightning shot.

If you and your friends enjoy the sport, match up with them and play Head Soccer. Beat them and earn your bragging rights. You can share your victories via Facebook. Choose from the 82 available avatars and look the part of a soccer superstar.

Unlock Cool Stuff

Throughout the game, you will earn coins when you win your matches. With these coins, you can use them to unlock cool stuff within the game. Wondering what the items you can unlock are? You can get new players by purchasing them with your earned coins. Along with those players come to their super-strong skills and power shots. But what if you want to earn those coins immediately? Well, you can just buy them using real money. These coins can cost you from 99 cents to 99 dollars.

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Why should you play Head Soccer? If you enjoy the fast-paced sport, then this is a beautiful game for you. The game controls are easy to learn, but it is challenging to master. What’s more, you will love the cute, cartoony graphics. It adds to the fun value of the game. But don’t let the adorable illustrations fool you. It’s challenging. Winning the matches is mostly out of your hands. Best to bet on luck than skill with this one. Overall, Head Soccer is an entertaining game. It’s easy to pick up the idea. It is fast-paced and frantic with its matches. Perfect when you want a quick burst of gameplay during your free time.