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Jetpack Joyride: Top 3 Attempts at a World Record


Jetpacks with bullet-powered wings. Gigantic mechanical dragons with mighty engines. And mechanized birds engineered to perfection. These are just some of the things you can expect in Jetpack Joyride. From the creator of Fruit Ninja comes another fun-filled action game. It’s an insane endless runner that will give you thrills and spills. If you are looking for a game that will leave you on the edge of your seat, this is it.

There are over 750 million players from around the world play Jetpack Joyride. And you can enjoy a lot of things to do in the game. From flying in stylish jetpacks to dodging grenades and laser beams. No wonder this game enjoys so many downloads. How far have you gone in Jetpack Joyride? Want to know who managed to get the longest runs in the game? Here are the top three attempts at reaching a world record.

3. Pyprohly

According to his YouTube post, this run reached about 150,700 meters, and he completed the gameplay in November 2018. However, he added that this was not his personal best as he reached around 235,900 meters on another run.  At the start of this attempt, you can see he had a previous best of 111,367 meters located on the upper left corner of the screen. And just when you thought to do 5,000 meters was difficult, Pyprohly just zoomed past every obstacle. It’s even amazing how he still managed to collect as many coins as possible along the way.

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Image Source: Jetpack Joyride 150,783m run

Moreover, the first significant challenge he encountered was missiles, zooming past him. Of course, there were the standard laser beams set in various positions across the way. Luckily, he hit the jackpot when he got a piggy bank. At 1,324 meters, he got Cloud Nine, allowing him to float effortlessly across the course. And the missiles are still at it again, coming in at dangerous speeds.

By 2,279 meters, we see Pyprohly enter a new segment of the course, and there are lots of boxes and crates in the background. At around 2,700 meters, the Cloud Nine crashed head on to a missile.  Pyprohly grabs a Strong Arm Machine at about 18,900 meters. Riding on this monstrosity looks very cool. He would squish everything in his path while deflecting any incoming missile. And he had a good run with the machine up to 27,000 meters.

He had his first revive at 33,745 meters, and around 140,000 meters, everything happens fast! The missiles come in blinding speeds while the obstacles appear out of nowhere. This video lasted for about an hour and 40 minutes. You might want to try and watch it with your friends! It is an exciting watch.

2. Den the Princester

It’s a quick video, running for only two minutes and 53 seconds. But from this clip, you can see an awesome attempt, reaching up to 341,040 meters. There’s not much action that you can see in this video, he might have non recorded the whole thing while on the run to focus on the game.

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Image Source: Jetpack Joyride – New World Record! (341,040m / 341km)



The highest score ever achieved in Jetpack Joyride so far is 1,171,723 meters. But this one was done with cheats. Nonetheless, it’s a very cool attempt to watch. Let’s fast forward to 20,000 meters, where he encountered a flaming obstacle, moving like a clock hand. As you look over it, people thought that it is done for sure. But fortunately, he had a helmet and a suit on that protected him. The protective gear just busted, and he just went further ahead.

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Image Source: Jetpack Joyride run

And he’s back to collecting coins, grabbing plenty of them along the way. Then came again the same fiery obstacle. But a protective gear was conveniently available, which he held; it was a Crazy Freaking Teleporter. And off he went with the course, attracting all nearby coins. With this equipment, he can easily evade any obstacle by teleporting to a safe spot.

Dropping this gear, he pushed on with the course with only his trusty jetpack on his back. But at around 28,800 meters, he hit an obstacle and went tumbling down. He made a complete stop at about 39,900 meters. Fast forward to 17 minutes into the video. The player is down again. Revived, he gets on the quest, running the course in blazing speed. The rest of the clip is as crazy as it gets.

Well, are you inspired by these record holders? How about try the game and beat your record too, without a doubt! Make sure to share the games with your friends too. Indeed, you will enjoy coursing through the obstacles and obtain the highest score in no time!